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Do you have what it takes to be a S-Class Treasure Hunter?!

Welcome to the Anime Character's Database Treasure Hunter's Guild. Here you can meet up with your fellow Hunters, check rankings, and find tips on where to locate the best treasure!

Here's how to begin!

Treasure Chests can be found on character profile pages.

Keep browsing characters until you find this:

Treasure Chest

Clicking one of these chests will claim it. The jewels inside will be added to your Jewel count. There'll be a ranking page to keep track of who's found the most chests. Who's found the most jewels. And so on ~

From time to time, there will be Special Treasure Hunting Events. In Phantasy Star Online style, look for the EMERGENCY QUEST ANNOUNCEMENT, then collect your RARE DROP for cards!

* chest image suggested by Keiji_Haku


When you open a RARE DROP , you get a card.

When you open a NORMAL CHEST , you do not get a card.

Rare Drops occure during Emergency Events. Keep an eye on the Tip bar for information on when Events will be happening.

Rank F

Rank Required

10 found

Price: Rubies 50

Tax: 60%

Cap: 10 chests per day

Rank E

Rank Required

25 found

Price: Sapphires 5

Tax: 50%

Cap: 20 chests per day

Rank D

Rank Required

50 found

Price: Sapphires 50

Tax: 40%

Cap: 40 chests per day

Rank C

Rank Required

100 found

Price: Diamonds 5

Tax: 30%

Cap: 80 chests per day

Rank B

Rank Required

250 found

Price: Diamonds 50

Tax: 20%

Cap: 100 chests per day

Rank A

Rank Required

500 found

Price: Pearls 5

Tax: 10%

Cap: 150 chests per day

Rank S

Rank Required

1000 found

Price: Pearls 50

Tax: 5%

Cap: 200 chests per day

Rank SS unlimited

Rank Required

Price: Issued on request to Supporters

Tax: 0%

Cap: unlimited

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