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Rem yx4v, Nov 23, 2023
Nami BrawlStarsPlayer, Sep 5, 2023
I need to watch with one hand when Nami appears
Mitsuri Kanroji DakimakuraLover3, Aug 28, 2023
I love her! I have a body pillow of her:
Mikoto Misaka Biribiriroko, Aug 12, 2023
Aoi Tadokoro RodrigoBarata, Aug 8, 2023
She is very beautiful
Bache badgekai, Jul 29, 2023
love her
Miyako Hoshino badgekai, Jul 18, 2023
she's hot
Akane Mizuno TamaRin66, Jul 3, 2023
really depicts junior high school girls in general, nothing exaggerated and dramatized
Fujimaki Saliliya, Jun 19, 2023
He is My Best and Special Husbando of all time. He was very cool and handsome and made me fall in love with him for the first time. I Very ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Him. (He's The First Time Who I Loved In This World and He's My First Husbando.)

additional (attitude): He is an energetic character and never gives up on doing things. he is also the main member of SSS who fight against Tenshi. He is a naughty character,but he's not evil and also a little cares about people. I Very ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Her. 😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

追加(態度):彼はエンジェルビーツ!なキャラクターであり、物事をあきらめることはありません。 彼はまた、Tenshiと戦うSSSのメインメンバーでもあります。 彼はいたずらな性格ですが、彼は悪ではなく、人を少し気にします。 私、藤巻くんのことがずっと愛しています 「未来の人生パートンーとして」。❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘😍😘
Esther Blanchett dreamcascade21, Jun 18, 2023
i hate her she doesn't evolve
Reki AlbertCamslut, Jun 16, 2023
Mental illness
Siu AlbertCamslut, Jun 16, 2023
the game c***blocked my boy so bad 😔
Texas ushikoi, Jun 13, 2023
I think she's the most hottest and sexiest girl I've ever laid my eyes upon. She'd have no problem having my babies. I am currently married to her and haven't felt more happier.
Szayelaporro Granz SageGranz, Jun 12, 2023
He's an interesting guy, he's pretty hot too!
Ririela Churack 5StarToaster, May 27, 2023
She’s so cute! I want to hug her
Hyou LegendaryEon, May 20, 2023
I think of Hyou as a very amazing character, despite the rage he has towards the yōkai that killed and devoured his family and whenever young children are in trouble or have been hurt. He didn't deserve what happened to him, but at least in the end he got his revenge.
Nana MioMizukoshiAtAge9, Apr 9, 2023
Nana from Yogurting.
Amabile TomoMishimaAtAge5, Mar 30, 2023
Princess Amabile is a 9-year-old tomboyish girl who love sweets.
Karen Tono TomoMishimaAtAge5, Mar 30, 2023
Karen Tono is Kaoru's late younger sister.
Rideru Takatsukasa plipplop, Mar 19, 2023
She saved everyone from Tomaru. The true hero in the Overflow universe.
Momoka Sakurai TomoMishimaAtAge5, Jan 25, 2023
12-year-old girl with blonde hair and green eyes.
Power JacobWilloughby24, Jan 20, 2023
Power has an Advanced IQ and is Going out with Jacob Willoughby!
Jim Crocodile Cook furrypichu, Jan 7, 2023
blue skies, emerald sea, wild volcano, duel academia! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!
Tin Man rjoy2022, Dec 20, 2022
I think the tin man is the best character in the cartoon and the most interesting character in the world
Emiko deknifuydo, Oct 29, 2022
Kawase's childhood friend, she is a 👧.
Marinca Escorpione deknifuydo, Oct 29, 2022
She is a 10-year-old girl.
Serika Kuromi TsundereChan, Oct 28, 2022
Azu-nyan, are you?
Light Yagami Ilovekira12, Oct 24, 2022
I think he is justice and i would also totally date light yagamiand also i would totally marry light yagami too and become his wife/ and his goddess of his new world i am a kira supporter and i support kira if light yagami/kira asked me to marry him i would definettatially say yes to him and also if light yagami said to me hey jessica babe lets move in together i would say yes of course light i will move in together with you.
Yoshi deknifuydo, Oct 23, 2022
Yoshi looks terrifying without shoes on.
Side Swipe RiskyZ, Oct 23, 2022
Does anyone actually like this character? Like seriously
Hiei Juan_Elric, Oct 9, 2022
Isn't his name just Hiei? I don't think Jaganshi is his surname.
Monika pari_strongestanimecharater, Sep 28, 2022
Kind,smart,most artwork,loyal girlfrend, good visual novel
Daffy Duck AikoInOveralls, Sep 28, 2022
He slammed his ----- in the car door.
Perfect Chaos WayneInOveralls, Sep 25, 2022
The final boss of Sonic Adventure 1
Maria Ushiromiya LuigiInOveralls, Sep 24, 2022
Maria is a nine-year-old fourth grader with brown hair and purple eyes.
Lana Loud LuigiInOveralls, Sep 24, 2022
She finished her Flippee! She gotta pee.
Amabile JCorey1999, Sep 21, 2022
She is a tomboyish 9-year-old princess named Amabile.
Chloe Aubert JCorey1999, Sep 21, 2022
Child Shizuka Mogami
Misogi Hodaka JCorey1999, Sep 21, 2022
She is a 9-year-old tomboy voiced by Sumire Morohoshi.
Killua Zoldyck Taigaaisakapalmtoptiger, Sep 17, 2022
So strong
Sarada Uchiha Taigaaisakapalmtoptiger, Sep 16, 2022
She cool like the combination of sauske and sakura
Rin Inaho JCorey1999, Sep 13, 2022
Rin Inaho is a 9-year-old female child in fourth grade in elementary school who is 132cm tall wearing jeans and sneakers.
Misuzu Kamio Airport, Sep 8, 2022
Air plus Kanon plus Clannad equals anime's Holy Trinity.
So Misuzu Kamio must be the Kami-Sama of anime.
Sumireko Usami IsabellKami, Sep 3, 2022
Adorable girl.
Neco-Arc Bubbles Juan_Elric, Aug 26, 2022
Full of pilk
Megumi Tadokoro cherrydropx, Aug 10, 2022
Weakest in culinary skills
Subaru Mimasaka cherrydropx, Aug 10, 2022
Doesb't have a style of his own since all he's able to do is copy other people's dishes
Skyla cherrydropx, Aug 10, 2022
Doesn't want to handle responsibilities as a gym leader
Chibiusa cherrydropx, Aug 10, 2022
Annoying brat who doesn't want to return to her own timeline
Chikako Ubukata cherrydropx, Aug 9, 2022
did nothing useful as a manager in the football team always pushing work onto someone else
Mio Mizukoshi jakob_henerey21, Aug 8, 2022
She is a 9-year-old tomboy.
Dragonite plipplop, Aug 5, 2022
Mom, I want Charizard!

We have Charizard at home.

Charizard at home:
Christine Juan_Elric, Jul 25, 2022
The funniest standard duelist imo
Mordred CrashNook, Jul 21, 2022
Best Girl In Anime
Nina Tucker plipplop, Jul 21, 2022
Her father is a disgusting mistake.
Carla cherrydropx, Jul 17, 2022
As the anime title says, the healer is annoying. Tries to use the gag stuff to be funny but honestly I've never laughed at any of the things she does or acts
Ken's Caretaker Juan_Elric, Jul 16, 2022
I checked the credit, and she's uncredited. I have no idea if she's Ken's mom or a worker from the hospital. lol
Yue Imasaka henereyj_1999, Jul 13, 2022
She's the only Memories Off character who shares their three sizes and blood type with an Idolmaster character.
Masked Cure Juan_Elric, Jul 9, 2022
I think that's art from Kazunori Haruyama as her main image. It's neither official nor SFW.
Kasumi Cangelosi, Jul 8, 2022
A proper poster ninja girl. One of the only reasons people still talk about Tecmo.
Dio Brando mrlucky33, Jul 5, 2022
he is so overpowered
Nano Shinonome SaoriMacaroni, Jun 30, 2022
Most adorable robo- I mean girl!
Clayface plipplop, Jun 18, 2022
Do you think it would be possible to make pottery out of this guy?
Baiken GenesisNintendenesis, Jun 15, 2022
she's cool as hell
Mr. Satan GenesisNintendenesis, Jun 15, 2022
pretty cool guy methinks
Dizzy GenesisNintendenesis, Jun 14, 2022
she is nice
Johnny Joestar Muhnogue, Jun 13, 2022
My favorite jojo, has the best development in the whole series
Esdeath Muhnogue, Jun 13, 2022
She carries akame ga kill alone, best character
Jolyne Cujoh Muhnogue, Jun 13, 2022
Jolyne is definitely the best female jojo character
Makima Muhnogue, Jun 13, 2022
my fav villain in new-gen
Nemo nemonemo, Jun 9, 2022
He is My wife
Kiriha Hariyama Anime_Fan_Art, Jun 7, 2022
She is a tsundere with voluptuous body.
Shin Shiyou cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Probably doesn't want to accept the fact that Tanmoku Ki isn't into her
Milk cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Annoying as a fairy
Kurumi Mimino cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Annoying as a human
Milky Rose cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
If she's that strong the rest of the pretty cures aren't needed in the anime
Sonomi Daidouji cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Disgusting, obsessed with your own cousin and kinomoto sakura. Gross
Maya Natsume cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Very annoying that she keeps blaming someone else for the death of her brother when it wasn't their fault
Touya Kinomoto cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Very annoying
Masamune Matsuoka cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Best Ikemen
Suzu Edogawa cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Very annoying throughout the show
Haruka cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Kantarou Ichinomiya cherrydropx, May 21, 2022
Very kind-hearted
Anan LessermooK, May 12, 2022
Best girl, merely because of how plain and unremarkable she looks lmfao.

Modern anime don't have the balls to make a female character looking like Anan a main/ and not turn her into a superficially dolled up supermodel

Just a logistics supervisor trying to make a living, no makeup, no sexual exploitation, just a character, respect.
Chihiro Ogino LessermooK, May 12, 2022
She's an underrated character who displays the most base level demonstration on how to do a character arc for a female lead without being obnoxious or political.

She starts off timid & easily scared, over the course of the movie she has to make deals, work her butt off, she gets challenged, and learns to stick up for herself without the protection of her parents; And all of which she does for her parents & friend.

The Chihiro we see at the end of the movie is NOT the same girl we saw at the beginning.

And that's how it's done. Gradual change.

She's not an overpowered Mary Sue, not a schoolgirl with Dcup sized breasts whose primary function is to be erection bait for hormone drones

She's a goddamn character, everyone praises Spirited Away the movie

-but Chihiro? is underrated.✅
Akira Toudou LessermooK, May 12, 2022

Akira Todou is a garbage character, who literally got away with rape.

Any and all slack she gets from the Fandom is solely because she's hot and said "fans" want their turn.

And thats the most her existence adds to the conversation, being a pair of big breasts.

Note to self: Forceful sexual defilement of someone's body is both 100% okay & will get overlooked if you're a hot enough female.

Trash author,a story that had an interesting premise but devolved into a wannabe hentai and a garbage character rewarded the title "BEST girl" despite raping someone.

- akira "rapist" todou
Sakura Haruno Yumi21, May 7, 2022
Tsunade Yumi21, May 7, 2022
She is sexy and hot🔥
Chara GameCrasher, Apr 19, 2022
she is amazing
Pardofelis nana_xyz, Apr 16, 2022
aww she is so cute :3
Zero Two Kelras, Mar 29, 2022
Love her
Misty Juan_Elric, Mar 25, 2022
I wanted to add her Brazilian VA (Márcia Regina Lima) but apparently I can't edit this page.
Tony Tony Chopper Juan_Elric, Mar 24, 2022
His voice actress in the second Brazilian dub is called Agatha Paulita (if I can create an entry for her I couldn't find out how)
Sukuna Gojou mintymeen, Mar 12, 2022
his name is literally 2 characters from Jujutsu Kaisen that most people simp for
Lillymon HenryWong122, Mar 10, 2022
I love her.
Adonis Otogari StratoStella, Feb 6, 2022
i will die for htism an i love him so much please soemon e give him the spotlgiht i dont even liek the rest of udnead just adonis please im gonan cry
Adonis Otogari Vinmetz, Feb 6, 2022
Good boy.
Houtarou Oreki tecchinn, Jan 20, 2022
he is helpful and also good in solving many mystery cases
Azuma Azumashusband, Jan 18, 2022
She’s cute, funny, sexy, seductive, sweet, gorgeous, kind, loving and big oppai tits
Rick mintymeen, Jan 6, 2022
minato from naruto is that you? lol

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