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Rias Gremory is having a heart to heart with Macemaster 100%

リアス・グレモリー, Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess | Share ▼

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ID 36120
Wealth Pearls 2 Diamonds 3 Sapphires 50 Rubies 21
Role Main Character
From High School DxD
Media Type anime
Voiced By Jamie Marchi, ,
Voiced By Youko Hikasa, 日笠陽子, ひかさ ようこ
Tags medium eyes, ahoge, school uniform, bow, socks, cape, kyonyuu
Birthday April 9
Sign Aries ♈
Height 172cm
Weight 58kg
Bust 99cm
Waist 58cm
Hip 90cm
Uploaded by anonymous17

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Rias Gremory is a character from the Anime High School DxD.

They have been indexed as Female Teen with Blue eyes and Red hair that is Past Waist length.

Appears / (Official)
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue (Blue / Green)
Hair Color Red
Hair Length Past Waist
Apparent Age Teen
Animal Ears No
The academy madonna, Issei's master, and the woman of his dreams.
Her true identity is that of the next head of the high-ranking (noble) Devil Gremory family, also known as the 'Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess'.
Although she is enrolled as an exchange student, she is actually a powerful influence at the school and is the president of the 《Occult Research Club》 which gathers devils under her command. Her rank is 《King》. She is an unrivaled heroine who sees Issei's hidden abilities and shows favoritism towards him.


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Power of destruction Damage Destruction
Fires dark like flame that erodes/destroy every rhing in its path.
Apr 7, 2019 Shigoki



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9 likes | posted Jun 10, 2016
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