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Sandra has nothing to do with this!

- Mandra
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Ranking Initiate AniahLiepard's Profile

Nagito Komaeda Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Guild Member of

Guild Crest Yaoi and Yuri Guild
Guild Crest PokéFamily
Guild Crest Shippings Paradise
Guild Crest Kingdoms Of Hope And Despair
Guild Crest Red Head Love
Guild Crest Rainbow Lovers
Guild Crest Role-Play Guild
Guild Crest Diabolik Lovers fansssss
Guild Crest Let's dream
Guild Crest FREE

About Me

Heya, I'm Aniah, I'm 20, and I'm one of the mods here that doesn't visit as often as I used to
I also wish I could change my username eventually lol

I finally became an Epic Rank Member on 12/22/13! I'm so happy!
Treasure Chests Found Record (10/31/14): 157 chests

Other Info

Nickname Aniah
Lounge Avatar AVI

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Main Award Treasure Hunter 250 Found
Guild Rank Fleet Admiral Admin Level 2 (416)
User ID 11089
Last Seen 2 day(s) ago
Score Ranked #13 with
1623945 page views!
Joined Jul 27, 2012
Location Worcester, Massachusetts, United States Of America, North America
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Gender Female
Age College
Status / Mood Chilling out and multi-tasking........... you know, the usual.
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Sandra has nothing to do with this!

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