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Momoha Odori

VA : Saki Fujita

  • Image of Miku Hatsune
  • Image of Momoha Odori
  • Image of Konoha Suetsugi
  • Image of Anthea
  • Image of Ayano Sugiura
Manami Amamiya

VA : Yui Horie

  • Image of Belfast
  • Image of Chie Satonaka
  • Image of Siesta
  • Image of Miss Monochrome
  • Image of Janes
Mei Etou

VA : Aya Hirano

  • Image of Konata Izumi
  • Image of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Image of Lucy Heartfilia
  • Image of Sophie
  • Image of Nanael
Mika Inamori

VA : Ai Nonaka

  • Image of Frankenstein
  • Image of Frankenstein (Saber)
  • Image of Kyouko Sakura
  • Image of Fuuko Ibuki
  • Image of Megumi Imae
Mutsuki Uehara

VA : Marina Inoue

  • Image of Laura Bodewig
  • Image of Momo Yaoyorozu
  • Image of Yoko Littner
  • Image of Tsukiumi
  • Image of Rei Miyamoto
Tomiko Sakura

VA : Ai Satou

  • Image of Sachiko Yagami
  • Image of Auntie
  • Image of Mrs. Bradley
  • Image of Cristina
  • Image of Sakie Kannazuki
Takako Kakuzawa

VA : Nami Kurokawa

  • Image of Jinta
  • Image of Haruka Kawasumi
  • Image of Karla
  • Image of Minagi Nonomura
  • Image of Makiyo Tsuruno
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