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Look at his appearance over there.
Without a moment's delay, he changed his formation.
He's made a delicate judgement of the changes in the state of the battle
and taken a cautious and bold action.
In terms of talent for strategy, the State of Wei is superior.
And as shown at Wan Castle,
he possesses the bravery to travel with the vanguard.
The General of Wei, Wu Qing, is undoubtedly
an excellent general that will become a threat to many countries.
Numbers don't matter.
From its start, this was not that sort of battle, you see.
I believe there are two types of military generals.
The first is the resourceful type, like Wu Qing.
And the other is the instinctual type that fights with wild intuition.
Youngster Xin, would you like to make a bet with me?
Will resourceful win?
Or will instinct win?
Of course, I mean the commander of the State of Qin Army, Biao Gong.
I wouldn't dream of joking about this.
Resourcefulness vs instinct.
Among generals, this is an eternal theme.
Isn't he?
As always, unless he's in the center of a huge fire
that Biao Gong is never satisfied.
In the course of this long war, the scope of the armies have grown.
It is now a war of hundreds of thousands.
But the larger an army gets,
the more the war is influenced by the talent of the general leading it.
Ultimately, war is its generals.
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