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Calm down. It's stifling.
That is within the scope of our plan as well.
Don't start causing an uproar now.
But the idea about speeding things up is actually quite interesting.
I'd like to see Big Brother's severed head as soon as possible.
Jie Shi.
I know that you are desperate to gain control of this country, but...
I'm not interested in things like that.
I just want to see proof of my big brother's bloodstained death.
But anyhow, you're sneering behind those sleeves of yours, aren't you?
After all, my brother and I are in the positions we're in because of that upstart Lü Buwei.
Would you please stop the monkey show at this point?
I joined hands with you for the very reason of severing that unsavory chain.
Dun, forward.
This man came from the family of a poor worker.
He was thrown out by his parent, but he has talent with the sword and the writing brush.
And here at Xianyang, he finally rose to the position of serving me.
Now he owns a mansion and even sends an allowance to the parent that abandoned him.
I can't say he's risen as much as Lü Buwei,
but he's someone who rose up from the base of society.
I can't stand
people like that.
No matter how much you dress someone up as a noble, the person they are inside does not change!
It's the same for my older brother!
His mother was a lowborn woman without any connection to the royal family!
For someone like that to leave me where I am and take the throne...
is unforgivable!
I, who have a mother of a royal family, am the one fit to be king!
I knew my throne would be stolen from me by my older brother.
As well as the opposition the people of the palace had towards me deep down...
In the end, everyone just kneels to the position of king.
Every last one of them amount to nothing more than that.
But I don't trust in people.
What I do trust in is the desire for power.
Just the ugly desires of all humans.
Using that, I carry out things according to my wishes.
Driving Lü Buwei into a campaign was just one example.
Are you saying you need the sovereign's seal ?
That thing is nothing but a mere symbol.
Find a way to do it with your own hands.
Soon it will return to how it was five years ago.
The way things should be.

Episode : 1 / 2 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 13 / 14 / 15 / ALL


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