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NTR Wars


02:23 pm
<Jino> CapMystery created a new VS match : Favourite of the Elite Four?

02:21 pm
<Jino> CapMystery created a new VS match : Favourite Gym Leader?

02:20 pm
<Jino> CapMystery created a new VS match : Who has the largest breasts?




Who is this? what anime are they from? Sat 10:46 AM | jomi
Re:what is this anime? Sat 10:37 PM | chiqui1970
Who is she? Sat 10:29 PM | chiqui1970
Re:can we edit characters? Mon 2:03 AM | Kami-Maikeru
Re:Intro Mon 2:01 AM | Kami-Maikeru

Character Comments

YuriYuri 0 pts
re: Francesca Lucchini

She is pretty cute. Her "Samui no yada" is what made me look into the anime. Though she's not my top fav, but I'll still include her in my harem and ship her with Perrine as one of my OTP.
YuriYuri 0 pts
re: Francesca Lucchini

Li-san is more or less correct. Although according to google and wiki, it can vary, depending on the people and society. Since according to wiki, 19 is not considered as a teen. So it depends.
YuriYuri 0 pts
re: Sanaki Kirsch Altina

It's just a shame that they don't put her in something skimpy yet. I wait with bated breath for her swimsuit version. Hopefully, they get rid of that gaudy headband though.

Series Comments

superwarioman 0 pts
re: Welcome to Pia Carrot!! G.O. ~ Grand Open ~

Why is this series always the most watched one? Can you tell me what's interesting about it?
Hirunapyeer 0 pts
re: WINX Club (series)

Why is this at ANIMEcharactersdatabase? O.o
Rei 0 pts
re: Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

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Apr 20, 2019
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Apr 20, 2019
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Apr 20, 2019
<KiryuLuver> hey babes

Dec 7, 2018
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Nov 12, 2018
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Hi laicifan!

Nov 12, 2018
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Nov 8, 2018
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Nov 8, 2018
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Nov 6, 2018
<Rei> Whoa! There's messages here! XD

NTR WARS is when you represent a Guild while stealing Waifu's.

and a long overdue Welcome back Mitsu! xD

Nov 5, 2018
<Sprite_OwO> Omg have I been abusing the support log?


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