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News | Jun 15, 2024 | Tonari no Youkai-san Episode 5 Quotes

Transcript - 356 new quotes

Tonari no Youkai-san


After spending time with Buchio, Yuri is reminded of her past.
Yuri grew in a strict family of bakegitsune archers, with her father and family members being very rigid about following tradition and bloodline purity.
By questioning such prejudiced traditions, Yuri was shunned by her own family members.
Impacted by such strong memories, Yuri gets into a fight with her partner.
Rifts in spacetime start showing up, with people from alternate realities start being snatched away and transported to the youkai-friendly reality.
Alone at home, Yuri starts feeling unwell, and by opening a door she accidentally interacts with a rift, swapping places with a parallel person: another Yuri from a world with no Youkai!

Featuring Characters
Buchio Ooishi | CV: Yuuki Kaji, 梶裕貴, かじ ゆうき | 31 lines
Chiaki Nishiya | CV: Tokuyoshi Kawashima, 川島得愛, かわしま とくよし | 25 lines
Irma Asahina | CV: Wakana Kowaka, 小若和郁那, こわか わかな | 19 lines
Jirou Fuchibiyama | CV: Higa Ryousuke, 比嘉良介, りょうすけ ひが | 18 lines
Mamoru Sugimoto | CV: Hiroshi Tsuchida, 土田大, つちだ ひろし | 4 lines
Miyo | CV: Manami Hanawa, 塙真奈美, はなわ まなみ | 6 lines
Morino | CV: Marie Miyake, 三宅麻理恵, みやけ まりえ | 1 lines
Mutsumi Sugimoto | CV: Asaki Yuikawa, 結川 さき, ゆいかわ あさき | 5 lines
Patrick | CV: Tasuku Kaito, 海渡翼, かいと たすく | 3 lines
Taira Tanaka | CV: Kenji Hamada, 浜田賢二, はまだ けんじ | 32 lines
Takumi Ooishi | CV: Mutsumi Tamura, 田村睦心, たむら むつみ | 16 lines
Tazenbou Fuchibiyama | CV: Jin Urayama, 浦山迅, うらやま じん | 19 lines
Waka Oishi | CV: Hana Satou, 佐藤はな, さとう はな | 5 lines
Yuri Tachibana | CV: You Taichi, 大地葉, たいち よう | 99 lines
Yuri's Father | CV: Kanehira Yamamoto, 山本兼平, やまもと かねひら | 3 lines
Yuzo Oishi | CV: Tomohiro Yamaguchi, 山口智広, やまぐち ともひろ | 2 lines

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