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This can't be...

- Mizore Shirayuki

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afro ahoge antennae artist baseball bat beard belt beret blunt bangs braid braids camera cap cigarette closed eyes crew cut curly hair earrings eyepatch flower gakuran glasses green skin guitarist hair intakes hair over eyes hair ribbon hair ribbons hair tuft hairband hairclip hat heart heavy hoodie idol kendo kyonyuu labcoat large eyebrows loli midriff mole moustache musician necklace no eyebrows nurse one eye showing open shirt otaku plaid pointy ears ponytail reverse-trap ribbon scarf school uniform sensei shawl shirtless shota shrine maiden sideburns sleek hair smoker soccer softball spiky hair sports uniform stockings suit suspenders swimsuit tan lines tanned tattoo tie turtleneck twin ahoge twintails vest visor wavy hair


Noppo Image sleek hair, green skin, gakuran
Deb (Fat) Image closed eyes, midriff, gakuran, no eyebrows, heavy
Chibi (Short) Image gakuran, pointy ears, hair tuft
Kiato Asu Image gakuran, closed eyes
Mid Jersey Image glasses, sports uniform, sensei, heavy
Head of the Softball club Image ponytail, hair intakes, sports uniform, softball, visor
Baseball team captain Image sports uniform, baseball, cap
Itaru Hebime Image hair over eyes, guitarist, musician, heart, tattoo, shirtless, necklace
Yumi Sakanakura Image glasses, ponytail, turtleneck, smoker
Youko Momoi Image vest, ribbon, school uniform, hairclip, glasses, braids, plaid
Yato Chikumagawa Image glasses, braid, hair ribbon, school uniform, ribbon, plaid, vest, kyonyuu
Shinobu Watarai Image eyepatch, vest, plaid, ribbon, school uniform, swimsuit
Tarou Yamada Image spiky hair, gakuran
Takeo Bodaiju Image sideburns, gakuran, afro, earrings, tanned
Sora Suzuhara Image swimsuit, tan lines, tanned
Chairman of the student council Image crew cut, closed eyes, gakuran
Yoriko Niyou 'Nyoriko' Image antennae, hat, twintails, school uniform, ribbon, plaid, vest
Unknown / Itaru Hebime Image musician, gakuran
Nayuta Kuon Image shota, kendo
Motoko Sakimori Image shrine maiden, braid
Momo Momochi Image vest, plaid, ribbon, school uniform, hair intakes, hairband
Momiji Aio Image scarf, beret, hoodie, ahoge, loli
Mirin Kazuki Image softball, visor, hairclip, school uniform, ribbon, vest
Mirai Aoi Image twin ahoge, plaid, stockings, vest, school uniform, hair intakes, twintails, hair ribbons, hairband
Minori Baba Image school uniform, ribbon, plaid, vest
Mimasaka Kouzunosuke Image otaku, gakuran, mole
Makoto Sakurai Image plaid, ribbon, vest, school uniform, loli, sports uniform
Maki Sanebara Image school uniform, ribbon, plaid, vest
Konoha Hayashi Image plaid, vest, school uniform, loli
Kojirou Koishi Image baseball, bat, large eyebrows
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This can't be...

Mizore Shirayuki

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