Character Voice Actor
Masaharu Danjou

VA : Yuuna Mimura

  • Image of Masaharu Danjou
  • Image of Kaede Ichinose
  • Image of Riko Izumi
  • Image of Louise Yorande Aorelia Oufelbeik
Fumina Miyamoto

VA : Asami Seto

  • Image of Hasumi
  • Image of Raphtalia
  • Image of Nobara Kugisaki
  • Image of Charlotte Scherzen
  • Image of Mai Sakurajima
Tiara Yumesaki

VA : Aya Endou

  • Image of Cattleya Baudelaire
  • Image of Alexa
  • Image of Itsuki Kannagi
  • Image of Lisara Restall
  • Image of Shoko Ieiri
Takako Otoshiro

VA : Eimi Okada

  • Image of Toyotama
  • Image of Takako Otoshiro
  • Image of Satou
  • Image of Cordelia
  • Image of Lian
Kiriko Souma

VA : Shiina Natsukawa

  • Image of Tsuruno Yui
  • Image of Hikayu Hoshikawa
  • Image of Polt
  • Image of Kanna Uzuki
  • Image of Nonoka Komiya
Matsuri Hasegawa

VA : Asami Yano

  • Image of Judie
  • Image of Matsuri Hasegawa
  • Image of Toy Poodle Older Sister
Tomomi Miyakouji

VA : Miyuki Kobori

  • Image of Randall
  • Image of Mamoru Izuna
  • Image of Glasan
  • Image of Hakua
  • Image of Riko Nakase

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