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I cannot sleep,

- Rem

Record of Grancrest War - Episode 1

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Siluca Meletes : Yes, I'm on my way. (0:00:06.29)
Siluca Meletes : Yes, it'll be fine. (0:00:09.17)
Siluca Meletes : Right, later. (0:00:10.88)
EXTRA : Congratulations on your marriage! (0:00:18.18)
Siluca Meletes : Let me through!
I said, let me through!
Siluca Meletes : Jeez! (0:00:42.79)
Siluca Meletes : Why do I have to deliver
the students' congratulatory speech?
EXTRA : I never thought I'd have the pleasure
of seeing you off the battlefield.
EXTRA : And here I thought nothing could ever
surprise me again, but these are chaotic times.
EXTRA : The groom Sir Alexis Deux,
and bride Marrine Kreische.
EXTRA : Entering! (0:01:32.21)
EXTRA : The union between these youths
symbolizes the end of the longstanding war
EXTRA : between the Alliance and the Federation. (0:01:48.31)
EXTRA : The unification of our family Crests (0:01:52.57)
EXTRA : will result in the creation of the Grancrest,
the Emperor's Holy Seal.
EXTRA : And after being ravaged by endless chaos,
Atlatan will know peace at last.
Siluca Meletes : No way...
Chaos Convergence?
Siluca Meletes : You're in danger. Please step back! (0:02:30.27)
EXTRA : - Who are you?
- What's going on?
Siluca Meletes : I'll explain later. (0:02:36.24)
Irvin : Stop right there. (0:02:45.70)
Siluca Meletes : Let me go!
I must disperse the Chaos!
Siluca Meletes : N-No good... (0:02:51.71)
EXTRA : What is that demon? (0:03:24.53)
Siluca Meletes : The Demon Lord of Diabolos. (0:03:33.25)
Irvin : I must help the archdukes! (0:03:36.00)
Siluca Meletes : It's too late. (0:03:38.13)
Siluca Meletes : The Demon Lord has raised
a dimensional barrier.
EXTRA : Erupt! (0:03:44.51)
EXTRA : Why has the Demon Lord appeared? (0:03:50.44)
EXTRA : Can nothing be done? (0:03:54.11)
EXTRA : Bow down before my Crest! (0:03:57.28)
Siluca Meletes : That's Archduke Kreische's Crest! (0:04:04.24)
Siluca Meletes : Such a massive, complex glow! (0:04:08.33)
EXTRA : I will assist you! (0:04:11.58)
Siluca Meletes : Could that be... (0:04:23.43)
Siluca Meletes : The Emperor's Holy Seal, the Grancrest? (0:04:25.93)
Siluca Meletes : That should be enough to... (0:04:29.85)
EXTRA : Father! (0:04:52.87)
Siluca Meletes : That was the Grand Hall Tragedy. (0:05:07.26)
Siluca Meletes : In the magical city of Aram,
on the Atlatan Continent,
Siluca Meletes : split in two by the Factory Federation
and the Fantasy Alliance,
Siluca Meletes : the union of the two archdukes’ families
was broken by this incident.
Siluca Meletes : The dream for peace was shattered, (0:05:31.16)
Siluca Meletes : and the flames of war rose once again
across the entire continent.
Irvin : Don't you think it's about time
you stopped sulking, Lady Siluca?
Siluca Meletes : No way. (0:05:54.93)
Siluca Meletes : Why do I have to serve some lewd count? (0:05:56.19)
Siluca Meletes : He'll only sign contracts with female students
from the magic university.
Siluca Meletes : Plus he picks them based on their looks! (0:06:04.44)
Siluca Meletes : And don't get me started
on this heinous uniform!
Siluca Meletes : I know he's a big shot Alliance noble,
but really!
Siluca Meletes : I've half a mind to void this contract
and go back to Aram!
Irvin : But contracts between mage and master
are absolute.
Siluca Meletes : Don't remind me. (0:06:21.38)
Siluca Meletes : So that town was destroyed
by the Chaos as well?
Siluca Meletes : That's on their negligent Lord. (0:06:33.85)
Siluca Meletes : Still, you're an oddball, aren't you Irvin? (0:06:36.89)
Siluca Meletes : Being the Kreische family's chamberlain, (0:06:41.90)
Irvin : I didn't think you'd leave your post
to serve a fledgling mage like me.
Irvin : If I hadn't stopped you, Lady Siluca,
I might've saved my master.
Irvin : I left my post with the Kreische family
to atone for that.
Irvin : Lady Siluca. (0:07:00.21)
EXTRA : You on the carriage, halt! (0:07:01.92)
EXTRA : We know there's a mage
riding in that carriage.
EXTRA : The one entering into a contract
with Vilar, the Count of Artuk.
Siluca Meletes : What do you want? (0:07:15.60)
EXTRA : Our Lord is a member of the Federation. (0:07:17.23)
EXTRA : Since the Count of Artuk is with the Alliance, (0:07:19.98)
EXTRA : we can't allow mages
under contract with him to pass.
Irvin : Attacking a mage before her contract begins
is a violation of the treaty.
EXTRA : If the contract is set,
then she's considered our enemy!
Siluca Meletes : I hear you loud and clear. (0:07:33.99)
Irvin : Lady Siluca... (0:07:41.88)
Siluca Meletes : If it's come to this, so be it. (0:07:43.13)
Siluca Meletes : You can have your way with me. (0:07:45.88)
EXTRA : - So eager!
- Oh, really?
Siluca Meletes : - So eager!
- Oh, really?
Theo Cornaro : Hold up! (0:07:55.26)
EXTRA : Hey, who the hell are you? (0:07:59.43)
Siluca Meletes : Seriously, who the hell are you? (0:08:02.90)
Theo Cornaro : My name is Theo! (0:08:04.77)
Theo Cornaro : Have you no sense,
attacking an innocent on the road?
Siluca Meletes : A Crest? (0:08:19.62)
Irvin : That youth appears to be a Lord. (0:08:21.21)
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:08:24.33)
Siluca Meletes : But at that power level,
he can't even call himself a Knight.
EXTRA : Are you a Lord from the Alliance? (0:08:29.09)
Theo Cornaro : I belong to neither the Alliance
nor the Federation.
EXTRA : What should we do, Captain? (0:08:35.39)
EXTRA : The opposition has both a mage and a Lord! (0:08:37.56)
EXTRA : They say they can take on
a hundred opponents, single-handedly.
EXTRA : Nothing but rumors! (0:08:44.81)
EXTRA : I was promised a Crest from our Lord
if we succeed here.
EXTRA : And once I have a Crest,
even I'll have a shot at becoming a Lord!
Theo Cornaro : Crests are for protecting the people
from the Chaos!
Theo Cornaro : If Crests didn't fall into the hands
of ill-intentioned people like you,
Theo Cornaro : there would be no meaningless wars! (0:09:03.75)
Theo Cornaro : Retreat at once! (0:09:07.34)
Theo Cornaro : If you refuse,
I'll show you no mercy!
EXTRA : What did you say, brat?! (0:09:11.46)
Siluca Meletes : If he gets into trouble, help him out.
I'd like to see what he’s capable of.
EXTRA : Dammit! (0:09:32.90)
EXTRA : He's just one man!
Surround him!
EXTRA : You'll pay for this! (0:10:04.60)
Siluca Meletes : Well? (0:10:10.02)
Irvin : No one would accuse him
of having good sword skills.
Irvin : But, I wouldn't say
that he doesn't have potential.
Siluca Meletes : That so? (0:10:19.45)
Irvin : What do you have in mind, Lady Siluca? (0:10:20.58)
Siluca Meletes : Exactly what you're thinking yourself. (0:10:23.45)
Irvin : I'll ask you to refrain, but just as a formality. (0:10:26.96)
Siluca Meletes : But I've already made up my mind. (0:10:30.96)
Siluca Meletes : Are you all right? (0:10:34.34)
Theo Cornaro : Yeah, it's no concern. (0:10:36.22)
Theo Cornaro : Never mind that.
Don’t you have something to say to me?
Siluca Meletes : "Thank you for saving me from such peril!"
Something like that?
Siluca Meletes : I have no intention of thanking you,
since I wasn't in any danger.
Siluca Meletes : There was no need to rescue me. (0:10:53.32)
Theo Cornaro : Is that your way of saying I butted in? (0:10:55.44)
Siluca Meletes : That's right. (0:10:58.74)
Siluca Meletes : I'm Siluca Meletes, a mage. (0:11:00.82)
Siluca Meletes : That man is Irvin, a demon seal holder. (0:11:03.91)
Siluca Meletes : Who did you receive your Crest from? (0:11:08.54)
Theo Cornaro : Receive? (0:11:11.79)
Siluca Meletes : No, this is something I made
to exterminate demons.
Siluca Meletes : You made a Crest from the Chaos Core? (0:11:17.26)
Siluca Meletes : And what kind of world
do you wish to create with that Crest?
Theo Cornaro : World? (0:11:27.81)
Theo Cornaro : Systina, where I was born,
has a high concentration of Chaos.
Theo Cornaro : Demons run rampant there.
And there are frequent natural disasters.
Theo Cornaro : Plus, scores of my people suffer under
the tyranny of the Alliance's Viscount Rossini.
Theo Cornaro : When I receive my title,
I'm going to head home and become a Lord.
Theo Cornaro : I want to suppress the Chaos with my Crest,
repulse the demons and prevent disasters.
Siluca Meletes : Those are fine intentions you have. (0:11:57.88)
Siluca Meletes : But at your rank, you couldn't rule over
a single town, let alone Systina.
Theo Cornaro : I'm aware! (0:12:07.10)
Siluca Meletes : You could always pledge fealty to Rossini,
and have him make you a Lord.
Theo Cornaro : I don't wish to serve a man like that! (0:12:12.90)
Siluca Meletes : So you're giving up your dream? (0:12:15.15)
Theo Cornaro : I can't do that! (0:12:17.48)
Theo Cornaro : I'm going to raise my rank
by enhancing my own powers!
Theo Cornaro : No matter how many years it takes! (0:12:23.95)
Siluca Meletes : That so? (0:12:27.58)
Siluca Meletes : In that case, I'll give you a hand. (0:12:29.04)
Siluca Meletes : This world is rife with Chaos. (0:12:36.88)
Siluca Meletes : Order has been lost,
and the laws of nature have been disrupted.
Siluca Meletes : Hence why we see impossible phenomena. (0:12:43.43)
Siluca Meletes : One of them being the emergence
of demons from another world.
Siluca Meletes : Which cast a shadow...
Over this world.
Siluca Meletes : Converge!
From Tartarus into Orthros!
Theo Cornaro : What are you doing? (0:13:20.92)
Siluca Meletes : A Crest's potency is determined
by the amount of Chaos it contains.
Siluca Meletes : If you defeat this and absorb its Chaos Core,
you can attain the rank of Knight!
Theo Cornaro : If I die, I'm going to haunt you! (0:13:33.31)
Siluca Meletes : I wouldn't have it any other way! (0:13:36.90)
Siluca Meletes : Impressive! (0:14:59.48)
Theo Cornaro : I-I was sure my number was up... (0:15:03.98)
Siluca Meletes : You better hurry,
or the Chaos Core will disperse.
Theo Cornaro : Seriously... (0:15:14.91)
Siluca Meletes : Congratulations! (0:15:39.64)
Siluca Meletes : Your Crest has reached the rank of Knight!
You can enter into a contract with one mage.
Theo Cornaro : Can I do that with someone
other than you?
Siluca Meletes : I am already committed to a contract. (0:15:55.70)
Siluca Meletes : To think that you still want me... (0:15:58.96)
Theo Cornaro : No, I never said that, did I? (0:16:02.58)
Siluca Meletes : I, Siluca Meletes... (0:16:09.72)
Siluca Meletes : ...hereby enter into contract
with the Crest of Knight Theo...
Siluca Meletes : ...and swear eternal allegiance to him. (0:16:18.98)
Theo Cornaro : You're the one forcing yourself on me, right? (0:16:23.44)
Siluca Meletes : Just give yourself to fate! (0:16:29.61)
Theo Cornaro : Well, I guess I don't mind. (0:16:33.16)
Siluca Meletes : Now then, shall we set off? (0:16:35.41)
Theo Cornaro : Where? (0:16:38.50)
Siluca Meletes : To war! (0:16:39.95)
EXTRA : Lord Mesto, just what were you thinking? (0:16:42.37)
EXTRA : Attacking a mage before her contract goes
into effect is a major violation of our treaty.
EXTRA : If you're charged,
they could strip you of your rank.
EXTRA : Why should Lords like us be stifled
by the damn Mages' Association's rules?
EXTRA : At any rate, you need to consult
Viscount Shakes, the leader of Clovis–
EXTRA : All you need to do is follow my orders. (0:17:02.31)
EXTRA : As you wish. (0:17:07.65)
EXTRA : B-Bad news! (0:17:09.32)
EXTRA : What's wrong? (0:17:11.07)
EXTRA : A Lord named Theo is demanding
that you hand over your Crest and castle!
EXTRA : Where the hell is this Lord from?
How many men are we up against?
EXTRA : Three, sir! (0:17:20.62)
EXTRA : Only three? (0:17:22.41)
EXTRA : Who does he think he's dealing with? (0:17:26.88)
EXTRA : Does he really think he can seize this castle
with just three people?
Siluca Meletes : Oh, that’s enough. (0:17:33.01)
EXTRA : Who are you? (0:17:38.10)
Siluca Meletes : My name is Siluca Meletes. (0:17:39.14)
EXTRA : Siluca? (0:17:41.73)
EXTRA : I've heard of you. (0:17:43.44)
EXTRA : That you were sure to master every subject,
and become a Rainbow Mage.
Siluca Meletes : Sorry to disappoint you.
I graduated with six colors.
EXTRA : So you're the mage entering
into a contract with the Count of Artuk?
Siluca Meletes : Yes. (0:17:57.95)
Siluca Meletes : However, I'm now under contract
to Sir Theo here.
EXTRA : Are you certain?
A mage who unilaterally voids a contract
EXTRA : will be penalized accordingly. (0:18:05.54)
Siluca Meletes : I believe this is destiny. (0:18:08.21)
EXTRA : Hey, what are you doing, Sartorus? (0:18:10.80)
EXTRA : I order you in the name of my Crest. (0:18:13.38)
EXTRA : - Hurry and deal with these–
- Silence!
EXTRA : You've violated the treaty. (0:18:19.22)
EXTRA : Meaning you'll be stripped
of your rank and everything else.
EXTRA : And your contract with me is now void.
I have no reason to follow your orders!
EXTRA : W-What did you say? (0:18:30.23)
EXTRA : Now that it's come to this,
it's time to surrender your Crest,
EXTRA : and leave this land without further delay. (0:18:35.45)
EXTRA : Dammit! (0:18:41.49)
EXTRA : This is all because you passed
through my domain!
Siluca Meletes : Thank you very much. (0:19:05.77)
EXTRA : Why you... (0:19:08.35)
Siluca Meletes : Your Crest or your life,
which will you choose?
EXTRA : A-Anything but my life...
Please spare me!
Siluca Meletes : In that case,
relinquish your Crest to my Lord.
EXTRA : I, Mesto Meadrich, offer my Crest
to you as your own.
Siluca Meletes : Please hold out your Crest, Sir Theo. (0:19:50.65)
Siluca Meletes : Repeat after me. (0:19:58.32)
Siluca Meletes : I, Theo... (0:20:00.74)
Theo Cornaro : I, Theo... (0:20:04.66)
Siluca Meletes : Accept thy Crest... (0:20:06.58)
Theo Cornaro : Accept thy Crest... (0:20:08.58)
Siluca Meletes : ...and receive it as my own. (0:20:10.71)
Theo Cornaro : ...and receive it as my own. (0:20:14.04)
Siluca Meletes : And now, please lay
your own Crest against Mesto's.
Theo Cornaro : Somehow, he seems pitiful, doesn't he? (0:20:38.61)
Siluca Meletes : The people living under such
a foolish Lord should be pitied.
Siluca Meletes : Even if you hadn't seized it, a Lord like that
would've lost his Crest eventually.
Siluca Meletes : Also, this means that along with his Crest,
you've inherited that Lord's domain.
Siluca Meletes : But whether the other Lords
in this area will recognize that...
EXTRA : Allow me to go speak with Viscount Shakes. (0:21:00.72)
EXTRA : That is, if Sir Theo will agree
to enter a contract with me.
Theo Cornaro : I welcome the chance to have a mage
with your experience and common sense.
EXTRA : Then I shall set off
to negotiate immediately.
Siluca Meletes : There's no need for that. (0:21:19.44)
Siluca Meletes : Because Sir Theo is going
to announce that he’s joining the Alliance.
EXTRA : What's that? (0:21:24.99)
EXTRA : But if he does,
he’ll be surrounded by enemies!
Siluca Meletes : That's precisely what our Lord desires. (0:21:28.99)
Theo Cornaro : What exactly are you planning
to make me do?
Siluca Meletes : Didn't I tell you before? (0:21:37.63)
Siluca Meletes : That I was going to help you realize
the world you've envisioned.
Theo Cornaro : I think I could end up dead
before I ever realize my dream.
Siluca Meletes : You'll be fine! (0:21:46.80)
Siluca Meletes : Because you'll have me by your side. (0:21:51.35)
EXTRA : CONTRACT (0:22:01.07)

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