Welcome To Anime Characters Database 2020

Now over 101773 Characters and 173754 Quotes. ACDB will be 13 on April 28th. In late 2016, quotes first appeared on ACDB. Little by litte, I have been indexing episodes and assigning quotes to a wide range of characters and voice actors. The design of ACDB has changed quite a bit, with more focus on mobile and responsive design. The site will continue down a path of simplification. Removing features that are no longer needed and improving on features that are in demand.

Welcome To Anime Characters Database 2015

Now over 75,000 characters, Anime Characters Database is shifting focus to maintaining what we currently have. Years of innovation have lead to the creation of numerous valuable projects. Now is the time to take inventory of what we have, and work hard to polish and improve features of value.

Welcome To Anime Characters Database 2014

Now over 66,000 characters, Anime Characters Database is opening a new chapter of development down a social path. The lounge was created in 2012, and our Guilds went online in 2014.

Welcome To Anime Characters Database 2011

Now pushing 23,000 characters, Anime Characters Database continues our mission to identify every animated character on the Internet with a new focus on membership and community features.

Welcome To Anime Characters Database 2007-2010

Development of Anime Characters Database began in April of 2007. We went live in May, 2007 with our first 1,000 characters. Since then, many new features have been added, and the database has continued to expand at a rate near 1,000 characters each month.

Our mandate is to index all animated characters. We have indexed characters from more than one thousand bushojo games (also knows as hentai games), as well as characters from hundreds of anime series. We aim to index just about every character you may find online that leaves you wondering "Who is this characters? Where is he or she from?". By indexing characters by hair color, eye color, age, hair length, ears (cat ears or no cat ears), and gender, we give you a chance to identify characters.

Anime Characters Database aims to be a quickly evolving web application. We're not afraid to change things that arn't working, and add new features that people want. I like to think of ACDB as a dynamic site that you can customize to fit your needs.

Anime Characters Database is gradually evolving into a massive online store. I believe, that allowing people to search products by characters, is a powerful new way to market anime.

Software 2020

We finally moved from lighttpd to nginx. Upgraded from PHP5 to PHP7. Switched from MySQL to MariaDB. My home computers run Slackware Linux and Manjaro Linux. Mainly working on laptops now as my desktop hardware aged to death. It's nice to be back on IRC with hexchat - answering my ago old question of whatever happened to X-Chat ?! Still using DWM as my window manager. And Firefox for web development. kate for text editing. Sakura as my terminal. ffmpeg for extracting audio. mkvtoolnix for extracting subtiles.

Software 2015

This year I made the transition from Debian Linux to OpenBSD for development. OpenBSD has continued to improve greatly, and their ports system now fully meets my needs. Thanks to Cirno, I discovered ThinkPads and ThinkCenters to be a perfect match for OpenBSD. As for ports I can't live without : kate, konsole, rsync, dwm, chromium, firefox, ksnapshot, multitail. Our server software may have to change, as MySQL is no longer free. I'm running MariaDB in development.

Software 2011

A lot has changed. Anime Characters Database is now hosted on FreeBSD 8.0. Our development server also runs FreeBSD 8.1, and I use Debian Linux to develop our software using Kate in a GNOME environment. Iceweasel and Epiphany are my main web browsers. We also moved from Mercurial to Subversion. Webserver side, we moved from Apache 1.3 modchroot+modphp to FreeBSD jailed Lighttpd, FreeBSD jailed php-cgi and a standard binary version of MySQL. Considerations are underway for upgrading MySQL.

Software 2007-2010

Anime Characters Database proudly used OpenBSD as our server, and development Operating System. Our software is written in a Gentoo Linux environment, using Kate, GNU Bash, GNU Nano, feh, Image Magick, GNOME Terminal, OpenSSH, KSnapshot, Mozilla Firefox, Galeon, and uses an OpenBSD server running Mercurial to manage our source code. Not that it matters, but FluxBox is our prefered GUI.

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