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Hinagiku Katsura
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Shikotama Slave ~ Aruji de Shimai na Tenshi to Akuma ~

Shikotama Slave ~ Aruji de Shimai na Tenshi to Akuma ~ (H-Game)

Series ID 2065
English Title Shikotama Slave ~ Aruji de Shimai na Tenshi to Akuma ~
Romaji Title Shikotama Sureibu ~ Aruji de Shimai na Tenshi to Akuma ~
Furigana Title しこたますれいぶ あるじでしまいなてんしとあくま
Japanese Title しこたまスレイブ〜あるじで姉妹な天使と悪魔〜
Japanese Studio Name ユニゾンシフト・アクセント
English Studio Name Unisonshift Accent.
Content Rating A - Adult
Genre Tags
Release Date 2009/07/24
Links Home Page Getchu
Character Popularity * 7
Watching Watching Gogreyku[ 0 ] Playing Skull_Flare10[ 0 ]

Story & Information -

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Lacus Clyne LacusClyne

I like this person in Gundam Seed Destiny.

06:46 am

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Akame ga Kill! DeKnijff

Wonder why no one has uploaded Susanoo yet.

Aug 19, 2014


7 7 Star Sekirei Aug 15, 2014 / Aug 16, 2014 by Mitsugu Review length: Long

Shikotama Slave ~ Aruji de Shimai na Tenshi to Akuma ~


bakaba asks

Who would win in a fight ?
Seem obvious...

Arcueid Brunestud

Shinji Matou

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06:01 am
<Ryuushima> hmmm, such a pain choosing between pet summoner build or elemental witch build.
I will probably go pet summoner but when I played path of exile a bunch of patches ago pet summoner was trash at low level xD

05:42 am
<Akikojam> Also, before Gasm makes a Love Death joke the same way he was joking about Date a Live, that actually exists. LoveDeath is a series of very glitchy weird AI 3d H-games.

05:41 am
<Akikojam> So, yeah, Love Live... Still only saw the first episode, doesn't look that interesting so far, a mix of K-on and Idolmaster. But...
That's some nice temptation indeed.

05:27 am
<Akikojam> It'll be awesome if you start playing them. At least I'll have someone to discuss Sangoku Hime and MML with

05:26 am
<Ryuushima> brb walking dog

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Aug 16, 2014
<Beyonder> Hm...

Aug 16, 2014
<Ryuushima> hehe ^^

Aug 15, 2014
<Mitsugu> Sorry Aggy, my bad.

Aug 15, 2014
<Ryuushima> darn you mitsu, you made me poor again xD Dirt cheap cards become expensive if there is so much stuff to buy that is hard to resist ^^ Cheers though, I completed like 9 sets just now and it could have been more if that 1 other dude didn't sell his cards at prices where I don't want to grant him the joy of selling even a single card.

Aug 14, 2014
<Mitsugu> ~~
Fire Sale is On!!
3900+ cards, all for dirt cheap! 1st come 1st serve at Mitsugu's House of Cards

Aug 13, 2014
<Rei> wow! Congratulations Wings! ^_^ keep up the great work

Aug 12, 2014
<Ddraig> (Clapping)

Aug 12, 2014
<AmaterasuWings> Woohoo! Thanks~

Aug 12, 2014
<13x31> Grats Ammy-chan ^^

Aug 12, 2014
<Mitsugu> ~~~~~~
Hail the conquering Hero!!!
That's right folks!
With a total of 10,000+ Char XP pts, Miss Wings is the 1st to reach Lev 100!!

Clap clap clap!!!

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