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Reader View Ranma ½ | Violence Ratings

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Mar 6, 2015
Pearls 82 Diamonds 3 Sapphires 36 Rubies 48 KokoroNoTakara

KokoroNoTakara Avatar

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Ranma ½


Ranma 1/2 is not violent but more like comical... Ranma 1/2 is hilarious and awesome!!!

Jun 27, 2014
Pearls 135 Diamonds 72 Sapphires 55 Rubies 28 Mitsugu
The Lord and Master of Tedium!!!!!

Mitsugu Avatar

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Ranma ½


I'd say low to medium, though all the violence is Chuck Jonesish cartoonie... Love Hina level in severity. Lots of it, but no blood shed or major injuries incurred.

Jun 21, 2014
Pearls 61 Diamonds 89 Sapphires 60 Rubies 52 quamp

quamp Avatar

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Ranma ½


Patreon. Because.

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