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Guild Crest Aura Kingdom
Guild Crest Oppai Appreciation Guild
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Guild Crest Evil Hunter Association
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Guild Crest Sea of Sorrows, Guild Wars 2

About Me

Heya whoever it is that is reading this profile.
So I am Ryuushima, often called Aggy by my friends. ( came from Agronic which used to be my most used name in games ).
What can I tell about myself hmmm, well for starters I am a total Otaku and Lolicon

Started seriously watching anime in 2006 and still going strong in the anime watch department.

In the Visual Novel world I've been active for a lot shorter, I believe it was in the winter 2010/2011. So far I still only play/read translated Visual Novels but i'm slowly running out of decent ones and they are being translated way less than anime which really is a bummer.

I've seen some people place their anime lists on their profiles but I better not do that due to both the length of my list and content in it xD
But I can say that when only talking about mainstream series that I am currently really enjoying what the bleach manga is bringing us and fairy tail is also totally being awesome. Hunter x Hunter 2011 is also slowly catching up with the old hunter x hunter so I wonder how far they are going to take it this time ( especially looking at the fact that the mangaka keeps taking extremely long breaks between chapters lately which is a shame )

Hmm, i'll just throw 2 pictures of me on here. They are about a year old but i'm still basically the same. My hair is just slightly longer now.


No idea what else I want to write about right now, but people that visit this profile should know that I totally love the next girls.

Yumiko from Grisaia no Kajitsu, words can't describe my love for this character. She is simply too sweet!:

Koneko Toujou ( Koneko-chan ) , the best Loli out there. I love her too much. HNNNGGG Koneko is sweet.

Ren from Koihime Musou:

Mylen Ploa from Kamidori:

Kirino from Oreimo:

Haru from G-senjou no maou:

Hinata from Naruto:

Kuroneko from Oreimo:

I can't live without any of those girls. They are just perfect.

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