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- Yozora Mikazuki

Guild Crest Enrichment Guild

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A den for Traders, Treasure Hunters, Gamblers... People seeking Wealth and Fortune inside ACDB economic universe.


Nanfenkoff Aug 14, 2016 (Edit)
Welcome to the guild MugenNoArano, AmiKisaragi and TrashSamurai
Nanfenkoff Feb 17, 2016 (Edit)
Welcome tothe guild Osukaru-sama!
Nanfenkoff Feb 16, 2016 (Edit)
Welcome to the guild King!
Nanfenkoff Dec 24, 2015 (Edit)
I created this guild to us users have a place to share our techniques on how to obtain Jewels, By hunting chests, selling cards, Doing Guild Card Requests, Browsing, Gambling at Dice mini game, or even daily login.

Here are so helpful tips to get those damn Jewels:

Treasure Hunting
Probably the easiest way to obtain Jewels, If you use it wisely you may profit even more.


- Using Random Character + The 15 min Rare Chest + Multiple Tabs.

You may not know that in the first 15 minutes of every hour if you encounter a chest, It will 100% be a Rare Drop Chest that has 100% to have a card in it.
So, If you use Random Character button by pressing with the Middle Mouse Button, You will end with multiple tabs opened, Increasing the chance to find a Character page with a chest in it.
Now the optimal time to do this is about 20 minutes before every hour, As you do that, Leave the characters page with chests in it and don't claim the chests right away, And close the ones that don't have, Repeat the process keeping only the ones that have chests in it. When you have a fair amount of tabs, Wait for the hour to become O'Clock, And when that happens reload the tabs with chests in it and watch they becoming Rare Chests, Now u can claim them.
Also if you don't like randomness to find chests, You can of course use intel to find them, But hey, You probably want to max your profit...

Selling Cards

I noticed that selling cards is quite a slow process, Maybe because the site doesn't have that many active users, Or maybe because the players with a great sum of Jewels have all the cards, Or even don't care about collecting them at all.
One thing is for sure, We need a more of a flexible pricing technique to be able to acquire the interest of Card Collectors, Even more because lower pricing is kinda... High... Or fells high...

Here is the lowest price table you get by selling the card directly to ACDB:

SSS--- 1 Diamond
SS----- 50 Sapphires
S------- 20 Sapphires
A------- 16 Sapphires
B------- 12 Sapphires
C------- 8 Sapphires
D------- 4 Sapphires
E------- 2 Sapphires
F------- 50 Rubies

So you will want to sell for more than that, Otherwise it's just better to skip the waiting part and sell right away to ACDB.
But if you're still going to sell cards for lower than that pricing, You're probably thinking on only 1 thing, You really want other users to complete their collections.

For this one there's no specific technique but 2 tips, Just be aware of the prices of opposing sellers, And make a better price.
To search for a card price, Go to the card collection where the card you want to sell, Find the card, Click Card Info, and then click Buy Card, Done that check the prices and come up with your own. (keep in mind the table above)

Guild Request Cards

I'm reluctant on this one, This can break the balance on selling cards upper than S rarity... well... Whatever we are talking about profit here.

Selling cards with higher rarity is kinda, Boring, It takes to much time for people to buy them, Because their high prices, So requests go well for them, Actually way too well.
This maybe kinda a exploit'ish way to get Jewels.
Here is the idea, As the requests are different from all the Guilds, You can just go over and join every single guild you can, So you have a wider chance to have the request card.
(You could even create several dummy guilds just to exploit it a little more, Tho this extremely inadvisable, You will surely get banned)
Ok, but what this has to do with S or higher rarity cards?
here is why: (a comparison with the ACDB instant sell and Request Rewards)

ACDB sell-----------Request Rewards
SSS--- 1 D----------5 D 10 S 50 R
SS----- 50 S--------2 D 10 S 50 R
S------- 20 S--------1 D 10 S 50 R
A------- 16 S--------8 S 75 R
B------- 12 S--------6 S 25 R
C------- 8 S---------4 S 25 R
D------- 4 S---------1 S 25 R
E------- 2 S---------50 R
F------- 50 R-------25 R

You can already tell, Doing A or lower Card requests are not profitable... But the other way, Doing S or Higher is very profitable.


Really?!... Yeah really... Tech?!

Multi tab + Random Button...

Although the guide say you only get 1 Ruby by browsing a page, If you use a Random Button you actually get 2 Rubies.


I don't know about this one... Gambling is about luck, One thing that I really don't seem to have.
I recommend just going for the awards, or if you feel lucky.

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