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Fleet Admiral artmaster
I alway to destory the motarl world
Third Year Cadet Lolicon
If you don't know me, then get from under that rock you live under and go to my ----ing website. -_-;
Crewman First Class Laurah
Uh... Hello ! My name is (not) Laurah (but call me Laurah anyway) !

I am from France and hope I will help the website to grow. Well, I think it does need my help to do so, but... who knows ?

I am a big fan of DNAngel and Hetalia ! But I read Black Butler, Emma, Bakuman., The World God only knows and Ao no Exorcist...
If I do not remember the rest, it should have been pretty boring.
My favourite genres are angst, hurt/comfort, psychological, historical, romance. I read shônen ai, too, but I am not crazy about it like some of my friends... Meanwhile, I am not interested in yuri and think futanari stuffs are weird.

IRL, I am a publishing student. I hope I will publish literature for teenagers, but maybe I'll end in comics publishing. Who knows, again ?

I joined ACDB because I thought it was pretty helpful. I mainly help with the French translation, since I do not know a lot of series.
Second Year Cadet Bunomous
Recruit Kogitsune
Fleet Admiral osh5690
Recruit Naay
Second Year Cadet ExaggeratedCool
Second Year Cadet Hawker
Crewman Second Class Reo

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