Rules about commenting: Comment Rules

State the rules of commenting



- No vulgar language
- No nonsense
- No spam
- No porn
- No spoilers
- No hate


-No vulgar/rude language.

We want to keep the comments system at least PG.

-Express Complete Thoughts.

Very short comments may be treated as spam and deleted.

-Absolutely NO Spam.

If a user on this site posts spam, the comments will be deleted and the user will immediately receive a permanent ban. Anonymous commenters will have their comments deleted and IPs banned.

-Absolutely no porn.

Like said before, we want to keep the comments system at least PG.


There are a lot of people out there who haven't finished watching a series and if you spoil something, it's ruined! Use the bbcode if you want to post something that's a spoiler.

Original by Feli- Created 12/26/12
Update by Feli- 1/7/13
Update by Rei- 1/11/13 - FINAL VERSION ( all edits must be approved me )
Update by Rei - 9/25/13
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