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Mekaku City Actors

Go Back Ten Jukubo Miboujin Kazumi Musume no Kareshi ni Dakarete... Jikan Fuusa Mekaku City Actors Mekaku City Actors Rakuin Hime Runed Princess Daughter of Evil, Clôture of Yellow Go Forward Ten
Mekaku City Actors extends Vocaloid

Mekaku City Actors (Anime)

Spring, 2014 Anime | Episodes

Mekaku City Actors Image
Series ID 102621
English Title Mekaku City Actors
Aliases Heat-Haze Project
Romaji Title Mekakushiti Akutazu
Furigana Title メカクシティアクターズ
Japanese Title メカクシティアクターズ
Japanese Studio Name シャフト
English Studio Name Shaft
Content Rating T - Teen
Genre Tags tragedy, supernatural, action
Release Date
Links Home Page EN Wiki JP Wiki + All Anime Search, Anime Characters, Trends History Compare Anime
Character Popularity * 2
Watching Watching sakuranarumi[ 5 ] Mihl[ 12 ] tutsan[ 0 ] Watched squidrobber[ 12 ] Kimuzutako[ 0 ] kiarat900[ 0 ] Interested Kirari[ 0 ] Atara7[ 0 ] Mercury[ 0 ] BellsofJade[ 0 ] ghiroehgeiwhfiow[ 0 ] animudesu[ 0 ]
Adopted by Hetalia_Italy

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Anime Music

Type Artist Song Tags Genre Notes Options
Other Jin feat. Luna Haruna Kisaragi Attention pop youtube

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Jan 10, 2015
Diamonds 30 Sapphires 69 Rubies 71 nao10

Mekaku City Actors


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Deputy Director

Score:1 this is wrong

heat haze daze is in no way related to vocaloid and so it cant extend it.

edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 Dude, Heat Haze Daze is a song in a song series called Kagerou Project; and the songs are sung by vocaloids (Miku, Miku Append, and IA). The characters just don't look like the vocaloids. The series also got it's own light novel and anime. The anime is called Mekakucity Actors; due to the fact the Jin (who made the song series) wanted the series to be called Mekakucity Project, but the fans kept calling it Kagerou Project (due to the fact that the fourth song was called Kagerou Days, and it brought the series to popularity) and the name stuck. I don't remember the name of the light novel series; sadly.
edit edit

Deputy Director

Score:1 Maybe it is sung by vocaloid characters, that does not make it extend vocaloid. i have read the manga and, as there is no manga of vocaloid and it is not about vocaloid characters, how can it extend it? vocaloid is just a synthesizer software.
edit edit
tiaasha Score:0 love the anime~
edit edit

Senior Warrant Officer

Score:1 Hey,this series will adapted in to new anime in april,but the name not released yet in this site season chart.
edit edit

Rainbow Apprentice

Score:2 After doing some research, the anime will be airing on April 12, 2014.

Once the anime starts, I will edit the series according to the anime.

edit edit

Senior Warrant Officer

Score:1 miku's and IA's voice in this song of this series was so amazing..
edit edit
Anonymous Score:0 This I remember, is one twisted timeloop-themed song
edit edit

Chief Petty Officer Third Class

Score:1 I think they are missing one: Soraru
edit edit
Lunaluka Score:1 This is a light novel. There will be a manga but it is unknown about what it looks like or when it will be released.
edit edit
anonymous17 Score:1 Fixed.

Lunaluka, is this title the song series, the manga or the novel? Please, let us know, because if it is the song series, the image should be swapped. And if it is the novel then the info should be changed.

edit edit
Lunaluka Score:1 Can someone fix this. Kido, Mary and Ene are from Heat-Haze Project not Daughter of Evil. Please Fix!
edit edit
Lunaluka Score:1 @anonymous17 Miku and IA star in it. This is like the Evil Series. (Not plot wise) It is a song series adapted into a manga and light novel.
edit edit
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Erza Scarlet Anonymous Yesterday 11:19 pm

ERZA SCARLET what a magnificent name .. I Love it whit that she's the unbeatibal Titan so cool and Awesomeeeeeeeee

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Kamisama Kiss Anonymous Feb 8, 2016

I love it very much. specially mizuki and tomoe. 3


10 10 Star Kamisama Kiss Feb 8, 2016 / Feb 8, 2016 by ilovepizza Review length: Short
ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE!!! ~~ The anime is just superb I highly recommend this for those who love Shoujo/Romance/Comdedy/Fantasy/SuperNatural/Demons lover like me ♥
Awaiting for them to update the Season 3 (anime) ♥ its just because the Manga is still on going and I just can't wait !! I'm just waiting for their new release!!
Yesterday 06:19 pm
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