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Haruki Nakano

VA : Atsushi Abe

  • Image of Tomohiro Haba
  • Image of Kukai Souma
  • Image of Masashi Kawahara
  • Image of Yuu Kotegawa
  • Image of Teacher Leon
Mutsuki Nakano

VA : Satomi Akesaka

  • Image of Esdeath
  • Image of Sari Sumdac
  • Image of Madoka Oowada
  • Image of Taeko Nomura
  • Image of Fairy-san
Yayoi Nakano

VA : Mikako Komatsu

  • Image of Seishirou Tsugumi
  • Image of Xuanzang Sanzang
  • Image of Sara Iwami
  • Image of Popuko
  • Image of Cinnabar
Uzuki Nakano

VA : Sora Tokui

  • Image of Nico Yazawa
  • Image of Hideri Kanzaki
  • Image of Tenko Chabashira
  • Image of Sasami Sasasegawa
  • Image of Kurumi Nekomai

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