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Kazuma-san, cut it out!
You're gonna get me executed, too!

- Aqua

Hayate the Combat Butler - Episode 1

Episode Replay

Episode Transcript

Hayate Ayasaki : When watching Hayate no Gotoku, make sure to watch at a good distance away from the TV in a well lit room. (0:00:04.62)
Nagi Sanzenin : Got it? (0:00:09.32)
EXTRA : Hey, Sanzenin Nagi! Be a good girl and get caught by this robot! (0:00:21.36)
Nagi Sanzenin : Don't joke with me! Why should I? (0:00:26.32)
EXTRA : Because, there's a person who'll profit from your death. (0:00:28.60)
Nagi Sanzenin : It's impossible for the following five reasons. (0:00:34.71)
EXTRA : What? (0:00:36.71)
Nagi Sanzenin : First: you're stupid. (0:00:37.44)
Nagi Sanzenin : Second: you're really stupid. (0:00:39.49)
Nagi Sanzenin : Third: you're extremely stupid. (0:00:41.75)
Nagi Sanzenin : Fourth: you're revolutionarily, cosmically stupid. (0:00:44.18)
Nagi Sanzenin : And fifth is... (0:00:46.83)
EXTRA : That's enough out of you! Die! (0:00:47.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate! (0:00:53.04)
EXTRA : What? (0:01:02.84)
Hayate Ayasaki : Did you call me, Milady? (0:01:06.04)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate... (0:01:08.56)
EXTRA : Wh-Who are you? (0:01:09.73)
Hayate Ayasaki : Ah, me? (0:01:12.10)
Hayate Ayasaki : Um... (0:01:13.34)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hurry. The opening song's about to start. (0:01:14.28)
Hayate Ayasaki : Um... I'm this Sanzenin family's- (0:01:18.01)
EXTRA : A butler is one who serves. (0:01:20.99)
EXTRA : A butler is one who dedicates himself. (0:01:24.26)
EXTRA : A butler is a formal guardian who supports the days of their master. (0:01:27.56)
EXTRA : Yes. (0:01:34.23)
EXTRA : This is a super combat battle story of a boy who fights, risking his life for a girl. (0:01:35.40)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hey, the narration is too fast! (0:01:44.72)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm, um... (0:01:46.50)
Hayate Ayasaki : Mr. Santa Claus, why do you never bring presents to me? (0:03:18.68)
EXTRA : That's because your family is poor. (0:03:23.30)
Hayate Ayasaki : What? Th-Then what am I supposed to do? (0:03:27.76)
EXTRA : Work! (0:03:31.08)
EXTRA : Those who do not work do not deserve to eat. (0:03:32.41)
EXTRA : If you have something you want,
do something about it with your own strength.
Hayate Ayasaki : B-But... (0:03:37.95)
EXTRA : But have faith. (0:03:39.30)
EXTRA : The last one to smile is the diligent and earnest one. (0:03:41.27)
Hayate Ayasaki : Mr. Santa Claus. (0:03:45.47)
EXTRA : Even then, I still won't give you a present. (0:03:46.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : What do you mean? (0:03:50.32)
Hayate Ayasaki : Wait, hold on! (0:03:54.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hey! (0:03:56.61)
Hayate Ayasaki : The last line bugged me, but I decided to believe in Santa's words and live. (0:03:58.62)
Hayate Ayasaki : Until today! (0:04:05.73)
EXTRA : What are we going to do? If we don't have the manuscript in five minutes... (0:04:07.65)
EXTRA : This week's volume is over!!! (0:04:12.89)
EXTRA : Rest easy! (0:04:15.72)
EXTRA : The fastest bicycle delivery service in the market is coming! (0:04:16.87)
EXTRA : The fastest? (0:04:19.66)
EXTRA : It's here! That's it! (0:04:28.65)
Hayate Ayasaki : Sorry to make you wait! (0:04:30.08)
Hayate Ayasaki : Ayasaki Hayate from the bicycle delivery service. (0:04:43.20)
Hayate Ayasaki : Signature, please? (0:04:46.06)
EXTRA : Thank you very much, fastest bicycle delivery service in the trade with an inhuman-like sturdy body! (0:04:52.53)
EXTRA : But seriously, are you okay? (0:04:58.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : Please don't worry. (0:05:01.46)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm well trained. (0:05:02.99)
Hayate Ayasaki : Well, thank you for your patronage. I hope to see you again. (0:05:06.04)
EXTRA : Hold on! (0:05:09.78)
Hayate Ayasaki : Don't worry about me. (0:05:10.87)
Hayate Ayasaki : Really. (0:05:12.73)
EXTRA : No, in front of you! In front! (0:05:13.62)
EXTRA : I'm sorry! Are you all right?! (0:05:24.97)
EXTRA : How pitiful, when he's such a good boy. (0:05:27.41)
EXTRA : Really. (0:05:30.14)
EXTRA : That boy has terrible luck. (0:05:30.98)
Hayate Ayasaki : That hurt. (0:05:33.92)
Hayate Ayasaki : Oh man... (0:05:35.92)
Hayate Ayasaki : And it's supposed to be Christmas Eve? (0:05:37.88)
EXTRA : Yes, right now, the boy is an ordinary high school boy that commutes to an ordinary public high school. (0:05:39.92)
EXTRA : Hey, it's Hayate. (0:05:47.05)
Hayate Ayasaki : Why hello, my ordinary classmates that commute to my ordinary public high school. (0:05:49.11)
EXTRA : Sorry, we're ordinary. (0:05:54.29)
Hayate Ayasaki : So what's up with the gathering? (0:05:57.28)
Hayate Ayasaki : Oh, could it be a Christmas Party? (0:05:59.43)
EXTRA : Yeah. If you're free, you should come, too. (0:06:01.82)
EXTRA : I'm looking forward to the party. (0:06:02.02)
EXTRA : You can eat and drink all you want for ¥3,000. (0:06:04.54)
Hayate Ayasaki : But I don't have any money, and I'm still in middle of work. (0:06:07.39)
EXTRA : You better be ready. (0:06:08.29)
EXTRA : You're unsociable as always. (0:06:09.74)
EXTRA : Hayate-kun, you're very athletic, so join a club. (0:06:11.74)
Hayate Ayasaki : But that reduces the amount of time I can work. (0:06:15.69)
EXTRA : "Work", "work", is all you say! Are you a money monger? (0:06:18.25)
EXTRA : You can't buy friendship with money! (0:06:20.65)
EXTRA : Besides, why do you need money that badly? (0:06:22.67)
Hayate Ayasaki : That's because... well... (0:06:25.09)
Hayate Ayasaki : My parents are unemployed. (0:06:27.39)
EXTRA : S-Sorry, we were a little too hyper. (0:06:33.31)
EXTRA : Bye. (0:06:36.32)
EXTRA : Yes, if the reason they were unemployed was due to corporate downsizing, there would be room to pity him. (0:06:39.97)
EXTRA : However, Hayate's father is... (0:06:46.91)
EXTRA : Note: 父 means Father (0:06:48.93)
EXTRA : Yay! You know what "searching for oneself" means? (0:06:49.58)
EXTRA : I think there's a job more suited for me out there. (0:06:52.52)
EXTRA : ...in his own little wonderland. (0:06:56.90)
EXTRA : Note: 母 means Mother (0:06:59.30)
EXTRA : You see, your mother's not wasting money. (0:07:00.61)
EXTRA : I'm investing it in my dream! (0:07:03.53)
EXTRA : And his mother boycotts house chores and wanders the streets. (0:07:06.64)
Hayate Ayasaki : Those who do not work do not deserve to eat. (0:07:11.24)
Hayate Ayasaki : But I believe! (0:07:13.56)
Hayate Ayasaki : The last one to smile is the diligent and earnest one! (0:07:15.65)
EXTRA : Ayasaki-kun, you're fired. (0:07:21.30)
EXTRA : You hid your age, didn't you? (0:07:24.64)
EXTRA : I hear you're still in high school. (0:07:26.87)
Hayate Ayasaki : H-How did you find out? (0:07:28.99)
EXTRA : Your parents just came over and notified me. (0:07:30.52)
EXTRA : I thought you were a diligent young man, but you betrayed me. (0:07:34.80)
EXTRA : Anyways, your pay for the month, ¥170,000, is with your parents- (0:07:38.95)
Hayate Ayasaki : Y-You gave it to them? (0:07:42.52)
Hayate Ayasaki : If you give that much money to them,
they'll spend it all away as investments for some dream!
EXTRA : Ridiculous. How could there be parents like that? (0:07:50.21)
Hayate Ayasaki : Because there are, I'm working with my age hidden. (0:07:53.06)
Hayate Ayasaki : What has he done?! (0:07:56.83)
Hayate Ayasaki : They better know that that's precious money. (0:07:58.44)
Hayate Ayasaki : Dad! Mom! (0:08:02.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : Where's my paycheck?! (0:08:05.47)
Hayate Ayasaki : Thank goodness, they haven't used it yet. (0:08:10.43)
EXTRA : Sorry~ I tried investing in my dream, but I failed. (0:08:14.92)
EXTRA : Tehe. (0:08:17.99)
EXTRA : Mommy. (0:08:18.62)
Hayate Ayasaki : H-How are we supposed to greet the New Year with this? (0:08:28.24)
Hayate Ayasaki : We don't have any more savings, either. (0:08:32.61)
Hayate Ayasaki : Dear Hayate-kun. (0:08:39.80)
Hayate Ayasaki : Your Christmas present. (0:08:40.94)
Hayate Ayasaki : What's this? (0:08:55.39)
Hayate Ayasaki : One... Ten... Hundred... Thousand... Ten thousand... Hundred thousand... Million... Ten million... Hundred million? (0:08:56.57)
Hayate Ayasaki : An IOU for ¥156,804,000?! (0:09:01.41)
EXTRA : We borrowed money from very generous people! (0:09:04.80)
EXTRA : And so, thanks for paying them back. (0:09:08.27)
Hayate Ayasaki : You idiots!!! (0:09:10.43)
EXTRA : But you know, we can't do anything about it now that the debt has been made. (0:09:12.57)
Hayate Ayasaki : Don't turn defiant about it. (0:09:15.20)
EXTRA : But it's a pain to work off, and we don't have money in our family anymore. (0:09:16.76)
EXTRA : After your Daddy and Mommy did lots of thinking, we came up with a great idea. (0:09:20.73)
Hayate Ayasaki : Great idea? (0:09:24.98)
EXTRA : I know!! We'll give it to Hayate-kun as a present!!! It is Christmas, after all. (0:09:26.98)
Hayate Ayasaki : D-Dad! Mom! (0:09:30.95)
EXTRA : Hey, Ayasaki-san, you home? (0:09:33.93)
EXTRA : We're here to take your son away. (0:09:37.07)
Hayate Ayasaki : Would you be the very generous people? (0:09:43.69)
EXTRA : That's right, we're the generous people that lent money to your parents. (0:09:48.33)
Hayate Ayasaki : O-Oh please, dear generous people. My parents who owe you money are no longer here. (0:09:53.72)
Hayate Ayasaki : Besides, there's no way I can pay ¥156,804,000 back. (0:09:59.35)
EXTRA : Don't sweat it. We're professional, as well. (0:10:03.11)
EXTRA : Come with us, you'll go to a paradise in the south as a volunteer, (0:10:06.89)
EXTRA : or we'll have you become a delivery man that travels across the world, (0:10:14.89)
EXTRA : or it's not a bad idea to have you become a consultant that teaches traffic rules. (0:10:23.61)
EXTRA : We can help you out a lot. (0:10:33.88)
EXTRA : Where do you think you're going, kiddo?! (0:10:44.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : I managed to get away, but I never thought they'd go this far. (0:10:50.83)
Hayate Ayasaki : I can't believe my parents. (0:10:54.59)
Hayate Ayasaki : No matter how many times I read it, it says ¥156,804,000. (0:11:01.79)
Hayate Ayasaki : I guess I was abandoned by them. (0:11:08.62)
EXTRA : But have faith. (0:11:13.88)
EXTRA : The last one to smile is the diligent and earnest... (0:11:15.24)
Hayate Ayasaki : No! (0:11:19.13)
Hayate Ayasaki : In the end, the shrewd people are the winners. (0:11:21.13)
Hayate Ayasaki : There isn't a thing that I can gain from working diligently. (0:11:24.15)
Hayate Ayasaki : A Dog of Flanders (1872): Novel by English writer Marie Louise de la Ramée, about a poor Flemish boy named Nello and his dog Patrache (0:11:28.07)
Maria : What is this machine? (0:11:32.54)
Maria : It won't take credit cards? (0:11:33.78)
EXTRA : It was the destined meeting of the boy and the girl. (0:11:43.78)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hayate no Gotoku! (0:11:51.14)
Nagi Sanzenin : Christmas. (0:11:56.23)
EXTRA : We lost track of him. (0:11:58.37)
EXTRA : What a fast kiddo. (0:11:59.68)
EXTRA : Find him no matter what. (0:12:01.72)
EXTRA : You two, as well. This is nowhere near enough. (0:12:05.35)
EXTRA : Pay back everything by tomorrow,
or else you know what'll happen, don't you?!
EXTRA : Y-Yes. (0:12:11.47)
Hayate Ayasaki : Debt collectors like them will never let go of me. (0:12:14.59)
Hayate Ayasaki : Exactly. (0:12:19.68)
Hayate Ayasaki : You're doomed. (0:12:22.22)
Hayate Ayasaki : Just go to them and- (0:12:23.68)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hayate, you must not give up. (0:12:25.51)
Hayate Ayasaki : Since you were born a human,
you must keep working until the very end.
Hayate Ayasaki : What can he possibly do now? (0:12:32.48)
Hayate Ayasaki : Let's kidnap that girl. (0:12:34.37)
Hayate Ayasaki : Huh? (0:12:36.17)
Hayate Ayasaki : You'll kidnap her and ask for a hundred-fifty million yen. (0:12:36.61)
Hayate Ayasaki : I see. (0:12:41.56)
Hayate Ayasaki : W-Wait, isn't that going a little overboard? (0:12:42.44)
Hayate Ayasaki : But thanks to the parents I have, my life is in danger now. (0:12:45.40)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yes. Some evil acts shall be overlooked. They have to be. (0:12:49.20)
Hayate Ayasaki : You shouldn't. (0:12:53.26)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm sure Nello and Patrache are speaking to you from Heaven. (0:12:54.36)
Hayate Ayasaki : "Avenge us." (0:12:57.06)
Hayate Ayasaki : That's right. Even if I get arrested,
jail will have warm food and a bed.
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey, don't touch me. (0:13:02.92)
EXTRA : Hey, you're really cute. (0:13:04.41)
EXTRA : You're all alone on Christmas Eve? (0:13:06.72)
EXTRA : Let's go somewhere fun. (0:13:09.32)
Hayate Ayasaki : Don't flirt on the day Nello died. (0:13:17.72)
Hayate Ayasaki : Gaze on the painting of Rubens and reflect on your act, you fool! (0:13:20.12)
EXTRA : Hey. (0:13:23.61)
EXTRA : I was never hit by my father, too. (0:13:24.83)
EXTRA : We're sorry! (0:13:28.62)
Hayate Ayasaki : C-Crap, I jumped out instinctively. (0:13:32.71)
Nagi Sanzenin : Thank you. (0:13:36.05)
Nagi Sanzenin : I'm not really sure, but you saved me. (0:13:43.40)
Nagi Sanzenin : By the way, do you know what this is? (0:13:49.17)
Nagi Sanzenin : I want this "warm", but it won't come out even when I press the button. (0:13:52.31)
Hayate Ayasaki : Well, you have to put the money in. (0:13:56.75)
Nagi Sanzenin : Without this "warm", I'll freeze to death. (0:13:59.14)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's not good for a girl to catch a cold, so keep that on. (0:14:16.47)
Nagi Sanzenin : It's a cheap jacket. (0:14:20.50)
Nagi Sanzenin : It's made rough, and the fabric is heavy. (0:14:22.85)
Nagi Sanzenin : And it doesn't fit me. (0:14:24.95)
Nagi Sanzenin : But it's warm, so I like it. (0:14:27.41)
Nagi Sanzenin : Right, as a token of my thanks to this warmth, let me do something for you. (0:14:31.51)
Hayate Ayasaki : Thanks? (0:14:35.71)
Nagi Sanzenin : Anything will do. Say it. (0:14:36.71)
Hayate Ayasaki : Anything? (0:14:38.45)
Hayate Ayasaki : Are you sure? (0:14:39.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : Yup. (0:14:41.65)
Hayate Ayasaki : That's right; I have no choice but to do it. (0:14:45.31)
EXTRA : The boy made up his mind. (0:14:48.38)
EXTRA : He decided to have her become
the hostage to be held for ransom.
Hayate Ayasaki : Then, I'll be really blunt. (0:14:56.01)
Hayate Ayasaki : Go out with me. (0:14:59.40)
Hayate Ayasaki : I want you! (0:15:03.60)
EXTRA : This wrong choice of words made
the two's relationship really complicated.
Nagi Sanzenin : Just because it's Christmas Eve... (0:15:10.82)
Nagi Sanzenin : D-Do you understand what you're saying? (0:15:14.02)
Hayate Ayasaki : I can't say things like this in jest. (0:15:18.90)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm risking my life here. (0:15:21.94)
Hayate Ayasaki : The moment I saw you, I decided to take you away! (0:15:23.30)
EXTRA : His seriousness passes on to her. (0:15:27.82)
EXTRA : But correctly or not is another question. (0:15:29.95)
Nagi Sanzenin : F-Fine, but... (0:15:34.23)
Nagi Sanzenin : ...never cheat on me, got it?! (0:15:38.43)
Hayate Ayasaki : Eh? Um... (0:15:40.91)
Hayate Ayasaki : Okay. (0:15:43.32)
Hayate Ayasaki : "Cheat"? (0:15:45.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : All right, then can you give me your guardian's number? (0:15:47.08)
Nagi Sanzenin : Sure. (0:15:51.34)
Hayate Ayasaki : Okay, wait for me here for a while. (0:15:52.56)
Nagi Sanzenin : My heart is still pounding. (0:15:56.17)
Nagi Sanzenin : But that man's strong and kind and cool! (0:15:58.53)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate. (0:16:09.05)
Nagi Sanzenin : Is this his name? (0:16:10.08)
Nagi Sanzenin : Haya- (0:16:13.60)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's time to ask for ransom money anonymously. (0:16:18.66)
Hayate Ayasaki : No one can stop me now. (0:16:23.82)
Seishirou Klaus : Hello. (0:16:29.04)
Hayate Ayasaki : Hello, this is Ayasaki speaking. (0:16:30.46)
EXTRA : What are you doing giving your identity out, kidnapper? (0:16:33.18)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's over. (0:16:36.93)
Hayate Ayasaki : My perfect plot... (0:16:38.09)
Hayate Ayasaki : And it hadn't even begun... (0:16:40.31)
EXTRA : Daddy, Mommy, why is that person not wearing a coat in this cold weather? (0:16:51.82)
EXTRA : Shh. (0:16:56.04)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yeah, this is how I'm supposed to end up. (0:16:57.80)
Hayate Ayasaki : Working diligently or trying to commit evil, neither works. (0:17:01.15)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm tired now. (0:17:05.57)
Hayate Ayasaki : Will I die if I sleep like this? (0:17:10.89)
Hayate Ayasaki : So what if I do? It's only going to be painful even if I live on. (0:17:13.33)
Hayate Ayasaki : Not like anyone will care if I die. (0:17:17.72)
Maria : Are you all right? (0:17:22.30)
Maria : Oh no, you're so cold. (0:17:35.63)
Maria : If you sleep in a place like this, you'll catch cold. (0:17:54.15)
EXTRA : It was unexpected. (0:17:58.91)
EXTRA : That kind smile was a quick remedy for the boy who was at the lowest point of his life. (0:18:00.50)
Maria : Um, hello? (0:18:14.84)
Hayate Ayasaki : Patrache, I was wrong. (0:18:16.55)
Hayate Ayasaki : There's a very kind person like her in this world. (0:18:19.11)
Hayate Ayasaki : Yet, I was thinking of something as stupid as kidnapping. (0:18:21.64)
EXTRA : PLACEHOLDER (0:18:25.10)
EXTRA : Don't make noise! (0:18:26.10)
EXTRA : Hurry and get moving! (0:18:27.07)
Hayate Ayasaki : That's right; what am I doing? (0:18:27.33)
EXTRA : Stop taking your time. (0:18:29.61)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey- (0:18:30.98)
EXTRA : Get in already. (0:18:32.65)
Hayate Ayasaki : Eh? (0:18:35.74)
Maria : Oh no, she's getting kidnapped again. (0:18:36.88)
Hayate Ayasaki : Someone you know? (0:18:40.65)
Maria : Yes. What should I do? Himegami-kun isn't around, either. (0:18:42.31)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'll borrow this for a while. (0:18:47.08)
Hayate Ayasaki : You call the police. (0:18:50.13)
Hayate Ayasaki : I will save her. (0:18:52.95)
Maria : Save? But they're in a car. (0:18:55.09)
EXTRA : Yes. This anime will never let any crimes go unpunished. (0:19:01.12)
EXTRA : Kidnapping is not cool. (0:19:05.73)
EXTRA : All right, we succeeded at kidnapping. (0:19:08.12)
EXTRA : Now we can get loads of ransom money and pay our debt back. (0:19:10.18)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey, two idiots. (0:19:13.51)
Nagi Sanzenin : You're contaminating the air, so stop breathing. (0:19:16.86)
Nagi Sanzenin : You're destroying nature. (0:19:19.90)
Nagi Sanzenin : Make sure you treat the Earth kindly. (0:19:21.52)
EXTRA : Th-This brat! (0:19:23.16)
EXTRA : You better not make us angry. (0:19:24.57)
Nagi Sanzenin : I told you not to breathe, you baldy! (0:19:25.86)
EXTRA : If you don't stop acting like a snob, you'll really get it. (0:19:29.56)
Nagi Sanzenin : Don't come near me, pervert! (0:19:33.37)
Nagi Sanzenin : Come any closer, and I'll call someone over, you idiot! (0:19:34.85)
EXTRA : You're the idiot, little one. (0:19:38.72)
EXTRA : You think anyone can catch up to a car moving this fast? (0:19:40.89)
Nagi Sanzenin : Yes, there is. (0:19:43.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : He said he'll take me away even at the cost of his life. (0:19:44.90)
Nagi Sanzenin : So he'll come if I call him. (0:19:47.13)
EXTRA : Then why not call him this very moment? (0:19:48.77)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate! (0:19:54.49)
EXTRA : What? (0:20:04.19)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate. (0:20:06.48)
Hayate Ayasaki : Villains! Hand her back to me now! (0:20:17.20)
EXTRA : Bro! (0:20:22.74)
EXTRA : Shut up! It's his fault for jumping out in front. (0:20:23.75)
Nagi Sanzenin : How dare you two- (0:20:26.31)
Hayate Ayasaki : Can you give her back to me? (0:20:31.12)
EXTRA : Y-Yes. (0:20:33.83)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate... (0:20:37.63)
EXTRA : Get moving. Go. (0:20:41.69)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey, how's your body? (0:20:44.94)
Hayate Ayasaki : Please don't worry; I train. (0:20:46.99)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'm really glad you're safe. (0:20:49.99)
Nagi Sanzenin : I need to repay you again. (0:20:53.00)
Hayate Ayasaki : Repay? (0:20:55.05)
Hayate Ayasaki : But I was about to- (0:20:56.60)
Nagi Sanzenin : What? Don't hesitate. Say anything you want. (0:20:58.77)
Hayate Ayasaki : Then, could you find me a new job? (0:21:02.86)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey! (0:21:07.21)
Nagi Sanzenin : Are you really okay? (0:21:09.08)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey, I see a red liquid coming out of you. (0:21:11.29)
Hayate Ayasaki : It's nothing. It's only a scratch on my head, body, and appendages that we can't put on the airwaves to broadcast. (0:21:13.35)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate! (0:21:19.90)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hey! Hayate. (0:21:21.03)
Maria : Nagi. (0:21:23.28)
Nagi Sanzenin : Oh, Maria. (0:21:24.67)
Nagi Sanzenin : Perfect timing. Treat him now! (0:21:25.95)
Maria : I have asked Klaus-san to come get us. (0:21:28.13)
Maria : But this is... (0:21:31.84)
Maria : And that pathetic looking jacket is? (0:21:33.38)
Nagi Sanzenin : Yes, it is a miserably cheap jacket, (0:21:36.25)
Nagi Sanzenin : but it's a jacket the person who saved my life gave to me. (0:21:39.67)
Nagi Sanzenin : If I don't take care of it, it'll defile the Sanzenin family's name. (0:21:42.61)
Maria : The person who... saved your life? (0:21:45.72)
Nagi Sanzenin : Come to think of, the replacement for Himegami is still undecided, isn't it? (0:21:48.32)
Nagi Sanzenin : Let's put him there! (0:21:51.56)
Maria : What? (0:21:52.59)
EXTRA : Bring that injured man to this car! (0:21:53.88)
Nagi Sanzenin : Don't worry. He's taken care of. (0:21:56.48)
Nagi Sanzenin : I promised him that I'd find him a new job. (0:22:01.80)
Nagi Sanzenin : I need to show my gratitude, as well. (0:22:04.85)
Nagi Sanzenin : So I'll make him my, Sanzenin Nagi's, new butler! (0:22:06.05)
EXTRA : Yes, it was the destined meeting. (0:22:10.66)
EXTRA : From this day on, the boy's life takes a different turn. (0:22:14.27)
EXTRA : But we'll save the details for another occasion. (0:22:18.90)
EXTRA : We'll be fighting against the broadcasting code next week, too. (0:22:21.11)
Nagi Sanzenin : Hayate, you were looking for live-in work, weren't you? (0:24:01.69)
Hayate Ayasaki : Y-Yes. (0:24:04.52)
Nagi Sanzenin : Then be my butler here at the mansion. (0:24:05.49)
Maria : But Hayate-kun, do you know what a butler does? (0:24:08.06)
Hayate Ayasaki : I'll do it! (0:24:10.50)
Hayate Ayasaki : No matter what happens,
I'll protect Milady, even at the cost of my own life!
Maria : What should we do about these two naturally empty minds? (0:24:15.93)
Hayate Ayasaki : Next time on Hayate no Gotoku. (0:24:18.06)
Hayate Ayasaki : Sanzenin Nagi's Mansion and a New Start. (0:24:19.76)
EXTRA : We meet again, kiddo. (0:24:22.25)
Hayate Ayasaki : Honestly, next week will be interesting and cool, too! (0:24:24.21)


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