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Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail extends Fairy Tail (Series)

Fairy Tail (Anime)

Fall, 2009 Anime | Episodes

Series ID 100531
English Title Fairy Tail
Romaji Title Feirii Teiru
Furigana Title フェアリー・テイル
Japanese Title FAIRY TAIL
Japanese Studio Name サテライト
English Studio Name Satelight
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags fantasy, comedy, action, adventure
Release Date 2009/10/12
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki
Character Popularity * 99
Episode Blogs MsSlicingClaws Rei
Watching Watching Haricku[ 0 ] AnimeNerd8[ 21 ] osh5690[ 48 ] Gogreyku[ 0 ] TheCupcakeFlowerOuji[ 0 ] WickedLuvly[ 142 ] MsSlicingClaws[ 0 ] Slithern[ 0 ] Natura[ 0 ] Zehel[ 0 ] LadySangeriu[ 1 ] xikkus[ 0 ] FairyTailFan22[ 46 ] Tasrill[ 0 ] Mercury[ 84 ] Yeray[ 1 ] Predawn[ 0 ] SayakaRo[ 65 ] Ikena[ 0 ] SaKaShUsGr[ 157 ] moonheart12[ 51 ] panda1991[ 50 ] missvy[ 71 ] Kevinhoekstra587[ 51 ] marci[ 175 ] timeCheater[ 147 ] mistdragonmf[ 0 ] Fera666[ 0 ] EnmaAlker[ 99 ] jonahjakob[ 8 ] MissHatter[ 119 ] 1DARK1NE[ 106 ] KittenAngle[ 0 ] UchihaxHozuki[ 37 ] Skull_Flare10[ 4 ] EbonyMachelle[ 33 ] Stopped GasaiRZ[ 136 ] DrakeLeonhart[ 73 ] collena[ 0 ] Katkat24[ 0 ] Rinn[ 4 ] koosha[ 115 ] justch-l-c[ 0 ] ChaozBlitz[ 0 ] Watched Rei[ 175 ] ikuto_kun[ 175 ] AlexBloodOps[ 180 ] ermin96[ 0 ] kaytea1994[ 0 ] Annarisu_chan[ 175 ] Saekey[ 0 ] Verdiep12[ 0 ] kuroyiri[ 0 ] Shiin[ 0 ] Linkinero[ 0 ] Mira-Jane[ 175 ] Interested deadrosedragon136[ 0 ] Mahallow[ 0 ] Kimuzutako[ 0 ] ReikoSan[ 0 ] BellsofJade[ 0 ] draconaa889[ 0 ] Relew[ 0 ] kingtheory[ 0 ] Komeran[ 0 ] Reading Kana[ 238 ]

Extra Info

Story & Information -

The series follows the adventures of Lucy Heartfilia, a teenage wizard who joins the titular wizards' guild and teams up with fellow guild member Natsu Dragneel as he searches for the dragon Igneel.
Lucy forms a team together with Natsu, Happy, as well as Gray Fullbuster, an ice wizard with a habit of stripping, and Erza Scarlet, an armored female wizard. The five go on missions for their guild together and battle a wide variety of villains.


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The Little Princess

Score:1 edolas, counterpart of protagonist
edit edit

Rainbow Master

Score:1 Most of the counterparts look exactly the same. I just added them to the additional images. I don't really see the need to upload a character multiple times because their outfit changes
edit edit

The Little Princess

Score:1 are not the protagonists, counterpart, take them out of here

edit edit

Rainbow Master

Score:1 Dude, I'm not gonna argue with you, just please don't upload them. They're not new characters, just different versions of the same ones.
edit edit
LiTiger Score:0 this anime has many double
edit edit
Shira Score:0 is like a mirror, ji, ji
edit edit

The Perverted Clown

Score:1 ova ep 4 just recently got subbed yay ! It's really awesome and part of the main story in case anyone is wondering. They made it into an ova though well....for skin reasons xD
Anyway , everyone should totally watch it ! It shows some very important stuff

edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 I can't wait for the next movie!!! Subs coming out in January!! ^^
edit edit

The Perverted Clown

Score:1 I can't agree with you more. I was not aware that subs were coming in January though that is some good news you have brought me
edit edit

Petty Officer First Class

Score:1 I like Natsu & Lucy is hot hot hot.....
edit edit

The Perverted Clown

Score:2 Haha I can't agree with you more, Natsu & Lucy all the way ! ( not hating on Lisanna but I just think Lucy is great )
edit edit

Master Petty Officer

Score:1 cana is gildart's daughter but how can their suenames be different??
I added spoilertags but try not to place spoilers in comments. - Aggy

edit edit
lucyheartfillia Score:1 what abt the movie???
edit edit

Second Year Cadet

Score:1 I love this anime so much!!!!😍😝
edit edit
animelover12 Score:1 i love fairy tail its on my top 5 animes and i wanna thank those of u who put these people in their cause it made it so much easyer to find a costume that i wanted to wear ^-^

edit edit
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Usually including a trap or two doesn't mean an anime is intended for the same audience as a yaoi. It may be done to make a statement, for shock value (I'm looking at you, Combat Butler Hayate), or even for pornographic purposes -- I've been told there are trap hentai made for the male demographic. I believe it.

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No Game, No Life deadsniper Jan 24, 2015

hope theres a season 2


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