I want to go home...!
I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!
Imagine the strongest being that comes to mind.
And it'll be a cinch for me to melt them!
I mean the kid in the middle.
Are you an idiot, Kendou?
Ribbit, ribbit.
Words are important, you know.
I'm glad I didn't have to do anything...
Well, I'm busy developing my babies, so...!
I'm talking max flamboyance.
Yeah, that's it!
He is scary, but did you
see the video, Ojiro?
There's no way anyone like that exists...
Don't show me how uncool you are.
We must do our utmost.
I'll get Captain Levi to chop you up
into nice bite-sized pieces.
If Sero hadn't saved me, then I'd
be in that position right about now!
Even if I look out on them
imagining that they're potatoes,
I wanted to be popular with girls.
That's why I wanted to be a hero.
With my arm, with my fingers...
By doing nothing, you practiced sloth...
Unseen Hand.
Authority of Sloth...
My brain trembles.
In your battered state?
You are truly slothful.
If you really meant it, you would
pay the gazes of others no heed.
To behave so cleverly and quietly,
as if seeking sympathy...
for what purpose, do you act crazed?
pretend that your mind has broken?
and yet, and yet, and yet, and yet,
yet, yet, yet, yet!
It saddens me to be ignored!
You will look into my eyes.
Now, now, now, now, now...
You are truly slothful...
Your diligence brought the ground dragon,
diligence itself, to the ground!
Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti!
representing sloth,
In the Witch's Cult, I am a Sin Archbishop
My brain trembles...
What a very, very, very, very,
very entertaining sight!
We didn't complete the challenge together.
My friend's being targeted.
Please, let me go to him!
Everyone, let's do our best!
After seeing the illustrations, they give me
their opinions, like "so cute", "so amazing".
You call that thing your sister?
He can do pretty much
anything a spotted seal can.
Hey, hey, why are you
wearing a mask? Are you sick?
Everyone's panicking! This is bad.
But the ones who changed the most,
or at least went through the most
It's hard to live!
My full name is Tejasvi Najawardene Bangalbengal
Rajarajamaharaja Virendravarendra...
I wonder.
I'm Toga! Himiko Toga!
I saw a picture of you,
but you look gross in person...
Okay, I've given you my
thanks, so that's all over!
You hairless monkeys are
much better at this than my grandpa.
--What should we--
--You coming yet?
If you drag it out, it gets angry.
Seriously?! Seriously, Bakugo?!
You're a hundred years too young to even think about arguing with me!{anyone else get a "just a housewife who happened to be passing by" vibe here? - V}
It's easier to be hurt yourself than
to have others get hurt for you, huh?
Yay, then I'm your friend, too! All right!
You trying to play hero...
I want to go home...!
I'm Noriaki Kakyoin.
We can't end up with kids
who are unable to recover after this.
Oh, sorry. Your head was
so big that I accidentally hit it.
You're Quirkless!
I want to go home...!
You trying to play hero...
Today may be the last chance we
have to gaze calmly at the moon.
I only collected the mana from your body, I suppose.
It's no good.
Aw, we wanted our courage tested, too...
Betelgeuse Romanée-Conti!
You're bleeding, my friend, Tsu.
I'll get Captain Levi to chop you up
into nice bite-sized pieces.
Why the hell are you
touching me, asshole? Please.
I want to go home...!
Hey, wait a sec...
Elsa hasn't already been here
and trashed it, has she?
That's a huge change for just one week...
Unrivaled, huh?
Then grow a thousand shadows,
half of what Satella could...
What's with acting all surprised just
'cause we came back from a mission?!
It's hard to live!
I haven't studied at all!

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