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And since we didn't pass the practical exam...

- Denki Kaminari

Info: Duplicates

Past, present, and future looks at the duplicate issue.

2007: One character. One series.

Ideally, every character should be unique. And every unique character should be assigned to one series.

That is how the site began.

2008: One character. Multiple series.

While delivering the Sunday fliers around my neighborhood, I figured out how to assign characters to multiple series. I would need an assignments table!

Thus, every unique character could now be assigned to multiple series.

This largely came about due to many of the H Games already in the database getting anime adaptations. Plus, a lot of anime series were spanning multiple seasons, and multiple media formats ( OVA, TV, Movie, Game, Manga )

2010: Many characters. Many series.

By 2010, it seemed many mistakes had been made uploading copies of characters to copies of series... some were properly assigned, others were needless duplicates.

A problem emerges....

2011: Other versions of characters

This year, we've relaxed our "One character. One series." approach to allow for multiple versions of a character SO LONG AS the character is different in some respect.

The characters can then be marked duplicate, and a parent character can be set.

Still, we have a growing number of duplicate series.

And a growing number of duplicate characters....

2012: A new kind of DB!

To solve these issues, I figure the only real solution is to shift to an Image Based board.

This way, we can force there to be only one character.

All images will be linked up to that one character.

Characters can be linked to multiple series.

Multiple series will be linked to a single series.

- images
-- characters
--- series
---- parent series

Present Policy

Try not to add duplicates....

You can add other versions of series.

And other versions of characters, so long as the images differ in some visual trait.

if they happen. oh well. we'll deal with it all when the database is reorganized in 2012!
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