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I do realize

- Rem

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For I have challenged the
Eastern Federation once already,
and I was defeated.
That confirms it.
The ones backing Elkia are the
Werebeasts of the Eastern Federation.
How can you be sure?
Don't you understand, Fi?
Elven Garde has challenged the
Eastern Federation four times,
only to lose each time.
To be fair, it was those
senile elders who lost, but yes.
That explains how those two could beat a Flugel,
and how they were able to overcome your elven magic.
With the support of the Werebeasts,
they could easily have used some trick
that even you elves couldn't see through.
That must be it.
The Imanity could never beat a
higher-ranked race on their own.
Don't underestimate humanity.
He mocked me.
So they beat not only the elves,
but even you, a Flugel?
What kind of game
did they make you play?
I cannot say. One of the conditions was that the
loser would retain no memories of the game itself.
Do you understand now?
I see. No way to beat that.
What do you mean?
By eliminating the loser's memories,
they ensure no records of what happened
during the game will remain.
Which means you can't
strategize in advance.
On top of that, they can
supposedly read minds.
How do you beat that?
We just told you that
information is important.
You're a Steph, all right.
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I do realize

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