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CCG Base to 203,
trespassers reported in the 20th Ward at the Aqua Building.
Trespassers are believed to be ghouls--repeat, ghouls.
Proceed to location immediately.
More! More!
It looks like they weren't kidding when they called you a binge eater.
I hate being interrupted when I'm eating.
You don't know me, do you?
Yes, I do. You're a joyless fellow that enjoys torturing others.
I've got orders from above.
I'm supposed to take you alive.
But then, before I do,
I can take a finger or two,
an arm or two, a leg or two...
You don't mind, do you?
A small toy for such a big body.
I'll bet you like playing house.
How adorable.
Let me...
take them from you.
Give them back. They're mine.
Give them back!
I'm not going to play with you.
Early this morning, several unidentified male bodies
were discovered in the Aqua Building,
a commercial facility in Tokyo's 20th Ward.
What is believed to be saliva belonging to ghouls
was retrieved from the bodies,
"Multiple Unidentified Bodies Found"
and the incident is being investigated as a ghoul crime.
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We will be going to the Nativity of the
Salamander at the North-East district border.

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