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If so, is your name...

- Jin Russell



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Amaterasu Ookami

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☞ Wings ⋆ Who Board Admin ☜

Hey there, I'm AmaterasuWings - you can call me Ammy or Wings. I'm the resident Who Board mod, so hop on over there if you need an anime character identified, I'll do my best to help you out. Any other questions, feel free to send me a PM.

If you're interested, you can see my anime here.
If you want to help me make a little extra money, you can check out/share my Etsy Shop.

Current Avatar: Luka Megurine - Vocaloid

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Nickname Wings
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WTCB 2000+ Solves
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Series QUIZ Game Award: 500 Points
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Series QUIZ Game Award: 100 Points
Series QUIZ Game Award: First Point
2000 Characters Award
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ACDB "True Gamer" Award: 5kChests/25kQuiz pts/5Pearls Dice Game
ACDB "True Gamer" Award: 2500Chests/10kQuiz pts/1Pearl Dice Game
ACDB "True Gamer" Award: 1kChest/5kQuiz pts/50Dmds Dice Game
Treasure Hunter 5000 Found
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ACDB "True Gamer" Award: 500Chests/1000Quiz pts.
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Expert QUIZ Game Award: 5000 Points
Expert QUIZ Game Award: 2500 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 500 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 250 Points
QUIZ Game Award: 100 Points
QUIZ Game First Point
QUIZ Game "Dedication" Award: 1000 Answers
QUIZ Game Award: 1000 Points
Treasure Hunter 100 Found
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☞ I have an Etsy Shop

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If so, is your name...

Jin Russell
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