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Subaru Sakamaki

VA : Takashi Kondo

  • Image of Subaru Sakamaki
  • Image of Kogitsunemaru
  • Image of Ritsu Onodera
  • Image of Avilio Bruno
  • Image of Train Heartnet
Subaru Sakamaki

VA : Josh Grelle

  • Image of Armin Arlelt
  • Image of Subaru Sakamaki
  • Image of Zenji Banba
  • Image of Fumikage Tokoyami
  • Image of King Edward V

VA : Brittney Karbowski

  • Image of Mikoto Misaka
  • Image of Cecilia Alcott
  • Image of Yuri Nakamura
  • Image of Najimi Ajimu
  • Image of Chihiro Kosaka
Ayato Sakamaki

VA : Hikaru Midorikawa

  • Image of Koga
  • Image of Souichi Tatsumi
  • Image of Makoto Kibune
  • Image of Yutaka Nabari
  • Image of Fuminori Sakisaka
Yui Komori

VA : Maggie Flecknoe

  • Image of Saya Takagi
  • Image of Korone
  • Image of Amil Manaflare
  • Image of Yuuki Utsugi
  • Image of Kusunoki Kasuga

VA : Mana Hirata

  • Image of Hazuki Shimada
  • Image of Arabel Zoi
  • Image of Riselle Conchiglie
  • Image of Beatrix
  • Image of Yuu Kashiwagi
Ayato Sakamaki

VA : Chris Patton

  • Image of Soushi Miketsukami
  • Image of Gintoki Sakata
  • Image of Shun
  • Image of Kai Kudou
  • Image of Graham Spector
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