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#ACDB Help
12:05 pm
<Rei> You can use the sandbox to submit a title.

10:46 am
<RainbowToffee> Quick question, how are you supposed to upload a game? I have some that are not in the database yet, I know how to put together the page, but I'm not sure how to submit it for review?

Jan 20, 2021
<Rei> Great question, I think we can clear that list by replacing the worst dates with: 0000/00/00

Otherwise, just fill in what you have, and 00's for the other fields.



Character Comments

pgj1997 0 pts
re: Sumireko Usami

I could go on forever talking about how much I love Sumireko, but the character limit won't let me. She'll always be my favorite character.
YuriYuri 0 pts
re: Francesca Lucchini

She is pretty cute. Her "Samui no yada" is what made me look into the anime. Though she's not my top fav, but I'll still include her in my harem and ship her with Perrine as one of my OTP.
YuriYuri 0 pts
re: Francesca Lucchini

Li-san is more or less correct. Although according to google and wiki, it can vary, depending on the people and society. Since according to wiki, 19 is not considered as a teen. So it depends.

Series Comments

superwarioman 0 pts
re: Welcome to Pia Carrot!! G.O. ~ Grand Open ~

Why is this series always the most watched one? Can you tell me what's interesting about it?
Hirunapyeer 0 pts
re: WINX Club (series)

Why is this at ANIMEcharactersdatabase? O.o
Rei 0 pts
re: Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

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