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I've often found certain things about living on my own to be hard to stay on top of. I like to give my all to my work, and obviously while I am doing that I am not doing the same number of chores around home. While I'm recovering from doing my work, I am also not doing the same chores around home. Quite the backlog piles up, suddenly some chores are at a crisis point and others are so forgotten they too are reaching a crisis point. Why struggle when you could have a simple check list and hassle free reminder all in one place? I tried keeping a ledger - useless. I tried marking things on my calendar - equally useless. I've tried ToDo lists, but what's the point making the same damn ToDo list over and over? Suddenly in a shower, the solution to all of these came to me! A chore list. Each chore maintains a timestamp of how many days since last completed. Each chore has a button that records it as completed today. At a glance you can see everything you want done, and how many days since it last was done.

Is there a feature you want? Download an organizer. The moment it becomes a chore to keep track of your chores, it's wont be long before you quit.

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