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This is a guide to help users through common mistakes that are made when first submitting characters. It aims to educate both users and moderators so that adding characters can become an easy task for all involved.

This guide will take you through each different step of adding characters, which new users can find tricky. First, there are rules to adding characters that will assure that both users and moderators will have a quick and easy time if they are followed.

The Rules

1. When users are adding a new character, please add a link to where you found it. Wikipedia, wikia and other DB links are great. The home page would be perfect. If adding multiple characters from the same series, you need provide this for every submission. Mods will check this link to verify the series exists and that the character is valid and maybe working in a random order, so the link must be added to all submissions.
2. The image MUST be of an animated character of well-known origin. Such as Anime, Manga, and Game characters.
3. The image MUST be in color.
4. The image MUST be PG-13. No nudity or sexual content.
5. The image SHOULD fully show all traits (eye color, hair length, hair color, etc).
6. The image CAN be an alternative version of a character (different age, hair color, eye color, etc).
7. The image SHOULD have a width no less than 200px and no more than 800px.
8. The image SHOULD have a height of no less than 200px and no more than 800px.

Please note that frequent disregard for these rules will annoy moderators, and may lead to suspension of character submission privileges. Frequent compliance with these rules may be rewarded with an increase to your Guild Rank.

This category comes under the age part of the characters. It is a common misinterpretation that many users will set when a character is immortal or has the ability to live longer than the usual human.

Since it is physically impossible to look “ageless”, this should only be used in the official details of the character. Characters have both a set of visual traits and official traits. When you upload the character and it is approved, edit it the details so that the official age will be set to ageless.

This is one of the most basic type category to understand. It is used when uploading creatures that appear to be animals. This includes dragons and furry characters.

When uploading animals, you DO NOT need to set traits. All you have to do is set the type . In some cases you may want to add the hair (meaning the colour of the fur) and eye colour but it is not a necessary step.

Another thing to remember when uploading animals is that you do not need to set the “animal ears” to yes. The creature IS an animal, therefore it should naturally have animal ears.


Examples: animal with set traits, animal without set traits, furry

Animal Ears
The animal ears type is to be set to “yes” if the ears are anything that do not look human. This does not mean that to ears have to be animal ears (cat, dog, fox, etc.), elf ears and horns are also put into this category.

* Elf ears, Pointy ears
* Cat ears, Dog ears, Fox ears, Bunny ears, Other animal ears
* Horns

Please note that robot ears are NOT considered animal ears. They are only considered “animal ears” when they are shaped like them (such as bunny ears)

Game / Not anime style
This type needs to be set when uploading “game only” characters such as characters from Kingdom Hearts, Legend of Zelda or Ookami.

It can also be used for 3D rendered images such as Haruka.

* Yuna from Final Fantasty X
* Beth from Legend of Zelda
* Jin Kazama from Tekken

In Armor
This type is set only when you cannot see the HUMAN character inside the armour. This type is set so that you do not have to set characters traits as they are hidden by the armour. Sometimes you may set the gender or whatever part is visible (such as eyes) if it is known.

This is not meant to be set for mecha.

Examples: unknown in armour, male in armour, female in armour

There are rare instances where we will allow users to upload manga-only characters. This means that black and white character shots from manga pages are used.

When setting this type, leave all colours blank. Black and white images does not mean that a character has black hair.

Examples: silhouette with minor traits, with some traits

This type is used for characters that appear in a humanoid form and anything that is not an animal or a robot.

In this type there can be: aliens that do not have human traits, food, creatures that are not animals (this includes tentacles monsters and trolls), elemental beings such as water or smoke, skeletons, plants.

Examples: Frieza, Koro-sensei, Lord Death

This is used for mecha, robots and items. Anything else that has not been listed can also be put into this type.



1. On Linux try ksnapshot
2. On Windows try Snipping Tool (this comes with windows, search for it in your start menu)

Final Step
You must change the Status to 'Ready for Moderation' or no mod will even see it, and your submission will remain in limbo.

Further Reading (become a pro in 10mins):
How To Guide / Help by Rei
Mitsugu's Guide to Character Submissions

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