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State the rules of the forum and site

Most Important Rules regarding content ( posts and uploads )

No Porn
No Copyright Infringement
No Gambling/Illegal Gaming
No Hate (sexism, racism, etc.)
No Hacking/Warez/Cracking
No disrespecting admins
No bad language

We are an English speaking board

- If you are speaker of a language that is not English, please first note that we welcome you. Keeping this in mind please be aware that it may make communication with you difficult. Despite this, we here at ACDB will make every attempt to accommodate you. With this in mind if you are a foreign language speaker please go to the Foreign Language Directory, where you might find a person who can help you communicate with the rest of the site. You can also go there and volunteer your multilingual services.
-On another note, no l33t speak is to be used in posting.
-Speaking in a foreign language that is addressed to someone specific who can read it is OK, but please note that doing such in front of non-speakers is generally considered rude.

-Languages that have their own section in the forums:
-- Language Forum
---Note: No English is to be spoken in the Japanese threads of the forum.

Fun for Everyone

- The site is to be fun for everyone. You actions and conduct must not harm anyone.
- Should someone be reported by 3 or more members, admins will consider taking action.
- Should anyone cause problems for 3 or more admins, I will take action.

About posting images in forum threads:

-No image posted is to be greater than 1280 px in width.
-No image posted is to be greater than 1024 px in height.
-If you want to post an image that goes beyond those dimensions, please post a thumbnail that links to the full size instead.
-If an image you post is considered not safe for work, or NSFW, you MUST give a warning that the image is NSFW and post it as a direct link.

Regarding moderator edits of user posts:

-When a moderator or admin edits a post that they did not make, they need to put the text that they changed in a color different than what the original post was made in.
–do it rarely, and only when necessary, meaning just grammatical changes are not justifiable reasons.
-sign the post you edited, or PM the person, or both, also note WHY you changed it, this prevents hurt feelings.

Do not double/triple/quadruple/etc post:

-I think this rule kinda speaks for itself. If you forgot to say something, just edit the post you forgot to say it in.
-After a post is 3 days old, you may post again without being required to edit your previous post.

About cursing

-Most likely most members on these boards will be adult, so it is OK to use curse words in moderation. Just do not use a stupidly large amount of them or you can/will get a warning to stop.
-We now have a banned word list, so familiarize yourself with it. It will save you grief later on.

No flaming

-I know it can be hard sometimes not to yell at people who ask stupid questions. Nor is it easy to not make fun of them. Just bear with it and help them.
-Do not make fun of somebody's religious beliefs or lifestyles either. Just keep your negative comments about such things to yourself.

No porn, warez, or linking to torrents

-I think this one kinda explains itself. Here, we really don't care if you like porn or download warez or whatever. Just do NOT talk about such things here. We will go by kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" policy.

No spamming

-This one also goes without saying. So don't do it.


-Your signature must not exceed 200px in height, nor 650px in width.
-Your signature must not exceed 300 kB in file size.
-Width and Height limits will be lenient to up to 50px more than what they should be, thus the absolute limits are 250x700px.
-Once again note that there is to be no pornography contained therein and links containing NSFW material must be marked.


-Note just like with the signature as well as everywhere else on the FORUM, ecchi images are okay. Just don't push the envelope for no other reason then to see how much you can get away with and you will be fine.

Regarding "dead" threads:

-Threads that have not had a reply in 2 months time are subject to being locked and moved to the old thread dump.
-Please refrain from posting in threads that are 2 months old or older.
-Exceptions include open ended threads and unanswered questions.

Regarding politics and religion:

-Do NOT bring up topics about politics and/or religion. There is too high of a chance for such threads to turn into flame wars.
-This means nothing about upcoming, current, or past elections of political sorts.
-All threads of these subjects will be locked immediately.
-Making fun of someone else's political views or religion will NOT be tolerated.

The Chatbox and Lounge

-The rules that apply to the the forum also apply to the Chatbox and Lounge.
-As a note to those who can the “Modbox”type “!” before your statement in order for it to be made part of the modbox. The modbox can be used in both the Chatbox and the Lounge.
-When replying to post in the chatbox that are directed towards staff only, please make sure that your replies are also “admin only”.
-Do Not put stuff in the modbox that could be beneficial to the members at large, there is no reason to keep them in the dark anymore than what is absolutely necessary.

Unwritten Rules

- Please refrain from expecting other members to adhere from rules that are not “official”, or in other words, merely rules that are based solely on unwritten tradition.
-Official means that they are either found in this rule sheet or have been posted on the News page.
In arguments/disputes, the admins are ALWAYS right
-This partially includes the forum mods, but fully includes the forum admins.
As a note Admins Level 3 and 4 are mods, while 5 and up are full admins.
Any dispute between such goes to the higher ranking officer (a Lv 6 beats a Lv 5).

That is about all I can really think of right now -_-
More will join those once I am able to come up with some others.


Depending on the offense, you might just get a warning.

Mods/Admins are not exempt from the above rules. Only the site owner is exempt from them.

If you are being harassed by another member , please contact us and tell us what happened. And please try to provide proof of such things happening. Contact information will be given at the end of this post.

If you want to become part of the staff (this includes becoming a forum mod/admin), please contact us and we will consider it. Also, please refer to HERE if you wish to help out by becoming a mod/admin. To become a mod/admin, we will need to know you somewhat, so please join our irc channel. Information regarding the irc channel will be at the end of this guide.

Contact information

email for head admin:

irc information:
-Channel: #acdb
-Direct link: [url]irc://[/url]

If you do not know much about irc, there are many clients to choose from. A few examples are mirc, hydrairc, xchat

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Converted to Book by Igraine 1/23/2012
Added Most Important Rules section at top by rei 7/17/2012
Small update by Feli 12/1/2012
Update by Rei 10/13/2017
Any future updates should be noted as such without erasing any previous update markers.

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