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Reader View Edit Yuno Gasai from Future Diary | 4944 views

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Character ID 20744
Romaji Name Yuno Gasai
Japanese Name 我妻 由乃 (がさい ゆの)
Role Main Character
Type Unsorted
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Voice Actors | 2

Popular Characters voiced by Tomosa Murata

Yuno Gasai appears in the following

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Nori13     1 pts     3 year(s)

Could have also been because of the tsunderes that she was pitted against X)
Ryuushima     1 pts     3 year(s)

I agree with you, but for some reason a lot of people on this website have a deadwish instead of wanting to end up happy.
steriotypicalOutlaw     0 pts     10 month(s)

I love Yuno, she's amazing!
Koharu     0 pts     1 year(s)

She's heavenly. :3 I love her too much to explain.
kpmaie     0 pts     1 year(s) call a selfish, psycho murderer a dream girl? O__o
Eleanor     0 pts     4 year(s)

Oh no! how can I forget her name... (feel so frustated)

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