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The prestigious school that turned
out many heroes, U.A. High School.
Enrolled in their hero course,
I continue to run toward my dream,
standing up to any difficulties
and saving people with a smile... order to become the greatest hero!
--Come, it's time for our counterattack!
--Come, it's time for our counterattack!
Let's overturn this flow of events, heroes!
"Pro Hero - Gran Torino - Quirk: Jet"
"Pro Hero - All Might - Quirk: One For All"
"Pro Hero - Kamui Woods - Quirk: Arbor"
Where is he right now?
I hate you!
"Villain - Tomura Shigaraki - Quirk: Decay"
They came from nowhere!
What is that?!
They just keep coming!
What the--?!
Young Bakugo!
Endeavor, we need backup!
Toshinori, these guys...
They shouldn't have been able to warp...
They're dealing with this too quickly...!
Don't tell me they're going to use this...?!
It's fine now. I'm here for you.
Oh, no!
Everyone's going to be taken away!
Damn it!
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But when I see you close to becoming
nothing but baggage,

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