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What is this, a playground?
I'm leaving Mikey to you, Kazutora.
There's a guy who brought
Mikey and me together.
Wow, you're a pain in the ass, Mikey—
Oh, sorry. Your head was
so big that I accidentally hit it.
Oh, sorry. Your head was
so big that I accidentally hit it.
Not yet!
You have to render Gojou
Satoru incapable of fighting.
You have to render Gojou
Satoru incapable of fighting.
You're a hundred years too young to even think about arguing with me!{anyone else get a "just a housewife who happened to be passing by" vibe here? - V}
Now to release the destructive energy
held within me!
Now to release the destructive energy
held within me!
You're laughing too much!
Okay, fine. Go ahead.
Do you want to play with me
or Merku-oneechan today?
Menma, you're such a nuisance!
We'll find some other way
to pave a brighter future.
If it leads to your motivation,
I don't care what it is.
- They're like that at first,
- I know...
I see...
I long for a mama.
Eat lots so you can grow big.
After Mom was gone,
Issei, is this your first time?
Believe that you can make your dreams come true!
Do you know of the masked man who's been causing a stir within many other nations in recent years,
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
I'll never forgive you if you die before we do!
Minato, don't look so sad.
What're you scowling for?
It's fine. I don't really like... all that sports-minded, superiority stuff.
Jiraiya will be able to rest in peace now.
It's a little bit sexy.
Come. Give stimulation
to my existence.
This is certainly interesting.
Impure souls, return from the underworld.
That girl in front!
Has he reached that age already?
Calm down.
It's no good.
Your kimono isn't the least bit soiled. begins.
Loggervia doesn't need the Hero!
My Master, the royal guard,
and all those adventurers...
She graduated high school
...and has lots of friends...
We could wait here for help instead.
Where did this take place?
Why didn't you say that sooner?!
Naruto, you will face a lot of pain and suffering in your life.
You wouldn't happen to be Pride, would you?
I'm flamboyantly opposed, as well!
You sure aren't known as \n Quick Sword Ilena for nothing.
Burn the image of your beloved's tragic death into your eyes, mind and heart!
It's so hard to kill someone with
such a boring look on their face...
So? How do you feel
after nailing your first ollie?
Not to mention... Not to mention...
Well, you do have a point...
How about I be the dealer,
and you be the player?
I thought it was all over,
This Sword Scissor!
--I'm taking it, too.
I remember last time, you told me that
there was still an Ezo wolf out there,
Let's go surfing!
Someone's already here?!
Have you been enjoying yourself, Yor?
the seat while we're stuck in the back?
Yue! You bastard!
Where'd you find all these clothes?
To that crappy monster?
Will resourceful win?
physical prowess and latent energy
beyond your conception.
They're all sick, every last one of them.
"SK8 the Infinity"
I want to go home...!
How could the Thunder Nation's Bijū get stolen?!
Speed seeds.
And we do still have the sample from that corpse.
I don't listen to music much, so I don't know many songs.
The time limit for the
exam is thirty minutes!
or to have one of you escape from the stage!
We wagered all that we
could offer, including our lives,
An assault from Akatsuki members
that are supposed to have been dead?
I wonder how much of Cap'n's
power has been added to mine!
We may soon have a fight on our hands.
Hey, what do you think that girl's doing?
I want to kill Mr. Stainy!
Wow, the hand guy!
Cocytus, I am sure that you will
live up to my expectations.

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