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Character Voice Actor
Alice Kiriki

VA : Yui Horie

  • Image of Ayu Tsukimiya
  • Image of Suzu
  • Image of Yume Asakura
  • Image of Kotori Shirakawa
  • Image of Naru Narusegawa
Alice Kiriki

VA : Terri Doty

  • Image of Nella
  • Image of Alice Kiriki
  • Image of Virgo
  • Image of Yang Ming
  • Image of Informant's Assistant
Majolica le Fay

VA : Lindsay Seidel

  • Image of Ein
  • Image of Kuniko Houjou
  • Image of Hecate
  • Image of Reisuke Houjou
  • Image of Romeo Conbolt
Majolica le Fay

VA : Kimiko Koyama

  • Image of Litte Ratus
  • Image of Soura Kitano
  • Image of Haya Nonohara
  • Image of Yayoi Alter
  • Image of Hifumi Inokai
Otohime Ryuuguu

VA : Aki Toyosaki

  • Image of Amuro Ninagawa
  • Image of Reiri Kamura
  • Image of Yoshino
  • Image of Su
  • Image of Najimi Tenkuji
Otohime Ryuuguu

VA : Caitlin Glass

  • Image of Kaori Misaka
  • Image of Machina
  • Image of Nerine
  • Image of Winry Rockbell
  • Image of Triela
Otsuu Tsurugaya

VA : Ayako Kawasumi

  • Image of Kaori Misaka
  • Image of Saber
  • Image of Kazumi Yoshida
  • Image of Shizuru Hibara
  • Image of Kanako Ohno

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