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5-Star Admin TiwaLeChaton's Profile

Nico Yazawa Is This a Zombie?

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About Me

So there we are ! I finally will do my long profile x)

So :
- I'm French and I'm an Hardcore person because I eat pain for breakfast (haha)
- I'm a Neko :3
- My favorite music styles are : Nightcore, Frenchcore, Hardcore/Gabber, Slav Hardbass and Electro
- I play a lot to LoL (League of Legends), RPG games like FF or The Legend Of Zelda and some indie games
- I'm also a Saniwa playing to Touken Ranbu


Also, I've wonderful bi-colored eyes .
Maybe it's the only pic of me that you could see here (maybe i'll change my mind ^^)

And I became an admin the 30th of January, thanks a lot Rei !!

Other Info

Nickname Tiwa
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Joined Dec 13, 2014
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Donor Knight - I donated to ACDB
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