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Rance (Series)

Rance (Series)

Rance (Series) (Franchise)

Rance (Series)
Series ID 101547
English Title Rance (Series)
Romaji Title Ransu
Furigana Title ランス
Japanese Title ランス
Japanese Studio Name
English Studio Name
Content Rating
Genre Tags
Release Date 1989/07/00
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki
Character Popularity * 33

Story & Information -

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119 of 119 Characters

Male 44 / 119 36.97 %
Female 74 / 119 62.18 %
Dokuganryuu Masamune Agireda Ai Morita Ai Naoe Akihime Albert Safety Alex Vals Anisu Arufura Rei Aurora Bernard Seramite Cell Catchgolf Cessna Benville Chimamire Tenshi Chinu Kobayakawa Choushin Ashikaga Copandon Dotto Crook Mofus Cutie Bando Daniel Safety Elizabeth Reikokku Emi Arufoonu Fukushuu Futto Rotto Fuuka Tamagushi Gekko Genri Ikkyu Inukai Isoroko Yamamoto Kabahhaan Ze Raitoningu Kaito Kakutomi Kama Atoranja Kaoru Kuinshi Karoria Cricket Katsuie Shibata Katsuko Uesugi Kazemaru Akashi Kenshin Uesugi Kentarou Ogawa Kentou Kanami Kiku Kikkawa Kimuchi Doraibu King George Abaree Kojika Yamanaka Komatsu Daidouji Kouhime Magic the Gandhi Maria Custard Masakage Yamagata Megadeth Moromy Mikan Miki Kurusu Milli Yorks Mori Motonari Nagi su Ragarl Natori Nelson Saabaa Nobunaga Oda Nogiku Orime Papaia Saabaa Patton Misunaruji Pompadour Prima Hononoman Radon Arufoonu Ragnarokarch Super Gandhi Ran Nanjo Rance Ranmaru Ria Parapara-Leazas Rick Addison Rizna Lanfebit Rocky Bank Rodonee Rodonee Ryouma Sakamoto Sachiko Senters Saiasu Kuraun Sanakia Drelshkaf Seigan Senhime Seyadatara Shigehiko Tanegashima Shikibu Shingen Takeda Shinobu Shizuka Masou Shouen Baba Shouji Hara Sill Sill Plain Souun Houjou System Tamanegi Teru Mouri Tourin Sanada Urza Planeis Usupira Wichita Sukeeto Willis Yamada Chizuko Yoshihisa Shimazu Yoshikage Asakura Yoshikage Kousaka Yuki Yukihime Yuzumi Yuzahara Yuzuru Kawanoe Zuruki Kuraun Aegis Kalar Gigai Hanty Kalar Ieyasu Tokugawa Noir Omachi Ra Saizeru Reset Kalar Suzume Torako Uesugi





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Misaki Kagura Shoina333

She is the mother of nako not daughter plz fix it

02:20 pm

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5 5 Star Steel Angel Kurumi Apr 10, 2014 / Apr 10, 2014 by Mitsugu Review length: Average
Mitsugu Mouryou’s Anime Review

Ok, this was a long time coming, SAK I was a grrrrreat example of super-happy-fun time at it best! You get it all: subtle word-play humor(in both the EN and the JP vers.); classic physical gags; decent PG fight sequences(though Karinka was rather sadistic to Saki ); and a prefect example of the wise words of Confucius: “Lovers in triangle are not square.” The storyline is good, character design is… yeow(Dr Amagi ...), and Kurumi is a bit winy, but the BIG problem is: 24 episodes x 11-12 mins a pop… you can watch the whole season in 3 ½ hours! So, one could say it’s a little too fast paced, but I still say it’s worth it. I would say there is blood, but how does an android bleed precisely? I guess it’s just red colored coolant(for effect only, and barely any of it). You will also encounter mild to moderate nudity, and some foul language that only enhances the humor further giving SAK I a 4.8(out of 10) despite the fact that it’s too short, but there is a few OVA’s and a 2nd season(reviews coming up…) Great background noise! I’m using it as that as I Treasure Hunt right now!

Thank you

Rance (Series)

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01:24 pm
<OMGasm> omg dat ship

01:22 pm
<Akikojam> And, somehow, despite being in first two games, she's a ----ing level 1...

01:22 pm
<Akikojam> Except for she joined me as a secondary hero and with a condition that I can't lose her... which in other words means she's useless, since sending her to battle = risking to get a game over...

01:19 pm
<Akikojam> Ooooh, Julia joined my team as a hero. Now this map looks way more awesome

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