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Raphtalia Spicy, 07:17 am
Raphtalia is my waifu and she's the best. I'm willing to throw hands for that, yes.
Yui Kodai Spicy, 07:11 am
She is super cute and deserves more attention in the manga. Her quirk isn't creative, but it's well written and shown.
James Gigipickle, Yesterday 05:05 am
He’s amazing, awesome and funny and really cute I love him! He’s the best and my favourite character I love him
Dio Brando NoriakiKakyoin, Yesterday 12:01 am
Stupid Gay Vampire That Punched Hole Through Me
Holly Kujo NoriakiKakyoin, Oct 25, 2020
A Hot Mom Which Makes Me Wanna Emerald Splash Inside Her
Katsuki Bakugo Adhira, Oct 25, 2020
he is babey i absolutely love him so much i want to snuggle him but he'd probably literally kill me.
Fukase Kokichii, Oct 24, 2020
Leone Abbacchio moodyjazzyblues, Oct 16, 2020
I ----ing love this man please make him real this is so sad
Kaname Sakurai Supertsareenaparker, Oct 15, 2020
I think Kaname is really cute. I liked her adorable voice in the anime. I think Kaname is one of my favorite girls!
Hayashi quamp, Oct 11, 2020
Hayashi has two appearances. The one shown here is her second. Her first had her with brown hair in twin tails and glasses.
Tanjirou Kamado Sunshine, Oct 10, 2020
The gentlest person I've ever seen.
Fujimaki Saliliya, Oct 9, 2020
He is my Best Husbando of all time. He was very cool and handsome and made me fall in love with him for the first time. I Very ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Her. (He's My First Husbando And The First Time Who I Loved In This World and He's My First Husbando).
Juuzou Suzuya charmingGoldfish, Oct 4, 2020
i love him but not in a romantic way
Shuu Tsukiyama charmingGoldfish, Oct 4, 2020
Kyouka Hikawa Natsumegutam, Sep 30, 2020
Kyouka, the best character in Princess Connect RE:DIVE and her best quote is HENTAIFUSHINSHA-SAN
Akaya Kirihara Kirishima_dad, Sep 24, 2020
michael jackson
Magie Saliliya, Sep 23, 2020
He loves top quality bread and I like him at the first time. He's my Fourth Husbando ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕💕💕 😚😇😚😇😚😇
Sebastian Michaelis 1PhantomhiveButler, Sep 23, 2020
Hisoka Morow LemonYuri, Sep 21, 2020
I love this guy and he's quite important to me for certain personal reasons. He has helped me a lot to stop being someone that I'm not and I have to admit that he encourages me to continue, ah-.
Ryouhei Shinomiya Baniiuwu, Sep 15, 2020
Super sexy 😳
Tornado of Terror ServiceGhost, Sep 11, 2020
sexy and my wife
Deus Marianna, Sep 10, 2020
Illumi Zoldyck IllumiWife, Sep 9, 2020
He is my one and only husbando and I love him so much. He is very underrated and should get more love. He is one of the best characters in Hunter x Hunter and probably one of the stronger ones. He might cause Killua some trauma but I still love him. I cannot express how much I love Illumi Zoldyck.
Koushi Sugawara Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
Tadashi Yamaguchi Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
Lev Haiba Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
Yuuji Terushima Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
Eri Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
She baby
Gowther Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
He smexy
Meliodas Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
He is a angel!
Atsumu Miya Buttercream, Sep 5, 2020
He is baby. Thats it
Sesshomaru KuraraHananokouji, Aug 30, 2020
It is true on Sessomaru's birthday. It is on the side information box when you search for him in Japanese.
Walter C. Dornez Saint-Juste, Aug 26, 2020
I think he's a wonderful, badass, powerful man who truly deserved better. I don't agree with his actions towards the end of the series, but I don't hold them against him. I simply adore this man from the very bottom of my heart and I wish him the best.
Sekai Saionji tabris666, Aug 25, 2020
The light novel made her really ---- but still i like her as a character she was quite sexy there.
I loved the ending of the light novel and since was printed before the anime ending i kinda see they inspired themselves on the LN to make the anime ending
Nadia Satrinava mgeab, Aug 22, 2020
She is very elegant and regal, has a dominant personality, and my wife
Jumin Han Lazzy, Aug 22, 2020
He is my favorite otome game character and my first husbando ever. i really love him with all of my heart.
Hibiki Sakura mech, Aug 22, 2020
She is cool
Madoka Kaname peachfxnta, Aug 17, 2020
love love love love love love
Mikazuki Hanai juste, Aug 17, 2020
Cure Earth Joebev910, Aug 15, 2020
Ren Kagami SourNote2014, Aug 6, 2020
Her appearance is so striking and endearing that it brings James Bay's Hold Back the River to mind.
Eri AlaynaGamerz, Aug 2, 2020
Adorable cutie.
Chito Froylan, Jul 27, 2020
I must protect this precious potato
Wolfram von Bielefeld fairydust19, Jul 25, 2020
wolfram is selfish but he loves yuuri so much and i think he is somewhat kind
Accelerator scaphism, Jul 23, 2020
Circe giletaso, Jul 22, 2020
I want her to turn me into a pig.
Zero Two lemontherat, Jul 21, 2020
Hot and the best anime character ever
Suzu TimberWolf5871, Jul 20, 2020
She's not like the other "villains" of the show. She just wants to exist and have fun. Being evil is just boring to her, so she doesn't do it.
Nagito Komaeda maeve, Jul 16, 2020
best boy
Zero Two seenisbeen, Jul 7, 2020
i luv zero too
Ritsu Sakuma tsukinagaleo, Jul 6, 2020
Izumi Sena tsukinagaleo, Jul 6, 2020
i love you my sexy little tsundere ≺3
Aya Kuroda Animemaster1, Jul 4, 2020
She is very charming.
Kakashi Hatake AlinSima, Jun 30, 2020
He is the best character in Naruto
He deserves a better life than what he lived
I love him soo much that it hurts≺3≺3≺3≺3
Toria Sain Jaxkn, Jun 21, 2020
Riko Tera Jaxkn, Jun 21, 2020
Gintoki Sakata Kyoya_, Jun 17, 2020
How can someone be a literal bag of trash and an angel at the same time?!
Tsukasa Hiiragi EducatedEmu, Jun 15, 2020
Itachi Uchiha Vakfu_tyan, Jun 11, 2020
Killua Zoldyck MyukiZoldyck, Jun 11, 2020
So cuteeeeee, I adore him so muchhh
Canon Shinmei YuriProphetOtome, Jun 10, 2020
A genuine woman who knows and is secure about her (homo)sexuality, besides being sexy, cool and serious.
Goemon Ishikawa XIII Toki, Jun 8, 2020
Goemon really is one of the almost the best characters in the Lupin III franchise. He is always there to save the gang's life. Although he isn\'t the type of being funny, there, for the most part, are some moments that essentially bring me out a sort of good laugh. Never would specifically I\'ve thought I for the most part wanted to basically be a samurai pretty much more than ever. I really love this guy and in my opinion, he should actually deserve his own little show just like Fujiko mine. Also a little side note, I totally do not definitely enjoy seeing the sight of people drawing him with cat ears. 10/10 stars.
Hawks AnaJuliaSan, Jun 6, 2020
He is sososososo hot and a ----ing asshole but i love him
Akane Himemiya pvm1989, Jun 5, 2020
Great character with actual growth.
Saeyoung Choi Pudding_Boy, May 31, 2020
he is best boi
Rosalia RositheCat, May 28, 2020
I enjoy Rosalia. She’s very sneaky and is one of the few small-time villains in Sword Art Online. She reminds me of my dream villain. My dream villain is a ninja with very fast movements and a quiet, calm atmosphere. I named my dream villain Rosalia Von Riessfield, trying to get a similar feel with my character as I felt with Rosalia. I imagined Rosalia would have some sort of noblewoman kind of name, so I thought of Riessfield as a nice last name for her and my villain.
Erza Scarlet RositheCat, May 28, 2020
Titania Erza Scarlet always puts other before her. She can be very humorous and not realize it. She definitely has will-power, and will get the job done no matter what’s thrown her way. Despite her very intense stare she gives Natsu (Salamander) Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster when they fight, she has a very kind heart and has a funny way of showing it. Scarlet once said something about why she always wears armor. She said “In order to convince everyone that I was strong, I would hide my heart away inside a suit of armor.” She has a very terrible past, yet she tries to stay strong to protect those who are there with her now. She’s very loyal to her guild and her family. We see that every time we watch the anime. In Fairy Tail, every member there is family. When things get tough, she and her family will stand against the evil before them. I admire Titania. She kind of reminds me of myself. She’s a good ally and a deadly foe. When Makarov was thinking of retiring and had to pick a new guild master, I thought of Erza. Just like everyone else in Fairy Tail, she has will power. And if she has will power, she has strength. So if they have strength, the guild will not give up. But that’s not why I believe she is a good choice for guild master. No, it’s because she’s always on the front line. She trusts her guild mates and sees them as equals. In terms of loyalty to her guild master versus loyalty to her friends, she has dismissed the guild rules to help her friends. We saw that in episode 14 of season 1, “Just do whatever”. Titania came to the cursed island to bring her friends back. Titania managed to “capture” Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, and Gray Fullbuster. She tied Lucy and Happy together, which was pretty funny with her intense stare she gave them. Gray started to walk of it of the tent they were in, but Erza Scarlet held her sword at him while staring defiantly towards him. Gray grabbed the blade and moved it to his guild mark in his chest. “Do what you must” he said. “For me, there’s no other choice to be made. I can’t walk away from what I know is right” - Gray Fullbuster. Deep down, Erza knew he was right. So she listened to her heart and went against Master Makarov’s wishes. She cut the ropes that tied Lucy and Happy together. They then went off to help the islanders. She is always thinking of the care of her family and friends. This is one well-made character we were blessed with.
Formidable Error, May 17, 2020
Very interesting and very open as a youngest sister of two Onee-sans, fairly blunt and likes teasing.
Siluca Meletes OtakuLord101, May 15, 2020
St. Louis OtakuLord101, May 14, 2020
Fukase yammithememegoddess, May 12, 2020
he a memelord
Canada Willowkarmachance2905, May 6, 2020
He’s mine I love him
Kurumi Ebisuzawa Wystxria, Apr 29, 2020
Ever since the beginning of Gakkou Gurashi!, I fell in love with Kurumi's character, being practically the main defense of the group. She was also in the track and field club, albeit mostly for her senpai. In any case, I love running in both cross country and track and field, so I like that Kurumi is a girl that doesn't dislike it as well. In the end, I love Kurumi and will always do so.
Zuzu Boyle BabyMelody, Apr 27, 2020
evil Guy!!! who killed me
Medusa Azudere, Apr 21, 2020
Beatiful snake women
Android 18 Jraz716, Apr 13, 2020
One of the hottest, sexiest, badass(iest?) characters in DBZ/DBS
Hajime Hinata StrawberryMeshi, Apr 10, 2020
We love a grumpy big tiddied himbo
Kogami Ryoken fairydust19, Apr 4, 2020
ryoken is a tsundere type
Midori Yoshinaga Indrampamekas, Apr 3, 2020
Istri gua hehe
Chino Kafuu BloodyLegend, Apr 2, 2020
Maa nyankodaysnerd, Apr 1, 2020
kawaii, waifu, neko, best girl, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY UWUS MAA
Rem BloodyLegend, Apr 1, 2020
Yea shes a yandere
Victor Nikiforov Deny005, Mar 29, 2020
Just one thing: he is Yuri's BOYFRIEND.
thanks for the attention UwU
Erza Scarlet salihagenter, Mar 26, 2020
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Wendy Marvell Apophis, Mar 16, 2020
She’s legal loli
Tsubasa Ozora bshaer78, Mar 16, 2020
Her call me senpai
Frostleaf shiro15619, Mar 9, 2020
Best girl.
Ai Aihara MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
Best wife
Hanae Atago MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
My wife dream
Meiko Isuzu MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
My dream wife
Rikka Ibuki MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
Best boy
Ellen MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
My love
Katarina MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
My love for ever the best girl in this game
Mizuho Shiratorizawa MeliziaKata, Mar 7, 2020
Adorable waifu, a lot of surprise with her
Toma Mywatermalone, Feb 29, 2020
I love him he is scary but also sexy brave and smart
Sieg KurehaEgami, Feb 26, 2020
Sieg is a good boi. Silence, haters.
Emilia KurehaEgami, Feb 26, 2020
I love Emilia.
Levi Ackerman rivaere, Feb 25, 2020
He's the absolute eternal love of my life. I'll die with him.
Yuuna Yunohana Yotengobimbo, Feb 22, 2020
A caring, clumsy, silly ghost girl
Izuku Midoriya bakugo-katsuki, Feb 16, 2020
he kinda cute tho o//o


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