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EXTRA : "Amazing Singer Idols--
Great Assembly"
Tamotsu Denkigai : Niwaka, what are you watching? (0:00:09.32)
Niwaka Denkigai : It's Io Shiota's concert. (0:00:12.11)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Shiota... Io? (0:00:14.70)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi ! Tamotsu, you must not know?! (0:00:16.32)
Arisa Ahokainen : She is an Akiba idol, who used to
be the center singer for GNZ34.
Arisa Ahokainen : She is gaining popularity
through her cute looks,
Arisa Ahokainen : and her contrasting cold attitude
at hand-shaking events!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Idols, huh... (0:00:29.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, it can't be... (0:00:49.15)
EXTRA : "TRIP 3 - What Happens When You Mindlessly
Follow Someone Who Offers You an Idol Debut"
EXTRA : "I love Shiota" (0:02:31.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm home. (0:02:43.22)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi ! It's Upgraded Tamotsu,
Concert Full Armor Combat Mode!
Matome Mayonaka : Where have you been, Tamotsu? (0:02:53.61)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Huh? Io-chan 's concert, of course. (0:02:55.77)
Matome Mayonaka : We promised to go on patrol
together today, remember?
Tamotsu Denkigai : Did we? Sorry. (0:03:02.95)
Matome Mayonaka : Oh, well. It's a bit late,
but we can still go on patrol...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ah, no, no. I have to watch
Io-chan 's concert review broadcast.
Matome Mayonaka : Can't you watch a recording later?! (0:03:15.84)
Tamotsu Denkigai : What are you talking about? (0:03:18.96)
Tamotsu Denkigai : You have to watch live,
and make comments. That's the whole point.
Tamotsu Denkigai : Boy, that concert today was great. (0:03:24.18)
Tamotsu Denkigai : The classic "5 Seconds Till You
Get Pulled Off" was great as usual,
Tamotsu Denkigai : but that new song
"Keep Your Slimy Hands Off..."
Tamotsu Denkigai : She must not have been able
to practice that one enough,
Tamotsu Denkigai : because she couldn't hit
the high notes, and that was really...
Matome Mayonaka : Enough! (0:03:40.99)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Why is she so mad? (0:03:46.78)
EXTRA : Hi! Welcome to Carl's! (0:03:48.91)
Matome Mayonaka : As we stand idle, they could be
pushing forward with their conspiracies.
Matome Mayonaka : This is not the time to
start fixating on idols...
Matome Mayonaka : I shouldn't have done all of that
to save that guy...
Waitress : Hello-meow! Master,
Teddy in the Pool Curry Rice,
Waitress : and OMG So Cute Bunny Parfait, understood. (0:04:19.86)
Waitress : One strawberry picked! (0:04:23.90)
Kage : Hey. (0:04:28.53)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hey, Kage-san . (0:04:30.87)
Kage : What are you listening to? (0:04:31.79)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It's Io-chan 's new song.
It's a web-only remix that...
Kage : Oh, so now you're into idols? (0:04:38.38)
Kage : If you're going to listen to music,
why don't you go for higher quality?
Kage : You don't need to go so far as to
get a portable headphone amplifier,
Kage : but just using different in-ear speakers
can be a big difference.
Kage : Here, try my in-ear speakers. (0:04:52.68)
Kage : It's a canal-type, it might feel
a bit awkward at first...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Anal-type...? (0:05:01.44)
Kage : No. Just stick it in your ears. (0:05:02.57)
EXTRA : "G-Earphones" (0:05:12.24)
EXTRA : "First Place" "Second Place" "Third Place"
"EOT87 Recommended"
"STEX GON55-1 Great balance!!"
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm... The good ones do cost quite a bit... (0:05:15.58)
Tamotsu Denkigai : If I'm going to spend this kind of money, (0:05:20.92)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I might as well get
something that looks cool.
EXTRA : "High quality" (0:05:25.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A high-quality model
emphasizing sound quality...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Ugh! (0:05:33.22)
Audio Shop Keeper : May I help you, sir? (0:05:34.14)
Tamotsu Denkigai : No, uh... Why are
these headphones so expensive?
Audio Shop Keeper : Not "headphones." They are "ear speakers." (0:05:41.90)
Niwaka Denkigai : Hey, Big Bro, did you get new headphones? (0:05:50.37)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Not "headphones." They are "ear speakers." (0:05:53.29)
Kage : Yes, I know of him. (0:06:00.17)
Kage : I see, he went with ear speakers... (0:06:02.96)
Audio Shop Keeper : He's going to have a hard time. (0:06:08.05)
Kage : Yes. They say the road to hell is paved
with pure audio enthusiasts...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Sporting the latest core parts, (0:06:19.31)
Tamotsu Denkigai : like the newly developed
high-quality digital-analog converter,
Tamotsu Denkigai : with this 192KHz 24bit player, even the
short lifespan of the pickup is a loveable quirk!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Tradition is the cutting edge! (0:06:34.83)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A power amp that purposefully
connects a 5-pin tube as a 3-pin!
Tamotsu Denkigai : I don't really understand, but if it was done
on purpose, it must be awesome somehow!
Tamotsu Denkigai : What is this?!
The ultimate evolution in speakers!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Perfect playback of sounds
outside the range of the human ear!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Limited edition, 180g heavy-weight
half speed mastered disc!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Mastered by the legendary
Ted Grandman himself!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Easily tens of thousands
of yen at an auction!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Now that I have vinyl, I gotta get a player! (0:07:05.40)
Tamotsu Denkigai : As a young man, I can't resist
the visual appeal of this gadget!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Does money really make the world go around? (0:07:11.74)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Pure gold audio cable whose value
only true believers can feel!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Is it non-science? No, it's true! (0:07:18.66)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A mysterious stone that improves
sound quality by placing it on your player!
EXTRA : "Hydrogen water ion generator" (0:07:25.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : It distributes a special particle
into the air to shape sound waves!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Achieves astounding audio quality! (0:07:30.42)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I had to give up building my own
electric pole due to budget reasons...
Tamotsu Denkigai : But after pursuing the art of audio this far,
I have finally reached the truth...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Idol songs are best heard live! (0:07:44.94)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yes, the passion in the venue, (0:07:53.11)
Tamotsu Denkigai : this feeling of unity, focusing our
feverish attention on just one person...
Tamotsu Denkigai : This is true idol fandom. (0:08:00.83)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wow, that was great... (0:08:06.34)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Hmm? (0:08:09.46)
EXTRA : "To: Mr. Tamotsu Denkigai" (0:08:10.13)
Tamotsu Denkigai : A credit card bill, here? (0:08:10.63)
EXTRA : "Amount due:" (0:08:17.55)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I guess I have no choice but to... (0:08:21.85)
EXTRA : "Mashiro's Anything Goes Agency" (0:08:23.64)
Tamotsu Denkigai : ...find some part-time work! (0:08:24.14)
Mashiro Kuga : Hello, welcome to the Anything Goes Agency!
What can I do for you today?
Tamotsu Denkigai : I need a job. (0:08:31.61)
Mashiro Kuga : Another part-time job? What kind? (0:08:34.11)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Something that pays well
and pays quick. It can be tough.
Mashiro Kuga : Did you just say you'll do anything? (0:08:42.87)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Um, no, not exactly... (0:08:47.04)
Mashiro Kuga : If you need the cash... (0:08:50.67)
Mashiro Kuga : ...I have a good job for you! (0:08:53.63)
Matome Mayonaka : First idols, then work? (0:08:57.47)
Matome Mayonaka : Will he ever take
Electric Mayonnaise seriously?
Niwaka Denkigai : Big Bro can get really fixated on something
and lose sight of everything else...
Matome Mayonaka : I'm sorry to make you cover for your brother. (0:09:09.48)
Niwaka Denkigai : It's fine. (0:09:13.53)
Arisa Ahokainen : But I understand why
Tamotsu can get into idols.
Arisa Ahokainen : Idols are dreams! Everyone adores them! (0:09:20.37)
Arisa Ahokainen : I'd like to get discovered on the street
and pursue the art of idols myself.
Chibusa Benikage : You there! (0:09:29.54)
Arisa Ahokainen : Yes, this is how that would happen... (0:09:32.92)
Chibusa Benikage : Do you want to become idols? (0:09:37.68)
Arisa Ahokainen : What?! (0:09:42.60)
Matome Mayonaka : What?! (0:09:42.60)
Niwaka Denkigai : What?! (0:09:42.60)
EXTRA : "Great Emperor Records"
"Super Ultra Hyper Media Producer"
"Representative Chibusa Benikage"
Niwaka Denkigai : Chibusa Benikage...? (0:09:51.15)
Matome Mayonaka : Who's that? (0:09:53.36)
Arisa Ahokainen : Don't you know?! (0:09:54.65)
Arisa Ahokainen : Chibusa Benikage dominated the idol scene (0:09:56.03)
Arisa Ahokainen : with her voluptuous body and performance! (0:09:57.85)
Arisa Ahokainen : She then produced a play
based on her own experience
Arisa Ahokainen : with the shadowy secrets of the industry, (0:10:02.20)
EXTRA : "Why They Don't Pay,"
which succeeded tremendously!
Arisa Ahokainen : She's a super ultra hyper media producer! (0:10:06.91)
Chibusa Benikage : I'm honored that you know. (0:10:10.50)
Naisu Muramura : And I am Naisu Muramura,
dedicated photographer.
EXTRA : "Freelance photographer"
"Naisu Muramura"
Chibusa Benikage : I see within the three of you
the glimmer of an uncut gem...
Chibusa Benikage : A trio of idols, preparing to
take flight into the future!
Chibusa Benikage : What do you think? Would you
be interested in making a debut as idols?
Niwaka Denkigai : Well, that's quite sudden... (0:10:30.85)
Matome Mayonaka : Yes. I have a very important mission.
I can't be wasting my time with--
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh, yes, I do! (0:10:38.70)
Arisa Ahokainen : The three of us will become idols
and become the shining star of Akiba!
Chibusa Benikage : It's settled then! (0:10:45.04)
Arisa Ahokainen : Kylla ! (0:10:47.33)
EXTRA : "Lesson Room" (0:10:48.25)
Chibusa Benikage : "Ma" for Matome! (0:10:50.04)
Chibusa Benikage : "Ni" for Niwaka! (0:10:51.38)
Chibusa Benikage : "A" for Arisa! (0:10:52.84)
Chibusa Benikage : From today, you three are... (0:10:54.38)
EXTRA : "Manias" (0:10:57.51)
Chibusa Benikage : The Manias! (0:10:57.92)
Chibusa Benikage : No idol can succeed without a good body!
Work up your stamina!
Chibusa Benikage : Now train for the hand-shaking event! (0:11:18.32)
Arisa Ahokainen : Thank you! (0:11:22.36)
Arisa Ahokainen : Nice to meet you! (0:11:24.83)
Arisa Ahokainen : Thanks for your support! (0:11:27.29)
Chibusa Benikage : Keep you smiles! (0:11:30.62)
Matome Mayonaka : Is this all part of being an idol? (0:11:44.76)
Arisa Ahokainen : Not sure, but this is standard nowadays! (0:11:47.81)
Arisa Ahokainen : Spirit, spirit, spirit all the way! (0:11:51.23)
EXTRA : "Gonzo Transportation" (0:11:53.23)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Here is your delivery! (0:11:53.81)
EXTRA : Thank you! (0:11:55.36)
Niwaka Denkigai : Oh no! (0:12:08.54)
Matome Mayonaka : Oh no! (0:12:08.54)
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh no! (0:12:08.54)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, real good... (0:12:22.47)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, yeah! Oh, so good... (0:12:30.27)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, so good... (0:12:37.86)
Niwaka Denkigai : Um... What is this for? (0:12:41.15)
Naisu Muramura : It's material, for your "image video." (0:12:44.45)
Mashiro Kuga : Another job? (0:12:51.50)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yes. Is there anything that pays better? (0:12:53.83)
Mashiro Kuga : How about cleaning at this building? (0:12:56.63)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Wait, isn't this the... (0:13:00.00)
Mashiro Kuga : Maybe while you're on the job,
you can see something special...
Tamotsu Denkigai : Oh, really... (0:13:08.55)
Arisa Ahokainen : Hmm... I can't choose... (0:13:12.52)
Matome Mayonaka : I can't wear swimsuits... (0:13:16.40)
Arisa Ahokainen : What? You've come this far, go all the way! (0:13:18.11)
Matome Mayonaka : No, I... (0:13:22.86)
Niwaka Denkigai : Oh, right. Mayo dies if
she reveals herself too much.
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh... That could be a problem. (0:13:28.78)
Matome Mayonaka : Y-Yes! So I can't do swimsuits... (0:13:31.49)
Arisa Ahokainen : Moi ! (0:13:36.17)
Arisa Ahokainen : I have a plan! (0:13:37.25)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, that's good... Let's start shooting then. (0:13:56.77)
Niwaka Denkigai : Um, that's fine, (0:14:01.11)
Niwaka Denkigai : but who are those people? I'm a bit worried. (0:14:04.07)
Naisu Muramura : Don't worry, they're the shower squad. (0:14:06.07)
Niwaka Denkigai : Shower squad...? (0:14:10.24)
EXTRA : Here we go! (0:14:13.16)
Niwaka Denkigai : Oh, that feels good! (0:14:15.75)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, yes, that's nice... (0:14:23.42)
Naisu Muramura : Mayo, a little more smile, please... (0:14:27.01)
Naisu Muramura : That's good! Oh, yeah... (0:14:30.72)
Naisu Muramura : --Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, yeah! (0:14:33.06)
Arisa Ahokainen : --I got this!
--Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Naisu Muramura : --I got this!
--Oh, yeah, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Naisu Muramura : Okay, let's get on all fours. (0:14:36.06)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, that's good... (0:14:41.56)
Arisa Ahokainen : Pose, pose! (0:14:45.48)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, that's nice... (0:14:46.78)
Arisa Ahokainen : Feel the sexy... (0:14:51.37)
Naisu Muramura : Oh, that's great! I'm getting excited... (0:14:53.12)
Naisu Muramura : Okay, let's take just your top off. (0:14:57.62)
Arisa Ahokainen : Okay! (0:15:01.50)
Niwaka Denkigai : Wait! That's totally not acceptable! (0:15:03.59)
Matome Mayonaka : You might be dumb,
but take care of yourself a bit!
Arisa Ahokainen : R-Right... (0:15:09.09)
Arisa Ahokainen : If I show too much now, I
have nothing to fall back
Arisa Ahokainen : to when my career goes south... (0:15:13.02)
Naisu Muramura : Come on, you. Don't spoil this. (0:15:15.72)
Chibusa Benikage : I told you, no idol can succeed
without a good body.
Niwaka Denkigai : You never said we'd have to do this, though! (0:15:25.23)
Matome Mayonaka : Wait, this is just a typical scam
to get people to film pornography!
Matome Mayonaka : I can't put up with this!
Let's get out of here!
Naisu Muramura : Hmm, that's not nice. (0:15:34.87)
Chibusa Benikage : If you must resist, we may
have to use force, do you understand?
Matome Mayonaka : What? (0:15:44.15)
Matome Mayonaka : You all are Bugged Ones! (0:15:48.76)
Naisu Muramura : Hmm, we were planning to control Akiba (0:15:50.80)
Naisu Muramura : through an extremely
revealing idol as a figurehead,
Naisu Muramura : but this is bad! (0:15:56.89)
Arisa Ahokainen : No wonder! I knew something
was wrong from the start!
Chibusa Benikage : I wanted you to dream
of becoming idols until the end,
Chibusa Benikage : but I guess that's out of the picture now. (0:16:07.90)
Chibusa Benikage : Attack! (0:16:11.40)
Matome Mayonaka : Run, Niwaka! (0:16:20.37)
Niwaka Denkigai : Y-Yes! (0:16:22.21)
Niwaka Denkigai : Ouch... (0:16:28.13)
EXTRA : Shower Squad! (0:16:32.93)
EXTRA : We will protect you. (0:16:34.80)
EXTRA : You must run. (0:16:37.22)
Niwaka Denkigai : Oh no! So weak! (0:16:40.56)
Niwaka Denkigai : Big Bro! (0:16:47.73)
Niwaka Denkigai : Can it be...? (0:16:54.20)
Niwaka Denkigai : He really came! (0:16:56.28)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Are you okay, Niwaka? (0:16:57.57)
Chibusa Benikage : Who are you?! (0:16:59.41)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm your part-time janitor! (0:17:01.29)
Tamotsu Denkigai : But, just to be clear... (0:17:03.75)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I'm cleaning you up, you villains! (0:17:04.92)
Matome Mayonaka : Hey! Stop showing off and help! (0:17:11.71)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Come on, let me enjoy this for just a bit! (0:17:15.55)
Matome Mayonaka : He's the commander!
If we can take him out...!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Got it! (0:17:26.15)
Chibusa Benikage : Not on my watch! (0:17:26.77)
Matome Mayonaka : Arisa! (0:17:53.46)
Matome Mayonaka : This one is high-class! (0:17:55.05)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Mayo! (0:18:02.14)
Tamotsu Denkigai : I've pushed through many
idol concert mosh pits...
Tamotsu Denkigai : I had no problem running past
that small group!
Naisu Muramura : Hmm, impressive! (0:18:20.41)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Your conspiracies will be laid bare! (0:18:24.33)
Naisu Muramura : Hmm, laughable!
Nobody wants to see a man naked!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Super Ultra Mega Spin
Tornado Disrobing Hurricane!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Fly away! (0:18:47.60)
Naisu Muramura : What a bad ending! (0:18:49.01)
Niwaka Denkigai : You did it! (0:18:56.11)
Chibusa Benikage : What have I been doing...? (0:19:03.41)
Chibusa Benikage : I see... (0:19:10.00)
Chibusa Benikage : I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble. (0:19:12.00)
Matome Mayonaka : It's not your fault.
It's the Bugged Ones controlling you.
Chibusa Benikage : I don't have a clear memory of what
I was doing while under their control.
Chibusa Benikage : But it is true that I saw
potential in you three as idols.
Chibusa Benikage : As a token of my apology,
may I work for you as your producer?
Arisa Ahokainen : Seriously?! (0:19:38.53)
Arisa Ahokainen : Our first concert and this
is all the attention we get?
Niwaka Denkigai : There was nothing we could do, (0:21:37.27)
Niwaka Denkigai : it was all too sudden and we
didn't have time to publicize.
Matome Mayonaka : I actually don't mind... (0:21:41.77)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Encore, encore! (0:21:45.15)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Yay, yay! (0:21:46.88)
Tamotsu Denkigai : And thus, we built a tower reaching out
to the skies and named it Babel...
Arisa Ahokainen : Oh, Tamotsu! So cool,
like a complex anime show!
Tamotsu Denkigai : Next episode is about the Akiba Tree! (0:23:32.26)
Arisa Ahokainen : Not the red tower, or the one in the sky? (0:23:33.72)
EXTRA : "TRIP 4 - Ham Radio Fighters" (0:23:35.85)
Tamotsu Denkigai : Akiba's Trip The Animation! Next episode, (0:23:36.14)
EXTRA : "Ham Radio Fighters!" (0:23:37.98)
Arisa Ahokainen : Time to play the waltz in the stratosphere! (0:23:38.76)

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