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She is amazing !

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まてよ そこゆく嬢さん 逆子宿らせ mate yo soko yuku jousan sakago yadorase Hold on one sec, young lady with that baby in your belly
あどけの足らない そんな身体に adoke no taranai sonna karada ni and that body with so little innocence left.
ただしく回らん 愚図の頭で tadashiku mawaran guzu no atama de Is that stupid, pathetic little brain of yours
天真爛漫!? tenshin ranman!? thinking you’re so naive and pure?
ほざくな 馬鹿め。 hozaku na baka me. Get a grip, you fool.

まちな そこゆく兄さん 何の片割れ? machi na soko yuku niisan nan no kataware? Hold on one sec, young man. What kind of scum are you?
ちいさなあの娘の 御花を咲かせ、 chiisa na ano ko no ohana o sakase, Now that you’ve plucked that little girl’s precious flower
指きりげんまん 星の彼方へ yubi kiri genman hoshi no kanata e and promised her the moon, you’re taking to your heels?
陽関三畳!? you kan san jou!? Leaving her with a few casual words?!
くたばれ 雑魚め。 kutabare zako me. Go to hell, you asshole.

「いついつ出やるの?かごめよかごめ」 "itsu itsu deyaru no? kagome yo kagome" “When, oh when is it coming out? Pregnant girl, oh pregnant girl.”
嫌味をからげて 嗤うあなたへ iyami o karagete warau anata e Just some cheap “sympathy” born from between the sheets, for you, my dear—
ぴたりと重ねて 吐き出す情け pitari to kasanete hakidasu nasake though you certainly seem fond of that cynical, mocking attitude.
誰もがやがては 地獄の奥底へ daremo ga yagate wa jigoku no okusoko e In the end, everyone shall end up in the bottom of Hell.
(連れて行かれる) (tsurete ikareru) (They’ll all be dragged down there.)

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