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He can put ingredients for an
explosion in to make a simple grenade!

- Denki Kaminari

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About Me

Alright, so I figured it was finally time to do one of these things. Up until now, I've been enjoying the anonymity. I guess that I might as well write one of things though.

I'm part Blackfoot Indian, part Cuban, part Irish, part Italian, and part English. As for my hobbies, I am a musician (I play the flute, sing, and am hoping to learn the piano), I am an avid novelist (hoping to publish one of my books soon), I am an otaku (but I tend to enjoy anime more than manga). I draw occasionally as well. Also, I enjoy GFX (making signatures, small avatars, or normal avvis for people), so if you have a request, let me know! I'll be glad to make you one.

When I'm on ACDB, I usually look for ways to expand the database and look for as many characters to upload as possible. I also enjoy lounging around here too.

Likes and dislikes: I love white chocolate, waffles, steak, and sushi. I absolutely hate frozen dinners and the word "talent," because it assumes that people are just born with skill and don't have to practice, which they absolutely do. Like me, I started all my hobbies at a young age. My first novel was absolutely terrible, and it was a picture novel about some stick figure duck. "Talent" does not exist. Yeah, that's my rave for today.

My favorite band is Tenth Avenue North, my favorite actor is Jonathan Jackson, and my favorite TV show is House, M.D.. If you want to know anything else about me, find me in the lounge or send me a pm. That's all.

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◆250 characters since Aug. 24, 2014

And hopefully many more!

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He can put ingredients for an
explosion in to make a simple grenade!

Denki Kaminari
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