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VA : Kei Shindou

  • Image of Wang Liu Mei
  • Image of Kagura Tennouzu
  • Image of Kuro Kagami
  • Image of Rinko Mishima
  • Image of Konatsu Harada
Umm Madaura

VA : Aya Hisakawa

  • Image of Haruko Kamio
  • Image of Jody Hayward
  • Image of Ayako Miyako
  • Image of Sarena
  • Image of Misako Mishima

VA : Erica Mendez

  • Image of Gon Freecss
  • Image of Ryuuko Matoi
  • Image of Aladdin
  • Image of Akari Shiodome
  • Image of Inko Amifumi

VA : Kaori Ishihara

  • Image of Suzuna Ayuzawa
  • Image of Reki
  • Image of Madoka Kyouno
  • Image of Yutaka Toba
  • Image of Clara Hunt
Alibaba Saluja

VA : Erik Kimerer

  • Image of Inugami
  • Image of Saburou Neko
  • Image of Haruyuki Arita
  • Image of Alibaba Saluja
  • Image of Ducker
Alibaba Saluja

VA : Yuuki Kaji

  • Image of Mikoto Shinozaki
  • Image of Akina Hiizumi
  • Image of Finnian
  • Image of Phoenix Wright
  • Image of Ganryuu Hanakiri

VA : Haruka Tomatsu

  • Image of Mana Mizuki
  • Image of Touka Kishi
  • Image of Audrey
  • Image of Tempera Sumi
  • Image of Sumi Kuroi

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