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Akade Sep 27, 2022 | Rei
Oct 9th


Our Magic fox has been working hard on her transformation magic, and is ready to reveal a new form~!

Sept 22nd
Today marks a very special date.
This is Akade, the fennec fox!


Akade is here to take Konata's place as the official mascot of Anime Characters Database.

Over the years many characters have been featured in the main banner, and yet we've never had one of our own until today. Taking traits from some of my favorite character designs ( Holo, Rias, Shana, and Konata ) we've created an awesome memorable character to welcome you to ACDB.

Her name is a bit of a play on words, taking the first sound from each word in A nime Cha racters Da tabase. And it's quite unique!
With 126520 characters, there's not one Akade in the database. Our fennec fox is truly one of a kind special!

I hope everyone can find something to like about Akade, as we all welcome our treasured official mascot!

Artwork was done by mut025

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