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About Me

Avatar Drawn By My Great Friend NinjaStooge On DeviantArt

Hello, everyone. My name is Clare, and I am a shy fourteen year old catgirl. Please excuse me if I appear rather cold and cynical at first, but I will become very friendly once you get to know me! :3 Due to previous events, it takes me a little while to fully trust a person, but I have become far better overtime! :3 I love cats, anime, manga, cosplaying, acting, singing, and dancing! As you may guess, I am an otaku, and my favorite anime of all time is Death Note and Light Yagami is my husbando. ≺3

Details On My Self-Representation OC (She's Me, But Way Prettier And A Catgirl. XD):

Name: Clare Gundersen

Gender: Female

Species: Catgirl

Age: 14

Skin Color: VERY Pale

Hair: Long, Straight Black Hair

Eye Color: Hazel

Fur Color (On Ears And Tail): White (The Inside Of Her Ears Are Pink, Like A Real Cat's)

Personality: Friendly, Shy, Quiet, Introverted, A Bit Cold Sometimes But Really Nice To Her Friends When You Get To Know Her. She Acts VERY Catlike.

Sexuality: Asexual

Likes: Cats, Anime, Manga, Sweets, Quiet Places, Night, Being Alone Every Now And Then, Acting Like A Cat, Saying "Meow" (That's A Thing, Right?)

Dislikes: Crowds, Jerks, Obnoxious People, Bullies, Spoiled Brats, People Who Tell Her To Act Like A Human, Uncomfortable Clothes, People Who Tell Her What To Do, Couples Who Snog Each Other In Public

Blood Type: B+

Bust Size: A

"Dere" Type: Kuudere

Other Info

Nickname Clare
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Location Tennessee, USA
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