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Tamamo Cat CwnAnnwn, 06:38 am
Smart Cat
Tetsurou Kuroo Caranda, Aug 13, 2018
Love this hottie!
You Hazuki Aimee4, Aug 13, 2018
Happy Birthday, You!
Orihime Inoue koumori_hime, Jul 24, 2018
Gilgamesh Draconic, Jul 23, 2018
Love to hate this guy. He's just a generally awful human being, and let's face it, it would be genuinely impossible for him to be any more vile than he already is. He may well be David Vincent's best character. If you don't regard this fiendish hero king with terror and at least slight awe, you may need to reevaluate your priorities.
Natsuki The-God-of-a-New-World, Jul 19, 2018
You know something's wrong when the tsundere is the sane one.
Kouta Shingyoji Saliliya, Jul 16, 2018
He's so funniest, and so cuuute (He's Although homo) 😛🙄
V FLOWER justmonikais1, Jul 12, 2018
V flower is beautiful but when he/she upgrades into V4 flower its a boy that's why I said he/she X3 anyway I LOVE FLOWER
Tomoko Kuroki Zinyak12345, Jun 28, 2018
Tomoko Kuroki is best girl hands down. Actually, keep your hands up because I don't want you fapping while reading this. Seriously though, Tomoko is the best because she is an accurate portrayal of your standard otaku. I could type out an essay about why I love Tomoko so much and still have more to say but I'm too lazy.
Sebastian Michaelis AnimeQueeny, Jun 26, 2018
He's the perfect match,4.... CIEL! (* FANGIRLS)
Misao Makimachi Xictor, Jun 22, 2018
My dear Misao is the best girl to ever grace the face of the earth. She’s a talented ninja, a determined leader, and most importantly, the greatest waifu I could ever ask for. Nobody can compare to her radiant beauty nor her tactical skills. I love Misao and plan to live out the rest of my days with her by my side.
Charles zi Britannia JayNemesis, Jun 21, 2018
Death to Britannia!
Jumin Han Aimee4, Jun 18, 2018
Thanks for being my birthday twin ≺3
Mio Akiyama WaifuMaster17, Jun 11, 2018
She is very nice and beautiful girl. She likes what i like and she is talented musician,just like me. I play guitar and harmonica and i sound great,just like Mio,she is awesome at playing her bass. I love talented girls who like music like me,those girls are my type,although i am otaku,gamer and musician at same time. I really love Mio so much that i am collecting K-On! anime merchandise and their posters,CD's and i have Dakimakura of her. I am very serious about her,i wish that members who are always NTR'ing Mio should understand how much i love her and that i am serious person who loves Mio and K-On anime more than anyone else. Why some members are so persistent on mai waifus? I don't mind mai waifus being claimed,but taking away my number 1 waifu,Mio is going too far. Mio is not type of girl who would fall in love with ordinary otakus,both in anime and manga,she never had any romantic feelings for anyone and she thinks that men are beasts. But i am not like them,Mio would fall for me once i play and sing The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. I think she would fall for me because we have lots in common in music,same likes and types. I would like other K-On girls for waifu,but i see some of them as little sisters and very close friends. I love Mio so much that i would make my fantasy manga or anime where i travel in anime dimension where Mio is and show her my skills and love for her. No matter what get in my way,i will do anything to protect Mio from being taken away from some ordinary otaku. Although she is not pure beauty like Mashiro Shinna and she does not have sexy body like Rias Gremory,she is very unique girl who loves music in same way as i do. I would sacrifice all my waifus,show you photos of my K-On anime collection and Dakimakura to prove my love and persistence so i could have Mio forever until this site dies.
Fujimaki Saliliya, Jun 3, 2018
He's so cool, cannot swim too (like me), and so friendly, skilled, aggresive, naughty, funniest, over-powered, weirdest, like an senpai too i very ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ her
Mayune Awayuki LoliFoxGirl, May 29, 2018
I hate her -----y attitude
Karen Ayanokouji dragonlordzx, May 29, 2018
funny, very kind, elegant, nice, very care about all people and her friends, beautiful, pure, and very kind hime that's very care about all people needs but no one get her attention.
Pan Sasukeuchia, May 27, 2018
Best dragon ball girl hands down
Bertholt Hoover XxBendyxX99, May 24, 2018
I think Bertholt is amazing in every way! Even though he is the colossal titan who kicked a hole into wall Maria, which killed a ton of innocent people. But I still think he's amazing no matter what!!!
Yukimura Seiichi Crystallaporte, May 20, 2018
He is the best boy I've ever seen in this anime, Cool and observant, kind and caring, proud and dignified, teaser and lover. Really, like, the BEST!!
Kurumi Tokisaki JayNemesis, May 20, 2018
As much as I love her as a character, I wouldn't date her, cuz... she'd eat me. Literally.
Tomie Kawakami YoruNakajima, May 15, 2018
I hate her just as much I like her. The most evil living thing in Japanimation. She never love you. She only love herself. She even eat you and killed you or leaving somewhere to die. She makes Yuno Gasai and Lucy looks like an angels. She is the secret chategory in dere-dere. I need more! I need more Tomie!
Kenya Kobayashi MagnaEssence, May 15, 2018
I liked how he notices things around him, and respects his friends. -he's respectable for his age.
He's also pretty adorable, and if i have a son someday, i hope he grows up to atleast be somewhat like him.
Takumi Fujiwara Nanidoriftu69, May 14, 2018
I tought this was a character from Initial D
Takeshi Nakazato 'Zack' Nanidoriftu69, May 14, 2018
Guardrail lover
Ryuuko Matoi Hsalf, May 13, 2018
Ryuuko Matoi is ironically; the ideal person, despite being made up of life fibers. I love her because not only is she cool and strong but loving and caring, especially to her friends.
Seeing an image of her brings a smile to my face.
Just thinking of her quickens my heart's pace.
Everything she does is either filled with beauty, style and grace!

It goes without saying that I love Ryuuko Matoi.
Shizuku Minami Yasashisa, May 12, 2018
i think she's a very kawaii character. she's so innocent I love her aw
Akemi Hinazuki JayNemesis, May 12, 2018
I hate this B****!
Morrigan Aensland Darkfighter, May 10, 2018
I love her
Makoto Tachibana edenfire, May 10, 2018
i love him
Kugelmugel memek46, May 9, 2018
Tomas AlysetheGeneticHybridHuman, Apr 19, 2018
I think he is an amazing soldier of the Scout Regiment, and a deeply trustful man. It's a shame we only get to see him in one episode of the anime. Still, it would be nice if we got to see more of Tomas. And since he's an underrated character, I think he deserves more love like most of the other characters from Attack on Titan.
Kotonoha Katsura YoruNakajima, Apr 18, 2018
Delusional self pity egosentris drama queen
Reiko Kanna DarkKira, Apr 16, 2018
Expert at letting something grow....
Kaori Saeki DarkKira, Apr 16, 2018
The reason to watch Bible Black
Vanessa DarkKira, Apr 16, 2018
----ing hot!
Viewtiful Joe FawleeRunlan, Apr 13, 2018
Shirayuki TheViolinOtaku, Mar 22, 2018
She Is a good person!
Hayato Shinomiya That_Otaku_Boy, Mar 13, 2018
My favorite anime character so far. Love him!
Pike Queen Lucy SquadalaGuy, Mar 11, 2018
I'd have her as my actual wife and ---- toy
Teletha Testarossa Cronoku, Feb 23, 2018
Sekai Saionji YoruNakajima, Feb 19, 2018
Lovely girl that cannot fight her own feeling. Misunderstood, unsecure but try her best to make sure her loved one reach his happyness.
Hitoshi Shinso Dutchess_Psyche, Feb 15, 2018
Shinso is so cool!! I feel bad that many compare his quirk to being villainous... but I'm so happy he stays strong and determined to remain a hero! He'll be an amazing hero some day!
Medli Minior, Feb 10, 2018
Tweet tweet
Tohka Yatogami JMScorpion, Feb 7, 2018
She is my personal favorite girl out of every single anime I have watched. There have been ones that came close but in the end Tohka Yatogami will always be my favorite.
Hagi oceana97, Jan 31, 2018
Amazing baby
Solomon Goldsmith oceana97, Jan 31, 2018
Anime Solomon is the love of my life. Manga Solomon is sexy but not nearly as selfless and sweet as Anime Solomon is.
Chima oscar217b, Jan 17, 2018
Very cute and sexy cat girl
Very active sometimes and I ----ing love that
Flandre Scarlet Krispan, Jan 16, 2018
Red Alert Scarlet is lit up with decorative lights.
Ruby (human form) Krispan, Jan 13, 2018
Shu Kurenai Nightshade_heart11, Jan 12, 2018
He is sweet, cool, smart, talented. I could go on really. He has an endless list of things I like about him. He is amazing!!! He's also really friendly and an amazing cook! I love how he bonds with his bey Storm Spryzen/Storm Spriggan. I honestly love him sooooo much!
Haruna Arutonenn Krispan, Jan 6, 2018
Takuto Narusawa Krispan, Jan 4, 2018
Ciel Phantomhive JW505, Jan 1, 2018
He's so adorable trying to act serious ≺3
Elizabeth The 3rd NikkiKeehl, Dec 21, 2017
Jean-Jacques Leroy NikkiKeehl, Dec 21, 2017
The King!
Yuri Plisetsky NikkiKeehl, Dec 21, 2017
Badass Ice Tiger!
Near NikkiKeehl, Dec 21, 2017
NOT better than Mello.
Wendy Marvell Neptis, Dec 1, 2017
Pretty powerfule but in my opinion overlooked and not used enuf in the anime
Kurumi Tokisaki MarKan, Nov 24, 2017
The best female character there is in Anime ≺3
Neru Akita Maimuna, Nov 2, 2017
She is awesome. No doubt about it.
Himiko Toga Froppy, Oct 26, 2017
The only character I've ever ranked a 12/10 on my Waifu scale. ≺3
Ende MizuNeko, Oct 4, 2017
Hot as F***
Naruto Uzumaki LilyQueen, Sep 24, 2017
Becouse of him i learned to Never Ever give and keep the Smile love you the hero of my heart
Sakura Haruno LilyQueen, Sep 24, 2017
She is the best and strongest female in naruto a hardworking smart kind of women i love her
Feena Blastabolt, Aug 30, 2017
Behold the story that binds me and Feena together.
Back when Rage of Bahamut (Card collecting game) had an English ver. She took the place of fave character in my collection, since I like her upbeat personality/her cards look great/etc. I remember overspending to trade for her than she would've been worth :Thonkang~1:
And then one day I proceeded to buy a nendoroid petite blind bag of RoB
In the odds of 1/6 you could guess which character I pulled out. And that's where the fun began.

Having a toy of her and at that age I played with toys alot and she was one of the main chars in the cast/toy universe. Playing with my figs and toys was so fun at the time, I didn't even know what she sounded like so I even voiced her at all times. Playing with this nendoroid deepened my bond with Feena, although I never thought of it romantically or anything like that at the time. Since I lowkey paired her with a different character from the cast.

And now, after the death of English RoB I looked for more of their games. And found Shadowverse. Soon, I became addicted to Shadowverse. And next thing that happened, they released a Feena at one of the expansions. I was too giddy and excited to get her, and now I got atleast one animated version of her which is special. She isn't a staple in any classes I play, but I try to put her when I have the chance even if it would render my deck peformance a little. And so even now Im enjoying SV with her at times.
And then recently, I look for a game I could sink my time into and found Granblue. Turns out they have a Feena in there too. I don't have Feena yet being a 5*, but one day I'd like one.

So with this in mind, I realized Feena has traveled with me in different universes. RoB, Shadowverse, IRL, and soon GBF. It fits her, since she's a traveler.
Victor Nikiforov Pixi_Twix, Aug 15, 2017
Absolutely charming
Norway MilkHatsune, Aug 9, 2017
hes mine back of bishesssszzzzzzz
Daru Savasha, Aug 6, 2017
Daru reminds me a lot of my cat that I had for the first 18 years of my life. For that reason, this series made me cry on the first episode.
Shin Mouri (Cye) Warrior1231, Aug 5, 2017
He. Good. Look
Fukase ShadowNeko, Aug 5, 2017
Best memelord the world has ever seen. RAWR XD
Germany HninHope, Aug 3, 2017
Wish he's my Gym teacher ≻_≺
Tsumugi Kotobuki goku1226, Jul 30, 2017
She is the best character ever. Hands down. God himself designed her.
Yoh Asakura Saeran_VJ, Jul 16, 2017
Best husbando. Period.
Jose Porla JosePorla, Jul 15, 2017
I think he's an amazing character and villain. I wish he wasn't so underrated and unappreciated. It would have been nice to have seen him after the phantom lord arc as well, but it looks like I won't get that chance.
Jyugo Alice15, Jun 28, 2017
He's so sexy, cute, smart, badass... I love him so much !! He's so precious and deserve to be happy 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💟💟💟💟
Nu-13 IceBeam13, Jun 24, 2017
I love her so much!!!
Noel JonathanTheGhost, Jun 19, 2017
She is the most adorable loli character I have ever seen. She deserves more attention than she generally gets.
Deidara Not_Jashin, Jun 13, 2017
frickin hot that's what I think
Natsu Dragneel Kliffrelatable, May 30, 2017
A very cute pink boy
Kirin Toudou Niikuro, May 30, 2017
best imouto
Meiri Izunae rejwan, May 30, 2017
my wife
Yuki Himeno rejwan, May 30, 2017
Mishio Yuutenji rejwan, May 30, 2017
love her so much
Tsubasa Andou SayuriKurusu, May 28, 2017
Nice guy
Kagami Hiiragi Niikuro, May 27, 2017
Twintails tsundere perfection
Kanna Kamui MizzyAnime, May 27, 2017
Shigezo Kawamura eq41577, May 25, 2017
he's handsome
Palutena eq41577, May 25, 2017
she's beutifull
Yuno Gasai Mina_Domekat, May 24, 2017
She is the best yandere. No! The Queen of Yanderes!
Hikari Horaki FranPVO, May 21, 2017
She is pretty cute and adorable
Shu Kurenai estefanilindor, May 21, 2017
It's so cooler,nice and I even know it's can't cook and it's the cool guy when I see,it's not exist,but I love him and I have crush on him.
Mistoras Leoxses Saturn, May 21, 2017
Wish he did not get replaced by his brother ;-;
Ikaru Aozora NickCZ, May 19, 2017
She is a very warm and soft girl who loves to cuddle me. I jsut love her.
Kintarou Ooe NAP, May 17, 2017
He's as smart as he's funny
Kazuya Hiramaru NAP, May 17, 2017
He's so weird it's endearing.
Hungary dangerous_slinky, May 14, 2017
She is the most lovely woman in Hetalia, and my favorite of all anime period. Words can't describe how much I love Hungary, since she's been my anime waifu for about 5 years.
Akane Hino mackywob, May 12, 2017
Eren Yeager CaptainLevisbrat15, May 11, 2017
A badass teenager green eye titan
Nico Yazawa Honokx, May 10, 2017
Most beautiful girl in all of anime 10/10 flat is justice. Nico Nico step on me

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