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ilikememes0 Katsuki Bakugo Yesterday 11:02 pm
Loud blondes unite (Draco Malfoy, Neito Monoma)
Anonymous Astolfo Yesterday 03:25 pm
His gender is not ambiguous at all...
Quin_ce Kyoko Hiura Jul 11, 2024
Anonymous Anachiro Jul 10, 2024
Beldarius Rudy Marveil Jul 9, 2024
Just thought I'd mention, Rudy's voice actor is called Kiyomichi Nakamura so I THINK the character is actually a guy.
Anonymous Tao Yao Jul 8, 2024
What is the age of her and what is her zodiac sign
tecchinn Katsuki Bakugo Jul 8, 2024
NatsumiSawada Ben Bigger Jul 7, 2024
He's the sweetest caviar loving Bear ≺3
Anonymous Protagonist Jul 7, 2024
i wish, i don't want to be friend with bastard-sociopath boy from aristocrats, am i right?
Anonymous Nutaku Jul 4, 2024
Man, i wanna have a waifu (wipes his teary eyes)
Anonymous Saki Saki Jun 29, 2024
Anonymous Yu Haibara Jun 28, 2024
DoritosJacked Moon Jun 27, 2024
he is breast cancer awareness guy
Anonymous Kazushi Sudou Jun 26, 2024
He does bad stuff to them he's just no good bro always is coming
Anonymous Izuku Midoriya Jun 24, 2024
Me and Midoria are so similar
Jas Neesha Jun 22, 2024
There's a new Pokemon movie coming in the summer for this year. I personally want Neesha in that thing.
Another Ryouko Arashina Jun 20, 2024
Should have been more of her
Anonymous Ifen Cho Jun 19, 2024
She is the best girl villainess ever 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Anonymous Wiora Auris Jun 18, 2024
Anonymous Finland Jun 13, 2024
best boi
Carterice Hamegg Jun 11, 2024
he deserves all my jewels ≻:3 i will do anything for him
Airport Kaho Nagira Jun 11, 2024
She's the school's literary club president. I wish I had joined when I was in school.
Anonymous Shader Jun 10, 2024
( typed by a cat )
Anonymous A Jun 9, 2024
Bro looks like the dude too be that local crackhead at the nearest 7/11💀 Pray for bro
DEUSLn Touma Kamijou Jun 5, 2024
Carterice Hamegg May 31, 2024
he's so handsome lol
Anonymous Present Mic May 31, 2024
his real name in the movie/serie is Hizashi Yamada
zenchizennou Haruka Sakurai May 30, 2024
Juan_Elric Kei Nijimura May 24, 2024
Kyou is just a mistake due to Araki misreading the kanji (good to know even the Japanese can do it), but I thought it was still listing in her alternative names
peanutgobbler Kei May 24, 2024
My princess!!!

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