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Yes, I won't tell a lie again, Mom!

- Charlotte Dunois

Administration: Admin Handbook

Rule Number 1
Always act with the best interests of the site in mind.

Section: Bans

Remember that I ( rei ) am ultimately responsible for every action you take.

If you ban someone, you must be certain their removal is necessary and justified.

The only person who can ban someone for no apparent reason is me ( rei ). If you ban someone, you must have a good reason, and evidence I can look over.

Some common good reasons:

- they were spamming the site
- they were violating the site rules and did not comply after a warning was given

As of June 6th, 2012 banning is a capability only available to a select group of admins that have demonstrated an understanding of how I want bans done. I will regularly review bans, and modify our Ban Team as I deem necessary.

Section: Lounge

The lounge in an independent part of the site that exists to provide an easy means of communication between members of the site. I expect a great deal of tolerance for a wide variety of people that will be using the lounge. Ideally I'd like it to be a nice friendly corner of the site anyone can drop by and get to know people.

Should conversations degrade into spam, attacks, and so on... I will provide some means of removing people from the lounge temporally.

As robust moderation tools are created, I will update this section with policy as to how to deal with disruptive elements on the lounge.
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