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Which end of a choco-cornet do you start from?
I respectfully decline the offer.
Ah, uh... No. It's okay.
Two against two should make it fair, then.
I trusted you.
I'm absolutely moved!
I've never felt like this before!
You have no idea how hard I was working!
Thank you very much.
And now, Jotaro's body will only decay.
And now, Jotaro's body will only decay.
I am the future queen of Hell,
It took a great deal of time and effort, but...
Th-There were 120 people taken out?!
Oh, sorry. Your head was
so big that I accidentally hit it.
We'll definitely be able
to go to training camp now!
Good morning, Haruna!
When we reach the area in front of the goal,
When we reach the area in front of the goal,
Get off me! Come off, damn it!
lick my foot.
Judging by his heartbeat,
I just wrote what I'd like to do.
Azuki and Coconut are at it again...
You just noticed?
The hitodama protected her?
Umm, Saionji-san...
Do they contain the power of condensed mana?
The law is a chain.
No way!
it's much more common to end up with uneven hands like two rocks and one paper.
You're a tsundere!
What kind of lesson
should we teach him?
How cute!
You've gained even more scars!
How gorgeous you look!
I just can't imagine the Master
being in the dark about this situation.
Excuse me.
would I be able to help Loid out?
When my parents died and I became an orphan,
I'm sort of curious,
but when I thought it through,
Time to teach you a lesson, I suppose.
Mob. Of course, I was only kidding.
I'll crush you right along with your schemes.
I'll slice through 'em myself!
Could you come play with us?
That's right... Hand over your
guns to the one in front.
Strength is justice! Strength is absolute!
you could get treated right away.
Wow, you're a pain in the ass, Mikey—
Hey, you good?
Yes, sir.
I shall do whatever it is you wish, Master!
To think that he's been protecting
his sister who's now a demon...
This ability…
Yep, all good.
Shut up!
To think you would try to get
at the pudding in the oven...
Ah, I am oh so lonely because
I do not have a mama.
It was…
Believe that you'll be born with a Quirk in your next life and take a dive off the roof!
Just when I thought I was finally reunited with the man I love, you bring another woman with you?
Kaminari, you can't do
anything with your electricity?
This is a great view.
What's that look for?!
What the--?
I order you!
How long do you plan
to keep your butt on the ground
Let me join, too! The League of Villains!
Those calculations are
as easy as making a cup of tea.
See you later, Diane!
I'm back, Old Man Wil!
I'm back, Old Man Wil!
At first glance, our surroundings seem to be frozen, but that's not quite it.
If you're free, would you
like to gamble with me?
How does it feel to be
back at your main job?
Thank you for inviting me here today.
I'm here today to brief you
on phase 2 of Operation Strix.
You don't have to show up at all.
Keiki-kun , do you want to go out with me?
Have you any idea the distance
I have traveled to get here?
Once, I traveled the universe,
ravaging everything in sight.
O... merciful Earth Mother,
what is the problem?
Lady Tohru went missing,
so I came searching for her.
However, I have other cards up my sleeve.
who claimed that
he had the power to stop time.
I had thought that The World
would be Dio's Stand, but...
Morning, Teach.
After all, I'm your old partner.
I love your reaction.
I love your reaction.
I hope that you will take good care
of yourself in your endeavors.
Please enter your resurrection spell.

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