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Meliodas The Seven Deadly Sins

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About Me

Hi! I'm Rei!

If you're a member of my site, you're already my friend. ^_^ Open a PL, send a PM, I'll respond quickly to your fist message.

I have a ton of interests, though I tend be drawn to the most esoteric of things. I'm open minded, encouraging, optimistic, and I tend not to judge others. I'm at my best encouraging people to follow their dreams. I'm also a righteous person. Those who offend me or the ones I care about will suffer REI'S WRATH!!!!!!! Muahahhahahahahahhahah.

I am a werewolf and a Berserk thanks to my inherited Icelandic bloodline.


* Hand and a Half Sword
* The Flames of the Angel Fantasy Sword


Creative People, A Question!

When by your will you bring forth creation form nothingness, you usurp the power of God and make it your own. For this sin God demands penance in the form of your suffering. The greater the creation, the greater your price. For some we pay with our lives. For the suffering can be so great death becomes salvation.

Yet, why is this so?

Seneca teaches us, the origin of suffering is vice.
Buddha teaches us, the origin of suffering is the attachment to desire.
Access Conscious teaches us, the origin of suffering is lies and judgments.

What vice exists after creation?
What desire exists after creation?
What lie or judgment can be found after creation?

My question is this:

Do you feel your ability to create is restricted by forces beyond your control?
Do you suffer after giving life to your creation?
Do you seek a means to create without restriction, without consequence?

Join me! Together, let us challenge God! Let us defy the natural order; break free of this cycle and become gods of creation!

To this goal, share your insights, share the wisdom of the ancients, ask Questions to the Universe and await the answer.

There is a means, and we shall have it !

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