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Anonymous Olivia Edywolf 12:40 am
frae y in high school
Anonymous Hanta Sero Yesterday 02:41 am
I love him
Anonymous Captain Morgan Jan 28, 2023
Best charakter
Anonymous Archer Jan 27, 2023
I am the bone of my sword.
Anonymous Aira Shiratori Jan 24, 2023
hes a little pogchamp
Anonymous Tilty Claret Jan 23, 2023
So cute
Anonymous Sumire Takei Jan 21, 2023
Anonymous Dario Brando Jan 20, 2023
lIMIT BREAK!!!!!!!!
Anonymous Mary Wang Jan 19, 2023
Im looking for info on mary Wangs birthday since im trying to find anf archive all of my favourite characters birthdays but i dont see hers anywhere because sadly she is a background character :(is there an official birthday date for her?
dreamcascade21 Kiri Mukae Jan 17, 2023
happy birthday to kiri
TTN Flandre Scarlet Jan 16, 2023
flan my beloved
Anonymous Ayane Shirakawa Jan 16, 2023
how old is she right now..(specific)??
Anonymous Hau Jan 15, 2023
cool but could use some salt
Anonymous Luka Megurine Jan 13, 2023
Anonymous Mom Jan 11, 2023
Why is my mom in this page
Anonymous Dark Sonic Jan 10, 2023
dark sonic looks so evil
Anonymous Sarah Crewe Jan 9, 2023
Cute Little Sara Crewe
Anonymous Miku Nakoso Jan 8, 2023
Anonymous Sarah Crewe Jan 4, 2023
She’s very lucky to have special privileges.
Anonymous Sarah Crewe Jan 3, 2023
If only her (Sara Crewe’s) own canon home-place in India had been fully seen/shown canonically in the anime version.
Anonymous Lavinia Herbert Jan 2, 2023
She’s (Lavinia Herbert’s) similar to Cinderella’s only two stepsisters. She (Lavinia Herbert) reminds me of Cinderella’s only two stepsisters.
Anonymous Kaede Akamatsu Dec 31, 2022
my wife!!
Anonymous Mr. Barrow Dec 30, 2022
I hate that guy. He’s a liar
Anonymous Tesla Maruren Dec 28, 2022
So cote
Anonymous Yayoi Takase Dec 26, 2022
Anonymous Poison Ivy Dec 25, 2022
Love her with bare legs
Anonymous Tamotsu (Mokkun) Dec 20, 2022
Damn that guy is cute. Wish I was Pico, oh wait I have my own mokkun :3
Anonymous Mitsuki Dec 19, 2022
Mitsuki is waifu material that deserves more love. A real Japanese babe that a guy like me can appreciate. She's such a sweetheart.
Anonymous Arataka Reigen Dec 18, 2022
Anonymous Ren Ameria Matsunaga Dec 16, 2022
she cutely looks like Shoukaku (KC)!~ which is ironic too.
NatsumiSawada Rika Dec 15, 2022
I personally think she is much older than that. Probably about 25 or 26 but her design is the best in whole Pokémon in my opinion ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

I'd watch anything if she appeared in it (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
Anonymous Rika Dec 15, 2022
Must you make an awesome design and not label her exact age? i think she is about 18-20. i also think that rika should make an appearance in pokemon journeys
Anonymous Depon Alex Dec 14, 2022
Arrogant but hot xdd
Anonymous Miina Shimotsuki Dec 13, 2022
1melco Alucard Dec 10, 2022
To be honest, I can't find an official source for either of those dates. MyAnimeList only says November 1431, without a specific date (probably because it's the real life Vlad III's birthday). But if this was mentioned in the manga, anime or other Hellsing materials it can be added.
PantheonLord06 Alucard Dec 10, 2022
Please Change Alucard’s birthdate to November 9, it’s not actually April 9 it’s really November 9 according to Myanimelist which is an official source for anime’s.
Anonymous Ernesti Echevarria Dec 10, 2022
I can't seem to find one way or another, but is Ernesti nonbinary? I remember that in the manga they avoided gendered pronouns quite a lot, but that also could have been chance because they were called "boy a couple times if I remember correctly.
Anonymous Nezuko Kamado Dec 9, 2022
Airport Rei Ayanami Dec 8, 2022
Miss Rei Ayanami, please tell me your three sizes.
d3rettebnthad2 Yueying Huang Dec 7, 2022
What the hell is this game
Anonymous Himari Arisugawa Dec 7, 2022
A day after mine huh
Anonymous Lebe Safree Dec 6, 2022
dreamcascade21 Takashi Natsume (young) Dec 3, 2022
Anonymous Miyuki Nishida Dec 2, 2022
Moon_Moon Tsubame Kobayashi Dec 1, 2022
changed, thx for notice
Anonymous Tsubame Kobayashi Dec 1, 2022
it is a man i can see
1melco Ilulu Nov 28, 2022
A lot of sites say 130cm, but I haven't found the official source to confirm this
Anonymous Ilulu Nov 28, 2022
What is her height?
Anonymous Masashige Konami Hanzo Hattori Nov 27, 2022
Yeah That’s Not a Dog-tag that’s a “ Omamori” an “Protective Charm.”
Anonymous Rune Minazuki Nov 26, 2022

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