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Anime Characters Database Logo Prince (Laughs) Series Vol. 2 | 46 hits

Prince (Laughs) Series Vol. 2 Image
Series ID 101619
English Title Prince (Laughs) Series Vol. 2
Romaji Title Oujisama (warai) vol.2
Furigana Title おうじさま(えみ)だい2かん
Japanese Title 王子様(笑)第2巻
Japanese Studio Name フロンティアワークス
English Studio Name Frontier Works
Content Rating E - Everyone
Genre Tags romance, fantasy, drama cd
Release Date
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Character Popularity * 48

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Story & Information -

Oujisama (warai) re-tells the story from several well known fairy tales from the perspective of the prince. Only... somewhere along the way things changed a little bit. This second vol has three new stories: Aladdin, Taketori Monogatari, and the Genji Monogatari.

In the first story Aladdin has to find the magical lamp for a magician. However he gets stuck in the magic cave with no way out. When Aladdin tries to clean the lamp to read some faded inscriptions on it the genie of the lamp comes out and promises to do anything Aladdin says. Aladdin plans to have the genie kidnap the princess of the country so that he can 'save' her and marry her.

The second story is Taketori Monogatari (sometimes known as Kaguya-hime) from the perspective of the Emperor. Rumours of Kaguya-hime and her beauty have reached the capital, and many important figures are competing for her hand. The Emperor feels that she is causing too much trouble and travels to her residence to make sure this stops, but of course he also falls in love.

Genji is technically a player even in the actual Genji Monogatari, but is this story he actually sounds like one. Genji want to raise the (still 6year old) Murasaki into the perfect bride, and his rather strange way of getting this done.
(Summary from Sweet Voices' Blog)
Prince (Laughs) Series Vol. 2 extends Prince (Laughs) Series Vol. 1 [close]

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