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Alan Crawford Ikemen Royal Palace ♦Midnight Cinderella

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About Me

Hello! I am Affi. I am just a simple anime lover. My whole world is made of Anime,Manga and cars. I love people who love those things and I like to talk to them anytime.Oh and I like Egyptian mythology too.

Anime Character Database is my most favourite site cause the people in here is very nice and fun. Other than this site I am in Discord, Disqus and Midnight Cinderella wiki most of the time.

I have watched so many Anime and my favourite ones of them all are,
Black Butler
Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works

My favourite character in anime is,(well this change time to time...Hahaha..)

and this is my husbendo,
Alyn Crawford (Don't even think of stealing him from me)
Yes, I know he is so cute!!!

Anyway thanks for wasting your time to read this.^-^

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Nickname Affi
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