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Character Voice Actor
Eiko Aizawa

VA : Ayumi Fujimura

  • Image of Hiyori Kirishima
  • Image of Migiwa Kiyan
  • Image of Azaka Kokutou
  • Image of Ayano Kannagi
  • Image of MIX
Eiko Aizawa

VA : Heather Pennington

  • Image of Eiko Aizawa
  • Image of Aya
Chizuru Aizawa

VA : Rie Tanaka

  • Image of Eriko Futami
  • Image of Riyoko Ikeuchi
  • Image of Maria
  • Image of Chii
  • Image of Freya
Chizuru Aizawa

VA : Shelby Lindley

  • Image of Tsumugi Kotobuki
  • Image of Chizuru Aizawa
  • Image of Hitomi Shizuki
  • Image of Hayate Yagami
  • Image of Shamal
Cindy Campbell

VA : Hitomi Nabatame

  • Image of Nanaka Shirakawa
  • Image of Kaguya Kagura
  • Image of Kagura
  • Image of Rea Himuro
  • Image of Shizuma Hanazono
Cindy Campbell

VA : Laura Post

  • Image of Cindy Campbell
  • Image of Eri Watabe
  • Image of Rosalia
  • Image of Ridgett
  • Image of Arfoire
Gorou Arashiyama

VA : Yuichi Nakamura

  • Image of Takaya Abe
  • Image of Shu Nanao
  • Image of Vice Granscenic
  • Image of Mykage Towano
  • Image of Alto Saotome

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